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Queens Commerce Students

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My sister and I just accepted our early offers of admission to Queens Commerce for September 2016.

Ask us anything about the admissions process that we went through.
Should I go to UTSC, UTM, Ryerson or York for compsci?

Well, I personally looked into Comp Sci at UofT, and UW, but from those 4 options I would personally select Comp Sci at Ryerson, solely because of the profs and the fact that work is easy to come by, as well as networks are easily established in Downtown Toronto.

But if you're interested in the best education quality, then definitely Comp Sci at York University's Lassonde School of Enginering. Their $100,000,000 new enginering building is great and puts York back in the competition for the best quality of teaching.

Tour both of them though, I like the campus feel more than the quality of the education, but the quality is better at York definitely.

Good luck with whatever you choose.
UW wouldn't take me unfortunately :(

I was mainly considering UTSC/UTM or Ryerson though. I've heard those UofT campuses don't really measure up to St. George but I figured it still carries the reputation of the UofT name anyway. What you learn should be the same anyways, shouldn't it?

Ryerson seems OK but definitely not top-tier by any means.

Isn't York one of the shittiest schools in a terrible area in all of Canada? I have only heard terrible things about it tbh.

I'm also mostly interested in co-op, which seems to be the best at UTSC, especially for compsci.

Well, as I said I prefer the campus more than the education, and York's new Lassonde School of Enginering is definitely one of the best. Read up about their professors and the projects they're involved in. It might seem like a shitty school, but once you actually tour the place, you might change your mind.

Queens was the first university to offer us an early offer of admission, and it was our top choice program, which is why we accepted it graciously right away. Had we not have gotten into it, we would have probably went to UofT StG for Physical and Mathematical Sciences, or Western for Science with the end goal of an IVEY designation.

You should also bear in mind the cost, York has a stupidly expensive parking system, it costs around $500 / term. Ryerson is like $800. UTSC and UTM might be a lot less, but they are pretty much in the middle of no where, in terms of 'money'.

We chose Queens because we're fortunate enough to be able to afford the program, as well as afford the recruitment parties. We also have family friends who are Queens Commerce Alumni and they are able to give us the internships and experience we need at their businesses, so it was a no-brainer for us to accept it right away. B

For someone like you who might not have the marks for Waterloo Comp Sci, have you looked into Commerce at Queens, with a minor in Comp Sci perhaps?

I myself will be applying to the Combined BComm + JD program at Queens in my third year. I would receive my BComm degree as well as my JD degree within 6 years, which would make me a standout applicant for future careers. Also, the Queens BComm program is easier to get accepted to, than the UW Comp Sci program, so perhaps you might be interested in that?

You could also do something easy, and then apply to Westerns IVEY HBA program after your second year, and get your Computer Science + IVEY designation.

Alright I'm ranting, but just giving you some options to make the best money after.
>Unironically suggesting York or Ryerson

Literally lowest possible tier schools in Ontario
File: Lassonde.jpg (2MB, 1980x1273px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1980x1273px

The prestige of a degree does not matter, the Lassonde School of Enginering is one of the best CompSci programs in the Downtown Toronto area, which is why I suggested those two, over UTSC or UTM.

UTSC or UTM are satellite schools, they don't offer the same quality of education, or prestige, that a UTSG degree would.

So, instead of going to a school that is a satellite school, it's better to go to a main school, and York's Lassonde School of Enginering has some of the best professors in the world. I've met and spoken to many of them at Open Houses and they genuinely enjoy what they teach, unlike the UTSC or UTM professors that sort of feel like they're just there to collect their paycheck.

York is also spending hundreds of millions of dollars per year, just like Ryerson is, on rebuilding TORONTO. In the future, within the next 4-5 years, those schools will be known very well, because of what they've done for their cities and their communities, which is why, they are the better choices, for future jobs and future prestige.

But again, prestige isn't the most important thing, its the marketability, and Ryerson is by far, one of the best, since it's right in the middle of the financial sector, and all around Downtown. You cannot find a better place to network. York is great because it's a bit farther away from the main city, but has its own little hub.

UTSC and UTM literally have nothing for their students except a classroom.

>pic related

>$100,000,000 Lassonde Building.
UW or UofT really seem like the only logical choice when it comes to compsci. Everything doesn't really have a reputable compsci program nor the best professors and co-op. I don't have a car anyway so that doesn't matter(about the parking).

I might also be leaving Canada quite soon so having a degree from UofT(even if it's not st.George ) would seem impressive to people in other countries, since they probably think it's like an ivy league by rankings.

Not really interested in Ivey. Tuition for HBA is $25k/yr and I just don't think it would help me very much versus getting compsci degree and doing coop.
How come there is robberies and sexual assaults at York every week?

>Google Yotk university robbery
>dozens of stories about unique incidents

It really doesn't very good. Seems like a liberal school for underachievers. Every thread on Yonic and redflsgdeals seems to agree. The Yorku subreddit genuinely feels like students of York hate their own school with a passion.

Ah, where are you heading too when you leave Canada?

I'm planning on heading to Singapore or Berlin after I finish my 6 years at Queens, and maybe 2 years of working here.

And yes, any degree from Canada will seem impressive, even a York degree. Generally any foreigners coming to a country, if they're from the US or Canada will have an easy time.

At Queens, my tuition is around $17,000 / year for all 4 years of BComm, but you have to live in residence (90% of students do), which is another $17,000 or so.

IVEY is 2 years of regular undergrad at $8,000 / year, and then 2 years of IVEY at $24,000 / year, plus residence if you choose, which is another $15,000 / year. So IVEY would cost you $40,000 x 2 + $16,000 = $96,000.

Queens will cost me around $33,000 / year, for 4 years, which is $132,000.

So, Queens vs IVEY, is similarily priced, because you get much more financial aid at Queens, (around $8500 / year in scholarships/grants), which brings the total to around $100,000 as well.

But, the promise of Queens and IVEY for me and my sister was the guaranteed career after, earning $150,000 or more, starting.

But if money is a concern for you, then yeah I guess go for something that you can afford.


>Street Signs

>York Avenue

York is just the school with the most publicized robberies, rapes, and overall nonsense, compared to other schools which keep those things hidden.

That's why York is leading the charge in Ontario and all over Canada for better protection of students, and more security against rapes and robberies.

Other universities don't publicize things because they're not as Liberal as York is, and that's the only reason.

But bad things happen at all schools, and bad people exist in all schools.
Also just looked on website.

Lassonde has only been around for like 4 years... That's pretty pitiful compared to just about everywhere else.

>the lassonde 50:50 challenge is launched to become the first engineering school in Canada with a 50:50 gender balance

Look I'm not sexist or anything but I don't think as many women are interested in engineering as men. Which strongly suggests they will be accepting women just to fill their "diversity quota" instead of based on merit. Once again making a horrific impression.
What is a decent college for investment banking? Looking at UofOregon right now since that's in state, but my options are limited since I have a shitty (3.0) GPA. Any suggestions? I don't want to get fucked coming out of college.

Well shit, if you care so much about robberies, then check yourself into rehab in a padded room.

Things are going to happen everywhere, I've been on my own since I was 14, (19 now) and I've been in and out of 'foster' homes and group homes and I never had a problem even once with robberies or rapes.

If you're so against York, then why suggest it in the first place? Make up your mind next time, and give the options you are okay with, don't ask for other peoples opinions if you are just going to completely ignore them and find anything possible to disagree. Perhaps this is why you are not able to get into UW, and have to settle for UTSC or UTM, which are no better than McMaster or Guelph.

Super Top-tier: Harvard, Wharton

Top-tier: Duke, Dartmouth, Columbia, Cornell AEM, Princeton.

Second Tier: MIT, Stanford, Yale, UChicago, Williams, Cornell non-AEM, UPenn CAS, Brown

Third Tier: UMich Ross, Georgetown, Northwestern, Amherst


^A list from a website, wallstreetoasis or collegeconfidential, can't remember exactly which one.

That's a good list to stick with, in terms of getting a banking job in the US.

Check out Canadian schools as well, because a 3.0GPA might be enough to get into a Canadian school, but it will cost you a lot more.

Also, just bite the bullet and eat the cost, if you go to the best place you can and be aggressive in your interviews, you will do extremely well. I've been to some interview workshops specifically for banking, and I've also shadowed a few bankers during field trips and business competitions like DECA, and they've all been very high strung people.
It's not so much that I'm worried about getting robbed or raped. But rather the reputation the school holds.

The york subreddit has dozens of students making fun of their own school and talking about how every week York sends out emails about a new rape/robbery. When I'm applying I don't want employers to think "oh he went to Rape U... Eh throw him in the trash, he's no good for the recycling bin".

Also does Lassonde even have a decent coop program?

Honestly UTSC seems the best option from the countless threads I've read but the only detraction is that they apparently have really shitty marking which can fuck you over.
Also if you've been in foster homes and such how are you even affording tuition/residence? I don't think osap + scholarships is nearly close enough.

Trust fund. We get around $8500 off of tuition, and we have to pay for residence, plus the other half of tuition and our cars, so we're paying around...

$32,000 - $9000 = $23,000 x 2 = $46,000 / year between the both of us, for our education at Queens, which includes residence and our meal plan and our books.

Each of us also drive, and we spend around $10k a year currently, but once we're in Kingston we will spend around $5k probably, since we won't be driving much to places or daily as much either. That adds $10k to bring the total up to $56k.

We also do not qualify for OSAP, because our trust fund acts as an earnings from our parents, and it pays out too high.

We can very comfortably afford Queens Commerce, which is why the money wasn't a factor in our choice.
Dam some people got life made huh...

I wonder if waterloo would accept me considering I have a few re-taken courses and nightschool. I haven't actually applied since I know they don't really consider applicants with more than a couple.

Just fuck my life up fam. What if I were to go to college first and also work for a year or two? Would this be a bad idea since I know in Canada unis really don't take more than a small amount of transfer credits from colleges.

Waterloo will accept anyone with a 90% total average, and an 85% or so in Calculus, not sure if they need Advanced Functions or not.

After you get the 85% in the 2 Math courses, and even a 70% in English, you just have to take those EASY courses, like Challenge and Chance in Society, Families in Canada, and World Issues.

But if I do advanced functions, calculus and data management(all 12u) in night school to boost my mark up wouldn't they tell me to pound sand as they say?

I know I can easily get 90+ in online/night school classes but I'm just thinking they're not retarded to realize it's miles easier than regular school.

But the thing is also that highschool averages in general are kinda flawed I think. Some schools really inflate marks so an 80 average in one school might be 95 average in another.

No. Waterloo does not care where you took it, they also don't really penalize you if you had a good reason, which I'm sure you can make up.

They don't care and do not differentiate where you took a course as long as its approved by the Ministry of Ontario.

Call them and ask them yourself.
OK well that's good.

But which uni has the least math-intensive compsci program? I like programming but I hate proofs and shit. Don't think I can do waterloo math now that I think about it.

Also was considering MOS at western then getting into Ivey like this one anon suggested. Might be better idea for me since I either want yo do business or compsci but can't decide.

Why do you want to do Comp Sci if its so theory and math based?

Why not do Software Engineering which is more of software design, and how a software interacts with humans, as well as a bit of theory and math?

Software Engineering seems to be more of what you're looking for.

It's a bit harder though, I think some universities require ENG4U, MHF4U, MCV4U, and SCH4U or SPH4U.

I'm pretty sure Guelph doesn't need SCH4U or SPH4U.

SCH4U and SPH4U is Chem and Physics Gr 12.

Also, least Math intensive, would probably be York and Ryerson, UTM and UTSC will force you to learn a lot of theories since they're mostly "academic" schools.

You should look into Guelph as well, or Brock, great schools with good co op programs. Apple even hires from Guelph (rare though).
Don't they say, "if you can suck cock, go to Brock" and something equally clever for Guelph?

There's gotta be a reason why these schools are the laughing stock of Yconic, univforum, etc. Not really sure why you keep recommending them.

What do you think about MOS at Western and then transferring into Ivey tho? Seems like easiest way into Ivey since they prefer their own students.

What are your grades, your top 6 courses?

Mine are

ENG4U - 95
MHF4U - 99
MCV4U - 97
SBI4U - 97
SPH4U - 98
HZT4U - 97

Average: 97.1666667%

What are your marks? Post them so I can tell you why I keep recommending them to you, because I am fairly certain that your marks don't back it up to make it into any of the schools you want to go to.
They are pretty pitiful and I didn't even do 12U for some(which I'm re-doing as we speak and doing probably about ~85 average in the ones I'm currently taking).

Not gonna lie I kinda fucked around in highschool mostly. Didn't have the best social life for quite a few reasons(both within and out of my control) and quite honestly pissed away those years. Been trying to get back on track as of lately though.

85 average is exactly why, you won't make it into those harder schools. But with an 85 average in a bit lower tier school, you would do extremely well.

You could get a really high average at York or Guelph, which will help if you want to do another degree after, which you should be considering because an Undergrad is useless without something else after like an MBA or Masters, or a PhD.

With an 85 you can save a lot of money at these schools, and get around $2000 / year, + even more scholarships, or grants.

But an 85 at UTM or UTSC will not make you any better than anyone else, you'll be average at best, probably at the low end of people going there.

Go for Westerns MOS program if you want, you need an 85 to get in, which you've got, so you're fine there, but you said you're not really keen on spending too much money, so UWO will probably mean you have to pay for rent or residence, which is expensive at UWO, and a meal plan is mandatory unless you live in the expensive residences which is like still expensive.

But, MOS + IVEY is great, and MOS on its own is pretty good too.

MOS only requires English I think.



5 easy courses which could be

CGW4U - World Issues
HHS4U - Families in Canada
HSB4U - Challenge and Change in Society
MDM4U - Data Management
CPW4U - Canadian and World Politics

^extremely easy to get 100% in all of those.
I'm alright on spending money, just meant I wouldn't be able to afford HBA tuition.

I got a few friends going to Western, rent is dirt-cheap like $400 in fully furnished nice house with roommates. Food is well... How much food usually costs in southern Ontario.

MOS seems promising though from what I read. Even just it by itself seems sufficient.

If you do MOS, you can finish your MOS degree + Ivey in 5 years.

2 years of MOS, then 2 years of IVEY, and they give you the option to accelerate your last 2 years of MOS, into 1 year, so in 5 years you'll get basically 1 degree + IVEY HBA degree.

That's what I'd do if I was doing MOS, just stay the extra year, so you stand out, but unless you get a job before that, then just defer your degree for a year or two, and work, then come back finish it, and do an MBA.

Good luck, the MOS program is great, and easy, but do well in it, because everyone gets 80 - 84 in MOS, but if you get 85+ then you really stand out to recruiters.

Also, HBA tuition also has a lot of grants and scholarships, so really it goes from $30k to like $22k - $24k, OSAP will give you around $13k at the most, and then you can take a line of credit for $10k - $15k / year, for 2 years.

Easy to fund an education, don't be afraid of the debt, it can easily be paid off with an IVEY HBA degree.
Brock is associated with accepting large amounts of questionable Chinese foreign students, plus St. Catharines isn't exactly the most well connected place for industry.
Don't do Scarborough. That's literally retard level.
Mississauga is whatever. I wouldn't do it, but it's better than Scarborough. St George is king when it comes down to it.
Don't know anything about York, but my coworker at IBM went there.
Ry-high has the DMZ which is an okay incubator if you're into the whole start up scene.
How is Scartown retard-level? Niggas is world-class computer scientists fam.

Honestly getting quite swayed by MOS @ western.
Seems like the perfect option for a degenerate underachiever like me who doesn't want to work particularly hard but still earn gud money.

Kinda confused by the double major/specialization stuff though. Could I do Compsci and BMOS double major? Or would it make more sense to do accounting?

Canada might as well be Mainland China realtalk fam. No racist but theyre taking over the country via mass-immigration and buying up all real estate.
Not gonna disagree with you there, last time I went to St. Catharines there were Chinese realtor signs all over the bus stop; eh I guess it's good for the housing prices if not anything else after they closed down the auto plant there.

Personally I feel Compsci is a bit saturated, since a lot of the programmers I've met have been EE/CE, and a lot of math folks too. It's a good option nonetheless, you'll get a nice practical degree. This is just my experience of course.

You could do a double major, but no point. I'd rather do MOS + JD instead, then with your IVEY designation, you would be a PERFECT candidate for corporate lawyer.

It's a bit more work, but you could get into a JD program with MOS easily since law schools just want high GPAs in Canada. Then since you'll have so much free time to study for the LSAT, you should do well on it as well.

That seems like a good route for you, from what I can tell so far from this thread.

What do you think?

Also stay away from accounting, too many brown and yellow folk, the field is so saturated already. Also in Canada you make fuck all, so its not worth it. Takes forever to make any good money. ($150k range). Because of Canada's fucking horrible taxes.
The thing is I enjoy programming but I really don't enjoy high-level math.

I've tried to do ProjectEuler.net problems but I really am no good at them, couldn't get all that far without significant difficulty, makes me kinda iffy on doing compsci since I've heard a lot of people say it's mostly math with like a bit of programming thrown in.

I don't know... Corporate lawyer doesn't seem all that fun. Couldn't I become a CFA? They seem to get paid out the ass in Cuckanada.

I just want something that doesn't require autist-level math or studying like a Chinaman.

I'm planning on moving to another country(as I said) that hasn't been defacto conquered by Chinese and Indians tho. So I need to somehow figure out which degree would be of most use overseas.
If you're gonna do something programming related in uni, "high-level" math is probably unavoidable. If you do avoid it, then it's probably not gonna best prepare you for the job. I don't know much about accounting or finance related fields, but I would expect them being decently heavy on math too.
File: 1386619910234.jpg (88KB, 597x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88KB, 597x800px
Hey bro I'm actually considering between queens commerce or uoft rotman

My grade 11 average was 92 with English 89 and math 95 plus a grade 12 course which I got a 90 on.

I am my student council President and part of DECA and made it to provincials which ain't shit but its something.

How are my chances? Im also an immigrant so does that give me any benefits? Cause I don't think so lol

I put down the computer game I played, and how I built an entire network of players in that game, which sold me items for ridiculously low prices, and how I solely controlled the entire economy of the game, using peoples items against them. I was able to create a monopoly on parts that were essential to players and how I dictated the prices. I was able to grow my monopoly so much so that I spent $0 on that game, and was actually making money with only 1-2 hours of work per week. It took me 5 years to do it, but it worked, and I've been doing it for the past 3. I also didn't state specifically how much I made, but did say just by buying and selling items with other peoples money, I was bringing in over $1xxx monthly, from a game with barely 5,000 players, which I was fairly certain was a huge chunk of the game hosts profits, and it was going to me instead of the game and I was using it to turn around my own business, while making sure I could pull out of the game and not lose a single cent.

I also stated how I was recruited into the DECA program at my school by the student prime minister, and that I made it to provincials, but did not make it to Internationals because my partner would not go, which would result in my disqualification.

I also talked about my work experience at Future shop, Target, two businesses that were failing hard when I worked there, I explained how I saw all the things that could have been improved, and saw the reasons why people weren't shopping there, as well as how I was able to deal with customers and the customer service experience I gained.

I also spoke about various volunteer opportunities I participated in, as well as how I went to Take Your Kid To Work day and saw how I did not want to become a doctor or work in the medical field, because of how much it saddened me that patients don't get the correct level of help, as well as how so many things in hospitals are underfunded, or overfunded.
I don't know how inflated Ontario grades are these days, but if was definitely inflated a few years ago, and I suspect it got worse since then. It says on their website high 80s are the average needed, so if you maintain a low 90+ you should be good; usually uni gives more acceptances than their max number of spots, since there's a good chance a student might pick something else.

As for extra-curricular activities, spend a good time gathering a list of all the little things you did throughout high school, and list them; emphasize more on leadership roles in general and activities that pertains more to your intended major, and try to "spin" the rest as well as you can. Also, there's a good chance it'll ask for a reference as contact, so actually go hunt down the teacher and ask them, so in the very off chance the uni DOES contact about the reference, it doesn't come as a complete surprise for them. These are pretty general advice; you'll probably know them already by intuition.

By "immigrant", I'm guessing you're a first generation and went to high school in Canada. As far as I know, it doesn't really give significant advantages like in the U.S.
What a nice two posts you wrote very helpful I saved it. I will put down everything you told me. Any other tips you think I should know about increasing my chances?

Grades are definitely inflated in Ontario, I go to school in Hamilton (520,000 pop) and my friends from Mississauga with like (720,000), and whenever I compare our work, like Math or Physics work, their work is so much easier and their teachers are so much more lenient.

My teachers were all extremely tedious, except my Biology teacher who was a bit less tedious, but still expected A LOT of work, for an Academic course.

In bigger cities, grades are extremely inflated, and in really small cities, they're inflated as well, only the middle population cities are actually what the marks should be.


Other tips would be, tell them what you hope to gain from an education at Queens, tell them what you know about the school, what you like about it, have you visited it, do you have friends going, what do you plan to achieve with your BComm degree, how your current business (if you have one) will benefit from a Queens education.

Basically sell yourself to them, then sell their school to yourself.


Everyones going to put DECA, so don't make DECA your main thing. You're in gr 12 right now, so you have an entire year to do things, and the supplementary essay is due on February 15, so get a winter job, or start some type of online business, even if you get 1 or 2 customers it doesn't matter. Tell them how you learned how to drywall, frame a house, lay tile, anything that puts you ahead of the rest.

The tricky part is selling yourself, in only 300 words, or 1950 characters. (how much you can write on a 4chan post).

That's whats hard, and that's why you should start writing some drafts like in December, and get some teachers to edit it, get your friends to edit it.

You can't use references for this, they don't allow it, so those will be of no help.

Once you meet like a 87% or 88%, you're basically 50% in, the other 50% of your application comes from your supplementary essays, which are EXTREMELY important, so don't fuck them up.
Got it. I think I'm gonna my student council presidency a thing since I can talk about how I went from a rep to prez. But I still need to find something better. Maybe the winter shoveling I usually do to get some extra cash.

How do you think they take failures? I have tried to make a social media marketing business like every other person in biz and that failed coz I lived in suburbs and blah blah
How do scholarships/bursaries/grants work in Canada?

If I am a white male can I apply for ones that say Native only by claiming 1/16th Cherokee or some shit? Or that im gay to get lgbt grant?

Because otherwise kind of suxks how out of all of them only like 3 are available to white males.

Yeah that will show the leadership aspect, and your previous role as student rep for Grade 11, will show how you're able to be led as well, which is important because they want people who can lead and who can be led by people.

They won't care about failures, everyone fails in business, it took me 2 years of learning a game, and then 3 years of building the backbone, to finally enjoy my monopoly on the economy. So, just explain that your business downright failed, but you learned some important things Social Media Marketing, like how you have to live in a big city, not the suburbs, to really grow on social media, and you have to have interesting things to do in your community like water parks and amusement parks, and lots of fairs and such, but since you didn't have close access and for whatever reason didn't have parents who allowed you to, or friends that were interested in those endeavours, you sort of lacked the drive to really excel in it, but for the next time you start a social media marketing campaign, you'll keep all of these in mind, and really use them to improve your next endeavour ten fold.

Take the best of your worst aspect, and make it the best of the best aspect that you have. Show them that you've actually learned something and will probably do a lot better in the next time.

Well, for me, I got a few thousand in scholarships, but I'm a first generation immigrant (first of my family to come to Canada). I never got any of those immigrant scholarships though, since my parents make a lot of money and I already have a lot of money, so I mainly got those Entrance awards, as well as a few $500 - $1000 scholarships for mainly marks.

I never bothered applying to any scholarships either, since I just had better things to do than write 50 essays bitching about myself and how I love my community, when I really didn't do much in my community, but mostly out of my community and online, so yeah

Just apply to all of them you qualify for, especially the ones with no essay requirement, and do the essays for the ones with really big paydays like the big bank scholarships (scotia, td, rbc +++) and make up a really sappy story about yourself and write it in a way that makes them really feel for you, but you don't really beg for it. (Beg with dignity).
That's the plan but I was more asking about if I could claim part Native, and part black for more monies.

They probably wouldn't require an ancestry test or check if I'm black but ya never know.
It's been a few years since when I applied for uni, so take this with a grain of salt. I remember things such as "claim of native ancestry" or general things like this can be listed in the OSAP claim; it might have changed, or I may have remembered it wrong. One thing I did remember was that it asked for things like "the amount of money for transportation from residence to school both ways", which I'm pretty sure goes into the government grant. Hell, some university application portals might even ask for it; no idea if they'll check or not, so you're on your own for that one.

I don't know much about in-school grants in schools like Queens, but the U of T has an internal UTAPS system that automatically calculates a grant from the school from the OSAP, and it's usually quite a bit unless your parents make an obscene amount of money.
I mean check your "claim of native ancestry". Sentence came out weird.
Ivey HBA grad here.

To whomever is planning on it -- don't take MOS. It's packed with mouthbreather partyboys who are perfectly portrayed in

You'll feel depressed by the atmosphere and sorts of questions kids will ask during class. The quality of learning is quite low because the profs have to proceed at a pace that partyboys can digest. And a MOS background won't give you any up on other students starting HBA which came from other backgrounds, academically or job-wise. In fact, portraying an interest in an area outside of business itself makes you look a bit more well-rounded. Economics/math-turned-Ivey students did the best with ibanks.

Just study something that interests you legitimately that you can get a high grade in. For me, that was economics, psychology, and philosophy.

Aside: Make sure to take super psych with Dr. Mike (if he's still around). No better place to scout out qts and still take a fun class.
I'm the guy memeing above in the thread considering utsc and shit for compsci and MOS.

The thing is I think I might have legit learning disability. I feel as though the easiness of MOS is the only real option for me to get a good mark. The bros seem pretty chill also.

Even if I'm the smartest person of my year in MOS that seems way better than busting my ballsack just to be average in another program.
>uoft scarborough

Have you ever been to Scarberia? Even the York culture and student life is better. Few could make it through UofTs without depression unless they really wanted dat brown pussy.

High grades at Ivey are difficult to get, but low grades are also pretty difficult. It's a tight bell curve. A smart person who pays attention in class, regularly participates (2x per class with substantive comments and not just case fact rehearsals), but skips his case homework or reads his cases between breaks can get an 80 without too much strain. And an 80 can still get your foot in the door with some good companies if you execute your networking well. But you will have a lot of gruelling projects and all-nighters along the way and there's no way of escaping the work involved in a 24/48 hour or the Consulting/New Venture capstone.

So I guess, my banter aside, I would go with MOS. You'll have fun, at any rate.

Just don't go to Scarborough, whatever you do.
this video makes it seem like London is just drunk white kids wearing purple stuff.
holy shit one of those girls is my coworker...wow small world
Yeah, you've got it.


2 of those people are my coworkers
Shit this is the first time this has happened to me on the internet.

Also if you're saying London and not just Western, then you can't forget about Fanshawe: drunk white kids burning news vans.
True fam.

I just can't decide about what I want to do. Compsci or some business meme shit.

Also would I even fit in at Western? I don't really like to drink all that much and I've quit smoking weed and oxy.

I just want bitches and easy job/life ;-;

Ps scartown can't be that bad, I mainly just want their co-op program and to get fat racks.
dam son
That seems like a fun as fuck time tbh.

Honestly Western/London in general seems like pure-bros. Would chill everyday and fuck shit up with/10

Although aren't the Frats god-tier? I've heard some of them have rich as fuck niggaz with connections who will get you comfy jobs you never even knew existed, some own almost every bar in London, etc.

Well, at Western, our RAs (residence assistants) helped buy underage kids alcohol so long as it wasn't bigger than a 24. Compare that to Scarborough where you can host a 15 person party and the RAs will tell you to shut it down due to noise complaints and then follow that up with some mandatory diversity/"consider how your words affect other people" meet-up the next day (true story).

I don't fit in with Western that much either, but the experience was good for me to open up a bit more, especially through res life in first year (just try to pick something like Delaware/MedSyd and not Saugeen). I'd surely be a lot more reclusive and socially maladaptive had I gone to Scarborough and holed myself in my room and tried to learn business from reading a textbook independently. But if you're comfortable with your personality and think it strongly aligns with your fundamental person, then you might not need some transformational social experience and might be better off with a less extroverted environment. At any rate, after first year, it's pretty easy to drop off the radar. Better to have parties at your disposal that you don't have to instead of being stuck in a social desert.

As for jobs, the Big 4 jobs that come out of biz schools are
>CPG (consumer packaged goods, or marketing)
And then some kids decide to start a company, and others yet want to do a law degree.

Out of all those primary options, only CPG really has "good" hours, from what I've heard. And you still might have to put a few years of solid time in before you rise to a position where you can coast.

And I don't know much about compsci hours for the most part. The only compsci kids I know are working at BigTech and put in 80 hour weeks.

I think experimenting with Compsci and business in your first two years is a good idea. Nobody truly knows what area they're made for until they give things a try, and years 1+2 are made for that. So go ahead and sample both.
That makes sense. Idk though I'm kinda a centrist in every aspect of life, somewhat social and extroverted but at times reclusive and don't leave the house for months except for necessities.

>so go ahead and sample both
How am I to do that though, double major with MOS?

Also would it matter that I'm going to be almost 21 when I do reach(currently re-doing HS shit)? I just want to find stoicism in my life ;-;
Holy shit no one cares you fucking children. Most of this board was graduated university before you were old enough to ride a bike.
What board are you browsing you mega-autist?

/biz/ is almost entirely comprised of:
- highschool kids
- People in postsecondary
- people just graduated postsecondary

Look at the "savings and assets" strawpoll to see how most have under $10k assets.
>Although aren't the Frats god-tier? I've heard some of them have rich as fuck niggaz with connections who will get you comfy jobs you never even knew existed, some own almost every bar in London, etc.

Yeah, that's probably true. I didn't join any frats, but there were tons of Ivey kids whose parents' net worth exceeded 100MM, along with a few billionaires here and there. And there were a few kids in my year who got great jobs by befriending some lazy partyboy and his daddy owned some private equity company or whatever.

Not sure if frats generally will get you the same connections but if that lifestyle is appealing to you, nothing better than a university town school like western or queens for it.

Enroll in one, and then you'll probably only have to take a couple credits for it in first year. Use the rest of your course load to fill in slots for your other interests. And you can always switch your majors; there are always long lines outside of the social science academic counselling office with kids looking to switch to something or another.

Feels insufficient to draw any real conclusions though.

Would need to graduate and actually work for a years to decide, but it would give general impression...

You could double major, or even a minor in something, or you could do some extra courses during the summer, or make friends with people in other programs and do homework together sometimes and browse their course work.

I plan on doing that Queens BComm+JD program (6 years), so I'm going to take some intro law courses in years 1-3 as electives, just to see if I really enjoy law, if not then I won't apply to the double major in year 3.

But yeah, comp sci + business seems really good if you plan on doing some type of e-business which I think you'd like, because of your reclusiveness at times, but also being a bit extroverted and social.

>Don't take MOS

I guess I kind of agree, with your reasoning, but if you're one of the people that loves to do all that, then why not?

I mean, I never partied much, but I did party and enjoyed it, so MOS would be pretty chill, a lot of electives to take, so I could get a feel for stuff, and lots of free time, no?

MOS seems like a good option for those without that "FUCK YOUR FEELINGS, I WANT MY MONEY" drive right now, and they'll gain the proper social skills for mingling with employers, something I wish I had more of.

There are pros and cons for sure, but for this anon who seems to be more introverted/reclusive, MOS is a good choice, + its easy

After reading what you've wrote, who knows, maybe I'll transfer from Queens to Western IVEY in year 3/4 lol, imagine that!
True. Thanks guys you gave me good hope.

I've recently quit all videogames after playing for 5+ hours a day. Gunna just study hard on my own while finishing my hs shit then ball hard. Feels kinda bad thinking about all that lost time though. I probably could've made a fuckton of dough instead of imaginary memepoints.

I got a dream... And it's guapping.

Also wouldn't it make sense to sell drugs and shit to Western niggas if I go there? Seems like an easy market with at least moderate profits(probably quite saturated but what the hey)

don't sell drugs you idiot, especially at a school like Western.

If you went to scarbaria, then sure, but not western. remember, you need western, western doesn't need you. they will literally kick you out for that shit. when i was partying there for hoco last year, someone got busted with a bong with marijuana but they were chill about it, cuz it was just a few guys, (like 4), they just got a warning, but if you get caught with fucking grams on grams, you're fucked.

If you're honestly about the money, then work to get your marks up for MOS, then work to get the mid 80s in university, and then get into IVEY. keep the required average for only 2 years, and you'll be basically done, just take it 1 semester at a time, and at the end of every semester buy 10 grams and smoke it all up, as a reward if you want, just don't make stupid decisions while you're paying for school at a prestigious university in a prestigious program.
I'm so-so about the money. I just want to get the perfect balance of money/easiness/chill job.

Ivey seems like diminishing returns compared to MOS, which appears to be the "sweetspot" in terms of the aforementioned.

You're right though drugs seems awful profit margins and generally high risk-low reward. Although in Canada seems slap on the wrist in a lot of cases but yeah dumb idea.

Might as well practice 100m sprints and snatch some Chinese foreign exchange student's phone and haul ass.

you will work at mcdonalds from now until next summer or September and save up every penny you earn. you will also work another job, perhaps tim hortons and save up whatever you earn from there too.

each month you should be bringing in $2000, and you should have around $20,000 saved by the time you get to school.

the government of Canada gives out over $400 to people who earned under 11,xxx in one year, so if you earned that much from now until December 31st 2015, you will get $400

you are also entitled to get $70 ever 3 months ($210/year) from the trillium benefit i think

so if you can find a job, any job, and something that gives you a T4 slip, you could get literally $610 for free.

if you earn a bit more, you could say you're not a student and claim welfare or reduced costs on a lot of basic things, as well as receive free cash from the gov.

so why not do it? you'll make more this way, than working selling drugs.

you'll also face 0 jail time, and build a tax history, which is important in life.
>45 hrs a week at min wage

Fam I'd rather just jump off a bridge now. Ive never worked a job for more than a couple months. I can't fuckibg bare working with a bunch of loser degenerates. They like to power trip and feel all high and mighty just because they've been working like a slave slightly longer than me.

I enjoyed trillium benefit but what's that $400 shit? I've earned about $1800 this year "officially". When do I receive it? I haven't received it before I don't think.

How get welfare-shekels? I don't mind faking schizophrenia or something. But I've heard in Canada it's not so easy to get unless you're missing your cock and your arms or some shit.

its a laid back minimum wage job, you could work at best buy with better people, or even Walmart, or shoppers or something man

trillium benefit is like for people who earned below poverty line (even if u live with ur parents)

here: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/bnfts/rltd_prgrms/ntr-eng.html

theres also this:


^sales tax credit


you could get close to $700 i guess, there's a couple more things.

when you go to do your taxes, the accountant will do it all for you.

so you really so far earned $1800 + $700, and if you find another job for the next 3 - 4 months that's around $4k easy.

so, basically, you earned like $6500 already, enough for 1 year of tuition with scholarships man.

also its easy to get welfare in Canada, but i don't know anything about applying for it, but i know that Canada is extremely lenient on it.

to pay for the rest of school you could get a line of credit, $10,000 / year for 4 years, only interest payments for the 4 years, and then a 6 month or 12 month grace period after graduation.

you only pay for what you use, and if you get a job every summer + winter, you can pay of $10k easily.

work a part time job on campus in the library or something and you should pull in $20k a year, working less than 30 hours a week.
True thanks.

But I probably would've worked as a waiter or something if I hadn't fucked my body up ;-;

I gotta get surgery and won't be working for at least another few months.

Maybe I can tutor some cocksuckers or something too. Also Waiter or whatever it's called seems wayyyy better than any other unskilled job.

>easy as shit
>usually free food/at least deep discounts
>get tips so averages out over $15/hr easily
>looks better than "cleaned toilets with my tongue at McDonalds"

you think too highly of yourself.
I do have a bit of an unwarranted ego you might say.

But really though why do people work in mcCuckles or whatever when you can be a waiter and easily make $15/hr+.
>literally run for my life in old country
>have to join resistance to have a chance at survival
>work in a window assembly line while parents put together money to apply for ca
>come to canada
>see all the fuckboys complaining about easy shit
>"would rather jump off a bridge than work a bit more"

nigger you actually have it so easy
Feels good tbh.

>tfw even if I drop out and do nothing with my life but work minwage I'll be making more than 70% of the world
>TFW one of the safest countries in the world, niggas in other places get bricks smashed into their skull over $20
>TFW panhandling in downtown Toronto makes more money than most people in the world
>TFW homeless shelters in Canada are better than a lot of people's actual homes

Feels hella good lol. I'm glad I came to Canada, good country
>5th year queens science student
for some reason like half the school hates your faculty, just talk to people in other worthwhile majors (STEM, mostly) and people won't think you're a prick. Also seems like most commies wear a suit to class, don't envy you that. Get involved with some clubs n shit on campus and you'll have a decent experience here

Half the school hates us Commies? that's news to me! :o

Yeah I wear a shirt/pants right now, but I guess I'll have to step it up with a jacket at Queens then.

How is the on-campus life, easy to get to know people or are there lots of "cliques"?

also, does everyone in queens have cars? never bothered to buy one yet, but it seems like a place that requires a car if you plan on to go anywhere outside Kingston or outside the school
commerce is known for being especially clique-ey but if you join some clubs outside of the faculty (queen's has the most clubs per capita if i recall correctly) you can meet some cool people.
Most of my friends don't, its expensive to park and nearly everything is within walking distance (groceries, clubbing, bars, whatever is all 10 min walk), and you get free bus pass with your student fees.
File: What's Going On.jpg (64KB, 584x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
What's Going On.jpg
64KB, 584x600px
>people think being a Queens Commerce Student is something special
>mfw people make plans 10 years in advance then drop out(in first year by statistics) for whatever reason and it all crumples down

It is. It's like the Harvard Business School, or Wharton, of Canada.

Well Queens and Western are, anyways.
Wtf I seen 'em rotman boys walkin around in suits too; I swear it's like a mandatory textbook for them. For some reason I'd assume they wear regular clothes to class; guess not.
>Harvard Business School, or Wharton, of Canada.

Lol no.

Rotman school of Management and Desautels Faculty of Management are the Harvard Business School and Wharton of Canada.

Queens and Western are really just mediocre universities along with York. Only decent grades in one field of study makes them "relevent".

It's like comparing a highschool kid who failed 5 out of 6 of his classes with a kid that got As in all 6. It just doesn't match up.
Lol no those shit tier uni business schools don't even fucking compare to Harvard or Wharton.

Also what's up with all the Canada uni threads lately? Did all you underage b8's just graduate lately?
>Lol no those shit tier uni business schools don't even fucking compare to Harvard or Wharton.

..... Do you have difficulty with reading comprehension you fucking moron? I didn't compare Harvard or Wharton to Rotman or Desautels. I stated that that Rotman and Desautels are the equivalents of Harvard and Wharton in Canada.

Off to grade 8 with you. :^)
>this Desautels troll

It's well known that Ivey and Queens are the T2 in Canada for business. While Queens and Western are not broadly known to be elite schools, their business faculties are where they excel. Meanwhile, Rotman and Desautels have mediocre business faculties that only reach notoriety because they take advantage of their broader university's brand.

I mean, Rotman is still a good school for a select variety of purposes (ex. technical, non-big-picture business fields, I think?). But why would you even mention Desautels? Desautels is never mentioned amongst the noteworthy business schools. Because it has nothing noteworthy about it. It is easily one of McGill's weakest faculties that drags down the rest of the university's international brand.

Ivey has the highest starting salaries and is well-known to be the #1 for getting into investment banking and corporate finance in Canada. That said, it also has very strong placement in consulting and CPG.

And if you're going to compare Canadian schools to American schools, then Ivey would be the Harvard (we're the only one who share the case-study learning method, after all). That said, I don't think the international comparisons are really fair, and Harvard/Wharton et al are in a league of their own.

Queens is the next in line for salary, and has strong placement across finance and accounting, buffered with CPG representation.

Meanwhile, something like Desautels has lower placement rates and lower salaries (by 17%!). Not sure what industry it specializes in.

Also, if you plan on arguing with me with respect to the salaries by saying something like
>oh but salaries and job prestige and important work aren't everything corporate scumlord
Then I think you may be better suited for another degree. Not that I wish to impute that argument upon you, my friend.


I've never even heard of Desautel or Rotman MANAGEMENT


also by the way...


THIS ANON: >>909794

So why the fuck did you mention them you retard? Just say the Rotman and Desautels are better schools. You obviously thought so since you made you little retarded comparison.
I'm guessing you got but-mad I called out your shit school. I haven't even heard of it but I'm guessing since you put it on the same level as Rotman, you go to this shit school lol.
File: e77.jpg (83KB, 680x453px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83KB, 680x453px
>While Queens and Western are not broadly known to be elite schools, their business faculties are where they excel
Is this what you tell yourself at night before you cry youself to sleep?

>Meanwhile, Rotman and Desautels have mediocre business faculties that only reach notoriety because they take advantage of their broader university's brand.
Rotman beats Ivey as far as business schools go. But yes, UofT is miles ahead of Western or Queens.

>I mean, Rotman is still a good school for a select variety of purposes (ex. technical, non-big-picture business fields, I think?).
Lol. Just lol.

Rest is just damage control

>(we're the only one who share the case-study learning method, after all)

Don't make me laugh.

Judging by your caps lock, I would wager that he wrecked your butthole more than mine. Lmao.

Actually it was this anon >>909590 started comparing first. I just set the record straight lol.

Nope wrong.

Also I have to lol. This retarded thread is very typical of Western/Queens circle-jerk retards.
Nope nice try buddy,NYU undergrad and Columbia for grad school. Stay mad tho

>Damage control this hard
>NYU undergrad

My sincerest apologies anon.
NYU has 2nd best placement rate into BB
Stay jelly.
ITT: No one over the age of 18, and everyone thinks they have life figured out.

>ITT people who think no one is over 18

>becoz 18 is some magic number

>im 19

>wait wut


Wow this thread has turned to shit since yesterday.
Am I late to thread?
15, predicted A/A*in all subjects at GCSE level,
Looking to go into CompSci (and possibly) mathmatics/further mathematics
what university/things should i do before university to better my chances over my generation
>Is this what you tell yourself at night before you cry youself to sleep?
>Lol. Just lol.
>Rest is just damage control
>Don't make me laugh.
>Judging by your caps lock, I would wager that he wrecked your butthole more than mine. Lmao.
>I just set the record straight lol.
>Nope wrong.
>Also I have to lol.
>This retarded thread is very typical of Western/Queens circle-jerk retards.
>My sincerest apologies anon.

I can't believe that anyone, even a Rotman/Desautels student, would think that this sort of quality of reply merited an existence. You haven't refuted a single one of my points surrounding objectively-measurable qualities of business schools that clearly indicate Ivey/Queens superiority. All you've done now is come up with some ad hominens and lmao/lols to make yourself appear to be carefree and having a good time in order to cover up your butthurt about going to an inferior school and every other poster is calling you out on it.

Not to mention, your posting also includes the eloquent:
>Off to grade 8 with you. :^)
>..... Do you have difficulty with reading comprehension you fucking moron?

You have clear problems with argumentation skill and the ability to phrase a robust, on-point argument that addresses your opposition's stance and provides justifications. I suggest taking some sort of program to improve yourself in this area.

In this post: Dude thinks its cool being meta xdddd.
Stfu and go back to leddit if your not gonna contribute buddy
File: 1385693169700.jpg (56KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 500x375px
>all this arguing about which uni is best
>queens is better, western is better, rotman is better
>havent gotten a single damn mark for this year

>everyone has fun at homecoming... until they get their midterm mark
Who finna be /[email protected]/ here?

Am I gonna see any /biz/-niggas here?
If I get into queens commerce I'll somehow incorporate the words "butter knife" into our convo
Please I want to say funnie biz memes with someone at Western. Is there anyone out there

My other sister is thinking of doing MOS, but shes more interested in Medical Science
Medical science is hella dope at Western I hear. I got a nigga studying it there.

I can't seem to find a consensus on whether MOS is a meme or not.

People seen to say it's not really well regarded but I can't tell if that's holier than thou Shulich or Ivey boiz. I'm guessing it's not much of a meme if you network and do EC's but then again so is anything.

Any cocksluts that can chime in on this? Is MOS reachable or na?

I talked to the DEAN OF ADMISSIONS about MOS, she told me ALOT of people do it to get into IVEY, and ALOT of people get into IVEY from it.

Also, look at the future, right now MOS is doing better and better right, in the future, it will just get better, so in 4-5 years, when you finish with a MOS + IVEY DESIGNATION you'll have TWO prestigious designations.

Managing and Consulting, PLUS Business.

You could go either way, Consulting job, or Investment Banking Job, or Management, you're qualified for literally the top 3 positions in the world. So yeah, I definitely would recommend MOS, just go and do it, if you don't like it, switch into something else, but just go, who knows, you might go and LOVE managing and organizing people, then you might get 90s or 100s even, just go for it, just move, do something, don't keep thinking about what to do, just go and DO IT.
Diff ID

But what about just MOS by itself though? Would this qualify me for nothing more than being a McDonald's manager or some shit?

Also people are saying acceptance rate is only like 65% into Ivey from MOS and I'm guessing that's because most don't even bother to apply since they know how selective it is and they don't have extensive EC's and high 80's.

I can't seem to decide between MOS and compsci... Both seem quite good but im having trouble deciding what I'd enjoy more and be better at.
Respond ples

65% of people from MOS apply to IVEY?

You gotta remember, you don't need 80s, if you have the 90+ high school average, all you have to maintain in university is a 65% to make it to IVEY, guaranteed, so get the 90% average for high school marks, which isn't hard, then you get IVEY Advanced Entry Opportunity (AEO Status).

I would prefer MOS + IVEY over compsci + nothing since I love business, but idk about you, you could do MOS + a minor in compsci while you do your 2 years of MOS, since theres room for a lot of electives in MOS
True but I've heard a lot of the people who got into AEO are nerds with 200+ hrs of volunteering and shit.

What do you think about doing some shitty college program then transferring credits to university? I've heard about a lot of people doing that but when I look at ONtransfer website it doesn't really show that any can be transferred.

Not sure if you need to ask the University you're transferring to about that or what the deal is...
Can we also discuss "le cheating"?

Has anyone here gotten cucks to take notes for them, write essays/homework for money, etc? And just Judaism in general.

What are some good ways to Jew the system?
Bump. Cuck my dick into pieces tbh(to be honest) fam(family)
>so get the 90% average for high school, which isn't hard.

Nigger I literally spend everyday until 12 last year to get a 92
>He didn't copy his classmates assignments or pay faggots to do his hs shit for him or take Yiddish private school courses or nightschool, whatever to artificially inflate his mark
Idfk lay down the D with your teacher or something. Suck on her milf tits it's eazy

Bruh if you're actually playing by the rules and being a dumb goy you're missing the fuck out.

Dumb moral-goys, don't you understand you need to fight an unjust system by taking advantage and jewing it?
>implying the skills learned won't allow you to become better at your profession
>implying there is no turnitin
>implying there are no extra curricular activities to lead and take care of
>>implying the skills learned won't allow you to become better at your profession

Lying and cheating gets you farther in the real world.

>>implying there is no turnitin

What hs actually uses that fam?

>>implying there are no extra curricular activities to lead and take care of

>he actually does those

Those are only for getting into a prestigious program, which won't matter after you graduate and get your first job anyway. People will just look at your experience rather than how you helped African children or got into some Yiddish meme.

Who /going to Zurich university for their MBA/?
hey anon, dank advice man back again

If you're spending everyday until 12, you might want to consider dropping some fluff non-leadership role extracurricular (e.g film critic society, environment club). For one, I'm assuming this is your first semester of grade 12, so probably the busiest semester yet with all the uni applications, referral checks, supplementary essays, on top of all the school work, extracurricular, and hell, maybe a part time job. It's important to not burn-out or sacrifice grades.

Little side note. Trying hard in high school is a good thing; keep it up. For example, let's say you do get into Queen's Commerce. You're gonna know someone who's going to get transferred to lifesci because he can't keep up with the readings or what not. Half way through the first semester some guy might have dropped outta Queen's entirely to pursue econ at Laurentian. What I'm trying to say is that the students that are in your entrance class are obviously really smart people, but the ones that stay in it are the ones who actually do spend the time to work it out and understanding, and that's not something you can just write on the back of your calculator and peak at it once in a while (if you do, get a dark one, preferably CASIO fx-991). It sounds really redundant, I know, but when you're trying to cram 2 weeks of material at 4 am for a midterm in 5 hours, you'll see the benefits of trying hard and being proactive.

Seriously though, don't do the overnight cramming thing; you'll confuse and forget materials that you've actually practiced in exchange for vaguely remembering material that you've practiced 5 minutes ago.
Can you give dank advice on what to major to a direction-less degenerate?

I'm starting to this accounting might be a meme but I'm not sure...
My dank advice only goes so far anon, mostly in compsci and engineering, maybe a bit of math.

I had a friend who went to UOttawa for accounting. This is a guy who played League every waking minute and is probably the only korean guy I met that did below average academically. That being said, I'm in no way trying to say accounting is a bad field, because I honestly don't know that much about it. He's also probably the best chest player in my high school, so it's a give and take, I guess.
That was me during all of highschool fam.

Played literally all my free time, feels bad tbh. Probably could've done something useful with my life.

Anyway is compsci a meme if I don't go to UTSG or UWatercuck? Seems kinda useless if you go to a low-tier school like York or Ryerson for it. What do you think?
Also going to u of cuckowa... Why? Literal meme school in worst city in all of Canada.

Might as well just go work in a chopstick factory tbh(to be honest) fam(family) smdh(shake my damn head)
UT Mississauga comp sci is okay, I guess. I know two girls who went there after switching; both Ukrainians, coincidentally.

I have no idea for Waterloo, since they do an internal rating normalization for your school (i.e If you have a 95 average, but they deem your school to be shit, to them, your 95 is at best an 87). I'm pretty sure all universities normalizes their applicant's entrance marks, but Waterloo is the only one that blatantly advertise it. Waterloo compsci has obvious benefits, such as near mandatory co-op due to their dealing connection with various companies. I don't know, personally a lot of the Waterloo people I know are dicks or a bit weird (one is a Facebook-sharing brony); it's understandable, I guess, as being put in a little containment box in the middle of Kitchener can drive you to strange places.

In my opinion, York and Ryerson are okay, as they are actual universities. I know one Ryerson CE who worked at AMD during the summer, so it's not like it's an academic wasteland or "you're never gonna find a job". Here's my perspective; if you're a large U.S tech company that wants to hire a fuckton of interns for tax benefits, after reaping through the MIT and Caltech and proceeding to Canada, you're obviously going to go to U of T and/or Waterloo - the reputation works, like it or not. After that, York and Ryerson gets to pick the remaining 2nd round because they're located in the economic hub of Ontario.

Just aim for what your marks allow, I guess.
>Ukrainian girls

Yes please fam.

But on the other hand compsci feels like it'd just lead to a soulless job getting massively underpaid and overworked... Feels like you might as well be entrepreneur memeboi if you're going to code some gay shit

File: image.jpg (84KB, 500x432px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84KB, 500x432px
Tfw you know you're smart and could have done better bombed high school only getting a 83 avertage so now you're stuck at Carleton with a bunch of dumb ass class mates.
Lmao know feel except for skipping every class to play league of shitty legends and then getting an average below 50 and dropping out. And now fap to weird ass shit 2-4 times a day and post memes

Fuck it fam... Maybe the simple life just isn't for some of us.
Bump tbfh(to be f***ing honest)
Slap my testicles but from doing hella searching it seems like most BMOS graduates make fucking guap... Like a lot of $70k+ starting n shit.

A few niggas working at Hedge funds... FAMS IM FINNA REACH! I NEED TO COLLECT GUAP
solid advice man thanks. and yea tbh im pretty involved with my school but none of the extra-curricular are things I can opt-out of: Student Council prez, DECA exec training, Investment club co-president. These are the shit that take time out of my day but also ace the extra-curricular part of my uni application.

I think the good your advice did to me is that it lead me to think more about why rather than how i'm up so late and I think the answer is infact time management. After I'm done after school and all the meetings around 4, I go to gym for 1.5 hours then eat lunch for 0.5 and nap for 1 hour then shit for 0.5 hour then study for 1 hour and then dinner for 0.75 hour and then studying until 12 to 1 which leaves me with a total of 3.75-4.75 hours of studying.

if i were to cutdown on my nap by 15min and my dinner for 15min and take two minute rests in my gym instead of three (resulting in 1 hour total gym.) I can easily have 5-6 hours worth of study time which is more than enough. Thank god I got a spare though.

btw I never "cram" stuff. I always end up having everything done by 12. Somehow I pull it off.
whatever works out. Your extracurricular seems good; the council prez thing looks really good. You can cut out some gym time but I high recommend keeping at least 1 hour-ish, or at least doing some physical exercise. This is just my experience, but sometimes I get home around 9ish, and I gotta finish lab prep, coding assignments, work on the problem set, and just general keeping up. It'll go into 12 -1 easily, and keeping absolute concentration just wouldn't happen unless I'm wired on caffeine. However, pulling some rounds on the rowing machine for like 15-30 minutes helps me from yawning too much at the material and generally browsing random shit; not browsing too much on random shit can easily cut back at least an hour to two.
Who /Ivey for undergrad then Switzerland for MBA/ here?
Who is guapping fam
thats true. Thanks man
>he doesn't take steroids to achieve maximum testosterone-based gains

Step ur fucking game up fam.

Why aren't you taking 500mg test-e per week rn? It's less than $60/month with AI. Step ur game up pussy
nah bro i wanna be a sik kunt zyzz natty no homo
jeff pls go
You will never look good natty. Everyone with an impressive strength or physique uses sterons.

Just try one 12-week 500mg/wk test-e cycle and you will never go back to being an effeminate pussyboi cuck.
ive talked to people who've done it.
they tell me its like confidence in a bottle. Amazing results but exteremely addicting. That's whats bad. I crave shortcuts but this one can ultimately fuck me over.
It's not opiates bro.

Yeah you'll probably get addicted to making great gains instead of wasting time but it's not bad in any way unless you take an extraordinary dose that a professional bodybuilder might take.

It's under $100/month and you'll be saving a lot of time and effort. Moderate usage isn't linked to health risks, and is in fact shown to have quite a few health benefits.

Just be smart, train, do cardio and blood tests.
>tfw you're terrified of university because it's probably too hard and you're scared of failing and wasting money and time

Why is school so fucked where you need to cram and memorize shit for tests/exams...

Like fam you're never going to need that in real life, you got the internet and you can look up anything if you don't remember it. At no point in time would you need to memorize 1000 different facts and recite them in order. You just finna forget it anyway...
Know feel tbh(to be honest) bro(brother)
True bro tmr imma get my first mark in advanced functions wish me luck
Was it hard tbh fam?

I did the C hs stream for math, was easy as fuck but I did it not really thinking about what I'm finna do with it. Even did 12C math but now I'm gonna re-do my shit but I don't want to start all the way from gr 9 u feel me?
I feel you couple of my friends took c as well but they're getting into shit tier humanitarian sciences and shit.

As of the test it was easy but I'm very doubtful cause on my practices I kept goofing up answers by missing a negative or forgetting a variable when expanding or factoring u feel me tbh fam
Sounds hard tbh.

Would I even be able to understand it if I did C memay math?

I got big ambitions but I'm honestly pretty retarded academically.
Bruh definetly try khan academy and do your homework. Khan academy seems pretty maymay but I used it couple of times when I was stuck with bio and physics and it was pretty spot on. Try it with math
What is wrong with you? What kind of desperate loser would keep changing userID to keep bumping the thread to get opinions on his choices... Don't be preposterous.

True fam. Thanks. Indian faggitacademy seemed like a huge meme tbh... I watched their videos on the endocrine system and it was just a retard blabbering about something he has no idea about.

He even sounded like a cuckold
Why would I waste my time like that
>that nerd doesn't realize I've made 80% of the posts in this thread, and had multiple concurrent Canadian threads up before I got perm banned, because I had 5 meme spam threads each up on /pol/, /fa/ and /biz/

Huehuehuehuehuehue le master memer
All memes and retards in this thread aside... But what does /biz/bros think about MOS then Ivey at Western?
I've heard it's really great actually, only downside is the first two years just being various social sciences. But getting a real university experience in parties and whatnot overshadows that.

Shulich cucks seem to also try to preach superiority but their pathetic program is a joke except for exchange opportunities. They are cuckolds to whom recruiters come last after they take what they can from Ivey, Laurier BBA and Queens. Their alumni base is pathetic because it's existed for only about 25 years.

Tl;dr pay more money for Ivey, and get much better prospects and career.
I'm at Western for social sciences, it's a great school. Obviously can't speak on the business programs but the atmosphere and school spirit is great.

is it really easy to get laid there
Reporting in my first mark: 92.5

Nice job man!!! Finally

So how many more left? 5/6?

What are you taking?
>Decide to make simple program that will find and download all .mp4 files on a page and save them in a folder
>choose to use c++ and libcurl
>can't make any sense of it in actual code, pseudocode seems simple enough but I can't figure it out

Fuck my life fam
Advanced functions

And yea a bunch more left
Anyone got an idea on how scholarships/bursaries work for mature students and/or people who did retakes or online courses?

Is it still the same or are you somehow ineligible?
Bump any fam know?
Why are cucks wasting money on Ivey degrees? Don't they understand that experience and networking trumps a meme paper that cost $80k+ total?
Nice bro, keep it up.

Not taking calc and vectors?
next semester.
Nice. I'm going to take gr 11 and 12 accounting, finish 12u English, then try to barely squeeze out Advanced functions and calculus and vectors.

Then just fill with two easy meme classes like world religions or some shit.
File: 1418391540162.jpg (100KB, 740x740px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 740x740px
Is your sister ready to get rammed?
Lmao I can't imagine how it must feel to know your sister/daughter is going to University.

Must feel weird knowing at least a half dozen different cocks have been inside of her, likely even finishing all over her beautiful face that you raised for almost 2 decades. And knowing she sucked guys off every weekend while drunk and/or high.

No wonder people abort females in some countries...
does anyone here anyone from this school?
>Lmao I can't imagine how it must feel to know your sister/daughter is going to University.

low income familiy detected

I can't believe all the hype Im reading for Queens

Queens is a party school second to Western. No one takes Queens seriously

Western for lyfe fam. If ur not here you must hate pussy and getting your cock sucked fam.
U mad ur sister/daughter is/will be getting spit roasted by thick white cocks?
Who is a part of this fam?

Let's rail a couple lines and gangbang some sluts next weekend famz.
why the memes fam? just have spare. gr12 accounting+eng+math is a lot tbh
>U mad ur sister/daughter is/will be getting spit roasted by thick white cocks?

Well at least it wont be by you and your perfect engrish
What was even wrong with the post?
Smdh(shake my darn head) tbh(to be honest)
This tbh. Bmos is dope niggas you need to reach
Nice tbh. U going to Ivey after?
Bump. How u niggas celebrating thanksgiving weekend tbfh fam?
File: image.jpg (114KB, 654x588px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 654x588px
Dude you're so annoying. Talk Atleast semi formal not a Scarborough hoodlum. Jesus Christ.
Lol I live in like 95% white suburb bruh (well there is some gooks but they chill cus they respect Aryan niggas)

White pride world wide 14/88 gas the kikes racewar now

I'm tired of masturbating to sluts on twitter fam. My dick hurts like hell why is the new generation posting their tits



Queens Commerce. What the fuck is that?
Meme program of a literal meme school.

>Mfw people still think school will get them a job instead of moving to Bangladesh and becoming a lemon farmer

Fam lemons are a very *fruitful* business... Get it? Hahahaha

I'll be here all night! If any qt girls like good old humor and want to chill hit me up.

I have a whole array of various memes and jokes, it will never get old and I also have a king sized bed with new sheets, I can also make you food but not too expensive because my mom say I eat too much... But mom I'm not even fat! It's not my fault food prices in Ontario are so expensive! Smfh...

Famz I'm tired of watching anime and watching meme videos I haven't accomplished a single thing in over half a year tbfh.

My last accomplishment was pushing 1.9k rating on my warr on AT smfh... Why am I so bad at WoW arena?
Click click boom he think he on my level he must've ate a mushroom

Success caught my eye, now I gotta to have her, I put it down they can vouch
So much style I could lend u niggas some, money longer than the list of shit u never done
File: image.jpg (548KB, 1277x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
548KB, 1277x1920px
Get cancer. Nobody post in this thread and let it die. This kids retarded. Do biz a favour mods and delete this and ban the autist.
Is that some diploma farm?
Fam 1v1 me in WoW I'll knock your fucking nose in kunt

I've been bumping this thread for over a week lol

I bet uve never even gotten glad on retail ya lil weakling. Show me your boypucci so I can ejaculate already

Im just trying to discuss university in Ontario and u be blaiting on a nigga fam
Pussy doesn't respond. Typical.

I'm still waiting for the 1v1, what server u on and character name?

>Yale, Princeton, Stanford
>not Super top-tier for IB
>no Cal

shit list m8, tbh
Princeton is easy as fuck to get in to, might as well be a state school tbqh fam
ahahaahaha ok. ok. This is the state of trolling in 2015

>no nyu stern
Is McGill a meme university?

It feels like most people from other countries literally only know of McGill and UofT.
I've heard both to be honest(tbh). The architecture is very nice though.

Some say it's a meme, some say not a meme. What major do you happen to be considering? That could help us with answers to be f*cking honest(tbfh) family(fam).

Shake my head(smh)
Lmao(laugh my a** off)
Shake my dick head(smdh)

Holy fuck just end this thread!!!! Everyone come in here to bump it so it 404s!!!!!!!
Anyone at Laurier for BBA?
I must admit i am drunk
Anyway i hope u know u just dropped thousands on a school or whatever, and i just made more then yoi ever willl when i was under 18 doing furniture resale
oh yeah ,also be sure to bone ur sidter in the anal cavity for me
furniture resale... really fam?

How much did you even earn?
Final bump.

Why is this thread dead
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