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eBay General Thread

Where do you guys get free shipping material? I need a large box at least 2.5 foot tall and some bubble wrap/packing peanuts but I don't want to pay for them. An ideas?
Will I get fucked over as a new seller with literally zero feedback if I start to sell right now? Im already going to purchase a ton of cheap $1 chinese shit to improve my feedback within the next week.

Nope. I started a new account a while back, like my 5th account or so, and had no troubles. I bought a cheap widget to get first feedback.
>selling jailbroken ps3
>guy bids 220
>auction ends
>I'm so sorry, I am poor. help me pls
>Proceed to report and relist
>Same thing happen over and over with other bidders
>ps3 is still for sale :(
Do require immediate payment. Fuck those poor faggots who ruin auctions.
I didn't think that was possible on auction style listings
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Just sold a copy of Pokemon Yellow for the Gameboy color for net profit $20. Buyer paid within 1 hour of auction ending. What widgets do you anons plan to sell?
It's not. What is it selling for? List it BIN with instant payment required to keep away some scammers.
Around $180 -250

a reddish orange taskbar would tie your desktop together nicely. the brown is too dull.
Anyone here have any experience with shadow accounts? I got banned on my main account because of scammers which brought down my seller requirements. So far, I've made sure to start a new account on another IP in another city
I paid for standard shipping and I got my package early with priority shipping even though she sent the package on time. It was a $190 order and she spent an extra $40 for priority. It's weird because it's a discontinued item from Japan that was worth around 150-170 dollars. Did she get a deal on shipping or did she send me an item at a loss?

Why would she upgrade my shipping for an item sent on time?
had free priority to use

So is thrift-shop hunting for rare finds worth it?

Or should I simply find upcoming/established trends/fads and sell that kind of stuff?
If you have the time and storage space to speculate, go for it. In my case I ended up with boxes of shit I struggled to get rid of. Personally I'd corner a niche you're familiar with, but ymmv.
These are exactly that, rare. You go look for items that you can make money on, usually double up.You'll find more items worth around $20 than the $100. Knowing a certain market is good to start. Mine is video games, started from there and now I sell a wider variety of things.
FFS, if you're too cheap to buy packing materials might as well say you're Chinese.

I had to fight with the fucking boss to pay $15 for 60 gallons of peanuts.
What the fuck? I thought this kind of thing was not allowed in Ebay, as in, the bidder was obligated to pay. I also can wrap my head around the idea that people willingly outbid others only to try to beg their way out of it. Are they per chance some sort of Russian con artist?
SIXTY GALLONS for only $15? Where do you get this?
eBay. We picked it up so we saved a few dollars.
I hate ebay's search system

>Other seller is above in my search listings
>They're not TRS, I am.
>They have no returns, I have 30 day
>Their total sold is in the single digits, mine is in triple digits

Fuck you ebay. Give me my number 1 spot back.

Nothing really happens if you don't pay. If you are a regular shopper I think their algo gives you more freedom to fuck with sellers as long as you bring in more long term profit for them.
Ebay really leans toward the buyers these days. So it's pretty easy to get fucked over if you're a seller
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>bought item for $75 on craigslist
>listed it on ebay for $350

Is this gonna work?
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>mfw running into a regular seller, who is claiming to be a 'Top Rated Power Seller' by using a custom image.

Pic related

FUCK I'm mad.


Report his ass.

I reported some guy last night, doubt the tards at ebay will do anything about it though.

>Has two accounts
>Has exact same items listed on both accounts
>Address in two different cities, 2 miles apart
>He hotlinks to the pictures on the other listing in the description

I had to to look at that for a while lol, using powerseller as avatar. So evil
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>"Top rated seller"
Depends. Are other similar items going for ~$350 or are the the one autist setting unreasonable prices on his shit?
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I reported them to eBay via their Twitter email.
eBay CS responded within minutes, and said it was a serious violation.

mfw they changed it to this.
Well they are going for $500 - $580 brand new. So with free shipping maybe it's a good deal?
What do you think of my sob story letter that I wrote to get buyers to leave feedback? I write their name on it for a personal touch.

>Dear [buyer's name]

>Thank you very much for your purchase. I'm still pretty new to selling on eBay and I have taken every precaution to ensure that your item has been delivered to you as quickly and safely as possible. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to promptly rectify these issues.

>This being said, and if it's not too much trouble for yourself, would you mind leaving positive feedback if you're happy with the item? It can be difficult for new, low-volume sellers to build a reputation on eBay, particularly when only a small percentage of buyers leave feedback. Some sellers may find this disheartening and decide against further selling, which reduces competition and potentially leads to higher prices for buyers such as yourself. Again, I'm only asking that you leave positive feedback if it's not overly inconvenient for you to do so, but I will greatly appreciate it if you do.

>Once again, if you have any questions, please contact me, and I hope that we'll have the opportunity to do business once more in the future.

>Kind regards,

>[my name]
Pretty good, but "Again, I'm only asking that you leave positive feedback if it's not overly inconvenient for you to do so, but I will greatly appreciate it if you do." is over doing it.
Cheesy AF.

Just sell sell sell, begging for feedback is dum.
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>mfw getting hit with two return requests at the same time today.
>mfw one legit damaged item.
>mfw one buyer didn't use item correctly and damaged it.
>mfw receiving a damaged item, starting a case, and the seller calls eBay and has it closed within 20 minutes because it was for parts.
>mfw same seller ignored all of my messages, but started and won the fucking case within 20 goddamn minutes.

>Call eBay.
>Case closed for item damaged by buyer.
>Refunded in full for item I purchased as eBay CS was dum and didn't look into my case since item was damaged.

fug ;DD
I find free shit off Craigslist, clean it up, then list it on Craigslist. Living in a major metropolitan area helps a lot. I average about $800-1000 a month in what costs me maybe a tank of gas a month to gather up. Great pocket money. For shipping materials, there's always someone giving away boxes and shit.

Best one: Old couple giving away their collection of early 1900s Nat Geos. Had every single issue from 1900 to 1918. Sold for just over $1800.
I just tried using eBay today and learned I have been banned for life from selling after calling out a multi-thousand dollar scamming business two years ago.
Wait what?

More info?
Searching el piru rc probably still brings it up. Some dude was gaming buyer protection to screw over new and small time rc car hobbyists on eBay while supplementing his hobby store inventory. His brick and mortar store has since closed and he's changed names a few times on eBay since; I haven't bothered keep up with him.
I think I remember your posts from a few months ago.

Why in the fuck are you banned from selling though?
No idea. Called customer support and they said it was put in by someone superior to their rank that the suspension is permanent and cannot be appealed, and that any other accounts it's discovered I made will also be suspended.
>Start LLC
>Start selling on ebay
>Not legally the same person

Otherwise just call one of the higher up execs and see if they will overturn it. Customer service can't do shit.

>Selling white label item today
>Guy requests refund
>mfw I own the brand name
>mfw it is metal
>mfw you're trying to scam me thinking I'm some reseller

People are fucking stupid. That's like calling Apple and accusing them that an iPhone is fake when it was sent directly from their shipping dept.

If they would have just said they didn't need it or changed their minds, I would have let them keep it because it's not worth my time to restock something I have thousands of.
Yeah buyer protection is fuck easy to abuse. I'm surprised there hasn't been a site that's stolen all of ebay's seller population
heard of Amazon?
Maybe this is a stupid question but here goes anyway. I purchased an item from ebay which I'd like to sell on ebay but it doesn't arrive until the 2nd October. Can I list the item now?
How can I avoid paying Paypal whenever I get scammed in a chargeback scam? I'm a legit seller but I get too many chargeback scams whenever I sell video game related items like digital games and I want to avoid that completely.

Would creating shadow Paypal accounts (no Credit card or bank info leaked to it) and moving the money from these shadow Paypal accounts to my regular one be enough to get the jews out of my tail whenever some asshole wishes to file a chargeback claim after getting my item?
If you try to circumnavigate it, they'll just ban your account.

Use a website that allows you to see digital goods.
>they'll just ban your account.

I am willingly to lose a couple. I can make new ebay accounts in different cities, they wont notice.

I sound like Im a scammer but Im literally trying to avoid ever getting scammed by assholes ever again whenever they try to pull a credit card chargeback and Jewpal sides with them. I've lost a couple hundred already because of these scammers and its pissing me off.
I'm having a problem with eBay. There are times when I bid on an item and it tells me I've been outbid, but it doesn't charge the other guy for the bid that I made. Is there something I'm missing?
How do you know it doesn't charge the other guy? You can have ebay auto bid for you up to a certain amount so maybe the other guys auto bid amount was just higher?
Send the serials via envelope with tracking? Isn't this the usual workaround for selling digital items?
If you're making enough off it that you can afford to pay $2.04 for shipping with tracking.
Yes its worth it just know your vintage stuff. You can make money off alot of different things thrifting. Ive made several several thousand. You usually find the $20-30 profit all the time but once in a while you find a several 100 dollar item
Sold an ECU to a buyer in Europe. I was really nervous because I have never exported before but the lady at the USPS office was very helpful. I have insurance on it but could I still be fucked if something happens?
I heard it was even worse.
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>Buy lots of items to resell.
>Have had a lot of items coming in damaged recently.
>Have had to use eBay Money Back Guarantee.
>eBay now sends me this email, and claims I cannot open any more claims when I call in.

What in the fuck? Sellers keep throwing shit in boxes with no packaging, and then avoid all contact, what else am I supposed to do?
>email eBay, they respond within minutes, and say my Buyer Protection is NOT suspended yet, but I should be more careful.
>Receive item not as described today.
>Seller says hurr durr we even checked before sending it out!1!

I'm about to explode.
Just started out on ebay and it's been pretty successful so far. I purchased two copies of the fallout anthology and sold them for double the price a week later. No sure what else to buy to sell now though. Any tips on finding things to buy cheap to sell high?
I have legitimately lost PP cases despite having shipped the item with online tracking and never having the item returned. Im getting real fucking tired of this shit

I think it depends on how much you spend in a year. If you're a whale that does a lot of shopping on Ebay then they're more likely to let you open cases without hassle. If you make maybe 2 purchases a year then they don't care as much.
I can tell because the bidding price doesn't go up, so I have no idea whether or not my bid is even going through. Then when I try to keep bidding, I forget what I bid.
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Does anybody write things, place stickers, draw pictures or anything on the packages they send out? Just something for the buyer to remember you by?
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Three days ago
Isnt it illegal to send out packages with profanity written on it?
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USPS doesn't mind, it's when you ship your bfs dragon dildo to his hotel wrapped in saran wrap that you might get in a little trouble.
On other note, how do I increase the feedback on my new eBay account quickly? Will the Chinese sellers do? And what item can I buy under a $1 from them?
what's the cheapest digital scale I can buy that goes up to 10lb?
I work for an online business that started on eBay but then decided to move away when we kept getting fucked over by buyers and eBay always siding with them. My boss opened up his own site and now makes a fortune, and is thinking of going international. Fuck you eBay.
If you are selling 10 pounds of weed, you should buy a decent scale.
"Begs for feedback" would be on your feedback forever.
Doesn't Amazon take even more than ebay? Plus I hate how you can't really show the quality of what you're selling.
Chinese I've bought from almost always do feedback before the item gets shipped. >>913135
Think a website is viable for someone selling random stuff?
>Doesn't Amazon take even more than ebay? Plus I hate how you can't really show the quality of what you're selling.

Amazon is a real thief. $0.99 (flat) + 15% + $0.50 (10% of an already too small shipping voucher).

$20 item = 23% commission
$10 item = 30% commission
$5 item = 45% commission

Wipes out entire ranges of products, like US-market action figures and used books. Buying from a distributor, you're lucky to have a 25% margin. Amazon gobblers damn near every cent, then you get to pay for shipping supplies and eat _another_ $5 because the only customers they feed you are on the other side of the country. Fuck Amazon.
I have this, works excellently.

Has a "10 year warranty"

>Sell item.
>Don't test it because it would take extra time, and money.
>Worth $280 new, but missing minor part so let's just say $240-250, as this is a very new item, no other listings on eBay.
>List for $125 OBO for parts & not working.
>Sell for $100.
>Buyer leaves feedback saying PERFECT, FULLY WORKING.

Daily reminder to expend extra effort to test items /biz/. I could've easily made an extra $100.
Dayyyum. Here I was thinking Ebay was bad with 10% auction and 3% paypal when I sold something a few months back. Basically you need to be inside of a chinese factory drop shipping direct to customers to make any kind of real money on Amazon at that level.
Yeah, eBay's still tough, but Amazon is absolutely fucking small sellers to death sortof like Walmart does to the manufacturers.

And then it gets worse.

You, paying this commission, subsidize Amazon's own sales which fuels a race to the bottom on pricing. Let me explain, because I fucking hate Amazon and want you to get this.

You're both selling DVD players. They cost you $75 and retail at $100. Your break even is around $88.

If Amazon was by itself, it'd have to charge $75 at minimum. But, because they get $13+ from every single unit sold by another seller, they can list the DVD player at $62.

So now Amazon looks like a super awesome deal happy fun time savings for u. There's massive downward pressure on your price. You won't sell much at a real price even though it's still a good deal. If you cave and sell at a loss, all it does is reduce amazon's loss. You know, the assholes gulping a huge chunk of your sales already and waging a price war against you?

And then it doesn't matter. One, because nobody says "I got a great deal from X on Amazon" but "I got X cheap on Amazon." Two, because Amazon's lost millions every year it's operated and investors don't give a God damn so they didn't have to run you into the ground. Three, after you wise up or crash and burn, there's tons of new suckers to take your place.
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So recently, what eBay reps have been doing is they now transfer you over to another rep, mid-way through the call when they don't want to help you out.

After 30+min of transfers

>Hello my name is Miguel
>Oh, I've used this product before
>Don't worry I'll take care of these negatives/cases

Guy closes out all the cases for me while we have a chat on how stupid my buyers are not knowing how to use a simple product. lol he even acts out how the buyers must talk like "hurr durr, do I poot it in hrre?".

He was about to give me his number so I could call whenever, then he said he couldn't because I might get in trouble.

>Mfw I thought raising the price would get rid of all the bad buyers
DFW area?
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Stay out of my territory.
Just sold a phone for $470 that I got for $400. (First time using eBay in years)
Forgot there's no first time fee waiver or anything, so I made $3 (Only had a $70 markup, shipping was $20, and the eBay fee was $47)

I'm thinking of cancelling the order and just returning the phone to the manufacturer for a full refund; it's not worth the possibility of getting scammed by the buyer for $470 when I'm only making a $3 profit.

This isn't uncommon. A lot of the times I've called in they've bounced me back and forth between Ebay and Paypal.

I had a problem where I didn't know they only let accounts spend $5k in gift cards every 6 months. I was calling in because I was unaware of that rule and once I found out about it I wanted to work around it (I figured they were interested in more money from me, right?). I ended up spending about a hour getting transferred between Ebay and Paypal "specialists" who had no idea what their policies were.

If you get Indian reps do whatever you do to get transferred to a US call center, they at least can comprehend what you're asking for and can at least point you in the right direction.
Why is shipping $20?

But yeah fees are a thing. You've gotta account for that.
Yes, a bid is contractual, but it's simplicity itself to claim a bid was made "in error". So in practice a buyer can decline to pay and there's fuck all the seller can do about it.
Overkill. Just something like "thanks for your purchase, positive feedback is always reciprocated" will do.
My item traffic is abysmally low. How do I being it up with keywords? Do I just cram them all into the description? Can someone show me good examples of keyword usage?
Not to mention a new thing is getting supplier or manufacturers information from sellers, disguised as a security and counterfeit countermeasure on sellers but there is a clause I believe that lets them use that information to contact the supplier of the item themselves and also begin selling said item.
>interested in selling shit on ebay
>read thread
>scammers galore
>ebay sides with buyers
Sounds like a nightmare tbh.

If people don't want to buy stuff, they aren't going to buy it.

It's mostly good.

I've recently had more trouble with sellers than buyers, and I mostly sell. eBay has threatened to end my Buyer Protection, as I've been scammed by so many sellers.
Yeah canceling is your best bet. You probably already did it but I like to use the excuse that the item got harmed in storage someway.

Generally though, I wouldn't sell on ebay unless you can double what you paid or your just getting rid of something.
I've sold alot and really i've only had about 1-2 scammers out of maybe every 100 buyers.

I try not to ever sell anything super high value because the risk is way too high.
Shipping should not be $20. Throw that shit in a priority flat rate padded envelope. $5.75.

Now you have $17 profit.
Wait do you guys really settle for such little profit? I sell for a minimum return of 200% profit.
Who the fuck do you think is dropping 1 grand on a phone on ebay?
Me, no. I don't sell phones. I'll take lower profit on high volume items though.
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>sell old HTC Amaze that I picked up for free
>some spic in Texas with 47 middle names wins the auction at $46
>doesn't pay for nearly four days, just two hours before I was able to open an unpaid case again him
>ends up paying late Friday night, plan to drop off his package Saturday morning as my local post office is right across the street and is open from 9-12PM Saturdays
>Saturday morning wake up to three ebay messages asking why the phone hasn't arrived yet, literally hours after he paid me
>roll back over and decide this spic can wait a couple extra days for his purchase as Saturday doesn't count towards the "1 business day" handling time

Always make sure you set buyer restrictions, no matter what you are selling.
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Almost starting to enjoy returning these stolen phones

But really, how do they think they can get away with it?

Not brave enough to meet someone face to face on Craigslist?
Try waiting 2 and a half weeks after making a sale to getting paid.

Fucking Amazon

Wow, what a fucking retard, make sure to report them. I'd be pissed.

Lolwhat, backstory?
Yeah, that is a pain in the ass. PayPal does it too when you're a new seller but at least it goes away after a couple of months.
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Same ol

>Thief steals iPhone
>Attempts to sell it online
>I buy it thinking it's not stolen (as described)
>Try activating
>Pic related

I don't even know why they still follow through even though they can clearly see we have feedback from other sellers since we buy a lot of phones online. Some people are really fucking retarded.

>Pic related
Happened last week with iPhone 5s, I wrote >>913051

and now the tracking says "refused", lol.

Refusing returns means you lose both the $$$ and the return, so now I can return it to the rightful owner when I get it back.

>he does it for free
Can this double as a recent finds thread? Just picked up these gold mines for free:

-Yamaha EMX312SC Mixer
-2 15" Peavey 115TLM Floor Monitors
-Electra Frequency Analyzer

$1000 in shit for free. Fuck me, that automatic page refresher was literally the BEST add on I have ever installed on Chrome.

Shit man.

What does eBay do in these situations?

Do you send directly back to original owner, or to seller/scammer?

Oh this isn't eBay this time, it's another selling application.

eBay depends, back in the iPhone 5c days, I was able to keep both the phone and the money.

All I did was show eBay that the IMEI was locked.

lol don't end up like this guy >>911256 now
File: 1421480064021.jpg (31KB, 250x251px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31KB, 250x251px
Oh wait, lol that's you.

Yep, still on thin ice I suppose, but I still have buyer protection.
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467KB, 1077x759px

Yea my first eBay acc was closed for too many returns.

I was the only kid in my class with a debit card, so people would order things through my acc.

People kept ordering these shitty Chinese tablets and complained it didn't work like the Photoshopped picture showed. Couldn't refuse their return since they'd say I'm the one scamming them (...).

Good thing I made multiple accs for no reason
Did you charge them anything?

Our high school required us to purchase IBM/Lenovo X61 Tablets/laptops that had some fucked up version of XP that the school created. One asian kid figured out how to get Halo to work on it and for the multiplayer to work over the school's network. Charged $20 a head to install to other laptops.

Kid made a killing seeing as there was nearly 2000 students in the school and everyone wanted to play Halo. Also flew under the radar until just after he graduated, by they the school couldn't do shit against him.
File: 1373841387496.jpg (7KB, 247x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 247x200px

Lmaooo, I was the Halo guy at my school as well.

Brought it on my flash drive and put it on all the computers in IT class.
Teacher was old as hell so she didn't even care.

Nah, I didn't charge anything. Probably once or twice $10 max but I did it just to do it.

lol I thought I was the only one with the Halo, even my Biz teachers knew so they made us use Macs.

I really should check back one day and see if it's still being passed around.
Our school fucking hated it. From what I knew, they tried tracking down the one kid for all four years. We had multiple school assemblies just for the Halo problem.

But everyone hated those laptops. The batteries routinely bricked twice a year and cost $120 to replace. The school didn't even allow student to purchase straight from Lenovo. We had to buy through the school on a payment plan which, at the end of the term meant a $1500 laptop ran us about $3200.
File: blackkid.jpg (45KB, 592x592px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 592x592px

That's dumb as hell

At least you're school didn't spend it's grant money buying the newest iMacs just to have all the hoodlums touch the screen saying "Ooo is it toochscreen??!" every time they walked into the library.

Why would we need Macs when they don't even know how to use a PC...

lol I swear these school systems...
File: orly.jpg (125KB, 1351x395px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Have shitty experience with seller.
>They pay me off once to revise feedback.
>Today they claim they will give me $20 to send eBay message.

Pic related.
What is the best way to get products to sell? I was thinking Alibaba, but I don't want to get scammed.
Start making everybody sign for the shit they buy and factor shipping confirmation into the price obviously
>accept the $20
>give another bad review
>accept the $20
>infinite money
File: MR.rage.jpg (20KB, 306x410px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20KB, 306x410px
>Buy item.
>Seller ships via Parcel Select/UPS Ground.

>Buyer buys item.
>Ships/sells it to another buyer.
>Claims it doesn't work.
>Won't respond to my messages.
>Today they start a defective claim.

Is this even allowed?
File: 1441574445362.png (731KB, 800x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
731KB, 800x1280px
>Is this even allowed?

Make sure to mention it in the claim against him.

He's basically one of those /flippers/ from Reddit that purchases all the Frozen dolls at Wal-Mart during Christmas and sells them online for x2 the price, then returns the ones that don't sell back to Wal-Mart.
I sold an item just now for $80 buy it now. They didn't make an offer, the account was made the same day as sale and the account name is
chcha5060-pmbfrpqby, his name is Chance Dollar. Sound totally legit, right?


Means it's a guest account, that is just a temporary name for the buyer's IP eBay dishes out for guest users.

If the Paypal says "Verified", you should be fine.
HA! If someone sent me that message I'd be on the phone to ebay so quick. Shit like that pisses me off.

If you just do shit the correct way, and don't act like a fucking sleeze, you don't have to do this shit.

Report them, get their account banned.
Interesting, had no clue about guest accounts. Anyway his PayPal account is not verified.
>Buyer starts return request.
>Call in to eBay to appeal.
>lolsorry we cannot help you unless you accept return.

Fucking what?

I reported them, called in, and forwarded the email to eBay CS.

Well if it's not an international buyer, I still wouldn't worry.

lol, did you have a return policy on that item though?

No, I don't offer returns on items.

>Call in for a third fucking time.
>Actually reach a human being.
>Listens to what I have to say.
>Closes case in my favor.

Daily reminder to keep calling in, until you reach someone who isn't a goddamn robot.
File: wat.jpg (46KB, 1197x313px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46KB, 1197x313px
>CS Rep closes case in my favor, and case shows item was part of a recall.
>Item was part of a recall.

What even?
File: Not bad.png (172KB, 298x229px)
Not bad.png
172KB, 298x229px

lol wtf, in all my years I've never seen a reason like that.

Oh, also the buyer can still leave you a negative. It won't affect your rating but they still have the ability to. So get ready to call in again to have that removed.
you seem to be doing a lot more sales than I every do. but what's your reason for no returns?

Having a return policy has saved me a couple times. Person claims my game got to him broken, has to send it back to get refund. He just stops.
File: Capt.png (81KB, 1198x649px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81KB, 1198x649px
Exactly, I myself don't even have a return on only one item (since I sell a lot of it/can't sell it used).

But when a buyer tries to return it and says they're at fault though, I accept (if they haven't used it).

>Pic related
Guy still hasn't sent it back, about to call in to have it closed out.
>'Any feedback left will be removed'

Because it costs me money, I need to sell items and be done with it, I cannot be Amazon when it comes to returns.

File: Capture.jpg (19KB, 793x79px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 793x79px
Don't forget to use those extra free listings, /biz/ !
Any news on this guy's story??

Seems pretty obvious to me; there were multiple people selling the same items, and he was the lowest rated one.
File: Pp.png (374KB, 940x961px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
374KB, 940x961px

Holy shit I heard the recording, he needs to calm down before actually trying to do anything.

Also he should've had an escape plan, lol like for instance.

Paypal can't suspend me

>Take out loan
>Pay 30% of sales a day
>Paypal freezes acc
>Don't pay the rest
>They didn't do credit checks beforehand because it's a Merchant Loan

Also If the send me to collections, I claim I can't pay since I can't make money since the acc is frozen :^)

If you're reading this Paypal, chill fam, smh......plz don't
File: nymph money.jpg (24KB, 354x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
nymph money.jpg
24KB, 354x281px
I'm planning to sell a bunch of stuff on a local ebay-like site. There's one quite valuable item that I'm sure would sell for more if I put it up on ebay instead (a rare video game).
I don't live in a first world country and I'm a NEET with no source of income, so after reading stories ITT about sellers getting fucked I'm starting to think it's not a good idea, since not getting paid would be a huge blow to me.
Still, would I be safe if I used signed, tracked, priority airmail?

>Bu-but it didn't come with a battery

...when we made sure it did

>Bu-but you have more, can't you just send me another one?

...we have batteries for each of them, we can't give you one.

>Pic related
File: triggered EU.jpg (37KB, 500x585px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
triggered EU.jpg
37KB, 500x585px
So even if I had proof that the buyer has received the package, they can just say that they got an empty box or something and ebay will believe them?
File: shitfaced.png (5KB, 205x140px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 205x140px

What's worse is you still get penalized for it even if they still refund the buyer, imagine that.
File: Screenshot.png (244KB, 1080x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
244KB, 1080x1920px
Ps. I changed my mind about Mercari, it's just an eBay on steroids.
File: trigger.jpg (100KB, 839x437px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 839x437px
This kind of stuff really puts me off. I have a lot of stuff to sell, but whenever I think about all of the possible hassle I get triggered.

>50+ Listings of fake memory cards
>50+ listings of locked iPhones

I tried selling an iCloud locked phone I bought off of Craigslist (Fix screen and turns out it's locked)

>Buyer sees description saying locked
>Buyer sees comments saying locked
>She Buys
2Days later
>Releases funds when she receives (transaction complete)
>2Hours later reports me
>5min later she's trying to sell the shit for $356

All I did was buy iPhones/MacBooks from that app (Over 3k spent), then I try selling 1 thing and shit hits the fan.

Ps. Only 1.5/3rd of my transactions were legit, the rest were stolen/broken devices that I had to return.

Just don't sell anything over $50 and you should be..."fine"
Wait so I can just buy shit and lie and I het the product and money? Fuck yeah. How many times can you do this? Do they get suspicious after a few times?
File: r9k.png (1MB, 522x783px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 522x783px

Just make sure to have a fake name and send the package to your friends address, or your neighbors might just end up with a gift from you.
File: IMG_0262.png (863KB, 2480x2208px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
863KB, 2480x2208px

Some people are too dumb to tell the difference between "unlocked" and an unlocked phone.
Why? Also is there a limit to how much money this works with? Like if something is $300 and I say it never arrived will they investigate more than say something that is $50?
No feedback is better than "seller begs for positive feedback"
File: wew lad.jpg (429KB, 1804x1829px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
wew lad.jpg
429KB, 1804x1829px

Try doing it to a $1,000 item. Go big or go home amiright?
What is the deal with folks wanting to form a partnership with a Seller to help them sell their wares on Ebay? Like link related:


To have someone who can handle the nuances of Ebay, pack, and ship the materials, I can understand as a serious job. But know this guy I linked to has been at it for a couple of years and it sounds like he just needs someone in good standing who can post items online and deal with customers. I think I get the gist of it, but I'm wondering what I'm missing. The Seller's cut is not mentioned but that's negotiable, that doesn't bother me. What bothers me is the nature of the items he wants to sell; he better not be smuggling organs or drugs in those things. Any thoughts?
>Also If the send me to collections, I claim I can't pay since I can't make money since the acc is frozen :^)

That's not how it works though, bro.

Collections doesn't care if you can pay. If the amount is small enough they'll just write it off. If it's big enough, they attempt to get you to pay, if you are unable or won't, they take legal action against you.

You could always file for bankruptcy but that's a big hassle.

Plus even if they were you follow your logic, eBay can still suspend your account.

I've seen actual legit businesses doing it before. They just want someone who knows what they're doing to handle it, they won't hire an employee for it.

Some are people trying to move counterfeits and stolen goods. They are likely banned and want to offload the risk onto you.

Some are scammers who want you to do the work and pay you little or nothing.

This, sometimes they don't even live in the same state.

>>916378 guy will be posting his ad soon enough :^)
some humor
I've been doing just that and things sell faster.
Anyone tried Mercari? I live near a big university so I was thinking of buying cheap shit on Craigslist and selling it on Mercari but I heard that there are a lot of scammers there. How should I ward off the scammer faggots?
File: IMG_0282.jpg (2MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3264x2448px

So you just...ignore my posts >>918999

On a side note, I just received a phone today that had someone's acc still on it and $215 sitting in it. Even her CC was still on the acc so all I had to do was put any address and buy whatever I wanted.

I'm not a dick so I emailed her about it and reset the phone.

Sold it for $80 two hours ago on CL, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.
I just posted on this thread anon. But if the profit margins are higher, I dont care. I'll find a way to sell shit on Mercari
So would you recommend buying on Mercari and selling on CL?
File: IMG_0328.png (534KB, 1242x2208px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
534KB, 1242x2208px


I was suspended from my main acc for selling a locked phone, while most other phones on that app are locked.

They took the money and let the buyer keep the phone, even after she released her funds to me without asking questions.

read the reviews

If you have $30+ in your acc, expect to be suspended and have your money withheld for some random reason.

I tried using the $220 in my acc the same minute because I knew something would happen

>Pic related
this is what they sent the seller that was about to ship my MacBook

and yes, that's all I do now.
What are some decent items I could buy off Mercari to sell on CL? You dont have to give me specifics just general. I would like to buy phones to sell but I'm reading too many Mercari scam stories right now where the sellers gives the buyer a fucked up phone (bad ESN for example)

Exactly, I've returned at least 8 since I've been using the app for a month.

Even the 5 I received today had a damaged LCD, but I let it slide because it was unlocked.

You're dealing with high schoolers on this app, people too lazy to sell on eBay.

All I bought/buy is MacBooks/iPhones/Electronics basically, whatever I know will sell or what I personally want.
It seems that it'll be safer to buy branded clothes and video games on Mercari. It's pretty hard to sell a defective 3ds or ps4 and I can buy off vintage crap to sell on etsy. I'll try to post some screenshots of items that I buy/sell successfully. But Im gonna avoid phones for now.
eBay's search algorithm is still pissing me off.

>New guy posts same product as mine
>No returns
>Not top rated
>Fewer items sold
>Much lower feedback rating
>Lower feedback store

Yet somehow this faggot has been above me in best match for a couple weeks now.

I've driven his price down to the point that he can't be making any profit on the item. I actually suspect he will lose money once the fees hit.
File: IMG_0330.png (266KB, 1242x2208px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
266KB, 1242x2208px
This is why I don't like Craigslist
Why do you even bother with these idiots?

Really don't know, turns out he was Indian.

Wanted to give a $50 tablet + $40 for a $200 phone.

Why I don't like dealing with locals, "I'll be there at 6PM" my ass.

But these Mercari deals...
File: Sweden YES.png (13KB, 667x553px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sweden YES.png
13KB, 667x553px
I'd laugh my ass off while feeling sorry if I saw this on my buyer's tracking.
>free shipping materials
I dumpster dive in industrial parks, They're usualy dry and don't gross organic shit that ruins cardboard. look for those corrugated concrete buildings with truck docks on the back of them. A lot of the time if you go their at around the end of the day you can ask the businesses if they have any excess materials, most of the time they're glad to get it off their hands. I got friendly with a company that makes prototype architectural models out of foam, they give me all the excess stuff I can handle, the only packing materials I've paid for in the past 5 years is tape.
>be 7-8 months ago
> bought an iPhone 5 on ebay for 212$
>Found out wifi won't work
>It was listed as "used" working condition
>Immediately opened a case, call them and everything
> Called PayPal also
> won the case in a couple of hours and they told me.to wait for my refund
> seller begins to ask me to get him.back his phone
> b-b-ut nigga this is fraud , you didn't mention it has the wifi broken
> so this fights through inbox messages remains for a couples of days
> then I get refunded, not one not two but 3 times ! 212$ x3
> dont even know why mate
> fixed the phone for 10$ unlocked it and sold it for 350$ overseas plus 3×212$=636+340=976$
> love this ebay's buyers protection policy
Just sold my first item ever and made a profit. If was kinda fun and easy to do.
Make sure to buy board games from thrift shops around this time. The sell like crazy in mid to late December. Some good money in it I've heard.
If you put single items on a "relist after 30 days automatically" setting it will be put lower on the list. For single items best to turn that setting off and use it only for Bundles or JobLots. I only have a rating of 25 and mine was top of the list cos i followed that rule.
Any advice on selling art on eBay? What kind of selling strategies should I choose?
It's very good quality, and I only pay the artists when the art is sold, so there's no risk involved. I've sold art before by the way, just not on eBay.

The art we're talking about mostly consists of paintings.
Which is utterly retarded. If an item costs $10-$20 to ship depending on what part of the country, you add $20 to the price, completely fucking local shoppers out of $10 they wouldn'tve had to pay.
Throw shit at the wall and see what sticks.
Artist and painting? Looks real neat.
Liquor stores have a fuckton of boxes all the time for free
>week ago pick up about a dozen buckets filled with quartz geodes for free
>fucking 1000lb of rocks in my car
>driving home thinking this was a waste of my time
>pack up a couple of boxes of unopened geodes, about 20lb a box, medium flat rate
>all sold for ~$50 after bidding war
>mfw I can pack up about two more dozen boxes of these fucking rocks

Fucking rocks
Meant EACH sold for around $50
Pretty much this. eBay is really fucked up right now.
also thats the worst part of the job. its easy to find stuff. its a little harder to ship. but its all the part in the middle that takes all the time. I wouldn't do it at all. I might buy their stuff outright but thats it.
Rock and mineral hounds love to throw money at their hobby.

Where did you find someone giving away buckets of geodes for free? My girlfriend would go fucking crazy.
Ebay is how I started my buisness career when i was 13 and will always be my first love.

My advice is to become an expert on a perticular area of intrest become active in its collector community and it can be rewarding.

I make 8k monthly on ebay consistently with militaria Civil war- present. Know your market up and down and we're to go to consistently find inventory.

Try running ads on CL looking for your area of expertise or getting out of bed early for once and going to estate sales to get the good stuff.

I've been on ebay for 9 years . 9,678 feedback.
Craigslist free section. I actually nearly had one early spring that was way more, guy was claiming he had something like 2500lb in unopened geodes and from the pictures a good chunk of them were massive, I'd say 30-50lb a rock.

But someone got there before I did and I lost out. I see free geodes every now and then on craigslist but its rare.
>eBay confuses seller I bought from with me.
>Sends me email asking for proof of refund.
>Oh sorrylol, we sent it to the wrong email address.

Just started a ebay store a few months ago. Honestly between ebay fees, shipping cost, packing expense, you need to save where you can. If you work in an office you might wanna ask (or dont) if you can take some supplies. I went to my local mall around closing time and got tons of boxes from retailers.

Also, learn all you can about shipping. utilize flat rate boxes, regional boxes. USPS is usually the best for light packages and fedex packages over 10lbs.

If you want more info id be glad to help
I feel like we should make a general how-to to start in ecommerce.

Great packaging tape for cheap:
a $2.99 pdf file? it would be a great deal considering how much time and money I wasted trying to figure everything out. Imagine if you spent $3 when you started and all the money you could have saved trying to figure out shipping lol
File: image.jpg (14KB, 303x276px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 303x276px
Nice try mr. pdf sales man
>I see free geodes every now and then on craigslist but its rare.

I was more wondering who has these geodes. A mining operation? A farmer? Some random hoarder who died?
Everytime I've seen them its been a collector trying to offload them onto another "collector" because they are getting out of the hobby.

The trick is to lie and say you're interested in rocks
File: IMG_0361.png (272KB, 1242x2208px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
272KB, 1242x2208px


still not selling anything on here

now I need to get rid of my second acc...

Free boxes home delivered.
>work at goodwill
>find(steal) brand new still sealed gta 5 for xbone
>sell on ebay for $50 same day

the account that bought it was some weird china man with a fake address. before i even realized i sent it while the money was still pending. i called ebay and they released the funds because they saw the package said delivered. twas a good day
File: IMG_0366.png (1MB, 1242x2208px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1242x2208px
>At the post office
>guy in front is trying to ship iPhone 6 to get the rest of a "Western Union Code"
>Employee starts asking him if the address is to Nigeria
>Both employees start bashing Nigeria
>One of them looks up and see it's me
The same guy that comes in some days because THE FUCKING POSTMAN IS AFRAID OF OUR TINY ASS HOUSE DOG.
>The employee that knows me starts changing topic
>"Well you should watch out for Ghana as well, I mean...this happens EVERYWHERE"
>Other employee still bashing Africa
>I step into the convo asking the guy with the iPhone 6 what's really going on
>He signs into gmail on my 6+
>Shows me the emails
>"[email protected] [space] .com
>Click to see the actual senders email
>"[email protected]"
>Tell the guy how the scammer named himself "[email protected] .com" to make it look legit.

TlDr: Scammer trying to scam a scammer and I stop it

Turned out the guy was trying to sell a phone he just stole
>shipping to Africa
File: Extort.png (38KB, 654x339px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 654x339px
>Buyer receives item
>Says he received in different packaging
>Says he's missing 1 of 2
>Says the one he received was broken as well
>Wants replacement
>Sends essay responses instead of summary of what he wants to say
>Keeps asking me to mail another
>He tries to buy 10 more
>Wants to only pay for 8 price
>Sends offer for 8price
>I accept anyways to shut him up
>He doesn't pay
>Wants me to cancel because he wants less
>Sends me pic related when I refuse
>Doesn't open case
>Leaves negative...

If he really had a problem he would've opened a case, clearly extortion.

Neg removed
So I bought an item for $22 + $11 S&H from Bulgaria. A couple of months later it broke irreparably under normal use. I opened a NAD case with paypal. They ruled I have to return it in order to get a refund. I called up customer service and asked 'what is the point of returning an item that can't be repaired?' The woman kept insisting it has to be done because of their policy and that the guy might be able to use the parts for something. After a bit of back and forth and me pointing out how foolish it would be for me to send it back to him because it would cost more than the refund I'd get, she said they'd pay half of the shipping. After insisting further she said they'd pay the full amount of the shipping fee. I was quoted $46 on USPS to send it by priority mail.
tl;dr paypal paid me $46 to return a broken item worth $22 that the guy will just chuck into the garbage the moment he receives it.
The fuck is wrong with these people? They could have just given me a refund and closed the case and saved some money.
>Buy item.
>Seller charging $35 for standard shipping.
>I could've shipped the item for like $15 at the max.
>They claim to ship Fedex 2 day.
>It's actually home delivery. (slow)
>They then claim to ship Priority Mail 2 day.
>Have two tracking numbers, both in transit for the same item.
>Ask them wtf are you doing.exe

Fucking retarded sellers will be my death.

But seriously, did they send me two boxes full of bricks?
File: 0040644632219_B.jpg (237KB, 1500x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
237KB, 1500x1500px
>mfw seller actually provided me with THREE tracking numbers.
>mfw they are all in transit.
>mfw I don't even know what the fuck is happening.
fedex home delivery uses the postal service to bring from hub to your home....
How come no one gives feedback anymore by habit?

My last 10 transactions I have had to message people asking for feedback.
what was the product?
I have a prodcut that I sell for around $150-$200 with the cost of shipping around $13-$25 depending on where one lives.

I sell about 4-5 monthly and the ebay fees are crazy.
Threaten to leave negative feedback if they don't pay for return shipping. There.

Block buyers which seem threatening in email. Standard policy. If they have a negative experience, they wouldn't buy from your store again.

Figure out how you're going to ship out your art before anything. Has to be quality stuff tbh.
I had the item for 2 months already and left the guy positive feedback after I received it, so I couldn't use that as leverage. I figured I'd have better chances of winning a case with paypal than with ebay and I'm pretty sure I was right.
Tip: Don't buy anything you would depend your life on off eBay.

Coworker used to work at a gigantic motorcycle accessory eBay store. Sold helmets for $75-100. Original cost from China? $15 or less. No protection whatsoever. Heads basically exploded like watermelons during accidents.

The owners was a wealthy as fuck Taiwanese person who gave no fucks. His legal team did his best to put victims into bankruptcy or whatever to prevent a class-action lawsuit.


Was looking for some cologne

every major fragrance seller has a negative saying "fake" "counterfeit". It's like all these companies can't survive without scamming.

Blocking only blocks their buying, since they already made a purchase they can still email.
Just had another great find bros.

>free craiglist ad for bags and bags of clean beer bottle caps
>ends up being like 300lb in caps
>weigh and count them out
>create 1000 cap boxes, have like 8 of them
>each sold over the past week for $120, buy it now free shipping

Fucking free shit on craigslist
I made like $60 once importing some LED garden lights from aliexpress and then reselling them on eBay. It was literally the easiest $60 I ever made. So, yes there is still money to be made on ebay but I think you take some risks when you employ a strategy like mine.
File: africa.jpg (127KB, 633x639px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127KB, 633x639px
I don't even know where to begin with that
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