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Post your eBay grievances and successes itt.
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Bought an hf ebook about making money.
It said buy cheap windows keys and sell them on ebay for more
I did and i almost got banned for it
the end
Another seller I bought thousands of games from got in on this and was going to keep me posted if he could make money with it so I could buy the codes off of him like a middleman. Thing was though that people needed to have a specific OS in order to be able to use his codes. So of course he sold like 10 but nearly all came back wanting refunds.

Haven't talked with him in a while, might have to see if he's got new inventory he wants to offload on me.
>put up a steam code for sale - 5 days
>auction option, video game category
>listings get removed within 24 hours
>call ebay and ask how can others do this yet I can't (they also have 99999 feedback from doing it)
>they say I should just report them
>report them, nothing happens

yeah I know there's a high scam rate on steam games / digital delivery, but I still don't understand how these big accounts stay up breaking the rules. whatever.
Best stay away from digital codes bro.
Only negative I ever got was from some asshole saying the one he got didn't work.
I wouldn't sell digital codes period. It's very easy for the customer to use the code and claim it doesn't work or he never received it.
Yeah the only way you might scare them is if you told them you'd call in and see when the code was used, if it was used before they got it then they'd receive a refund(all as a farce of course). Another seller friend of mine did this and wala, the person said it ended up working.
I know it's a good idea to sell something niche that might be hard to find, but does it have to be something you are an expert in? Or can you get away with selling something you dont know much about. I know it's a vague question, but do any sellers have experience?

Do I have to be an expert on my shit?
>Sell 13 items today.
>Buyer leaves positive on one item since I accepted their offer very quickly.
>Item hasn't been delivered yet.

You don't have to be an expert in any feild but it helps. Like I know a lot about video games and related collectibles and some semblance of pop culture, so I seek those out mostly. Anything I don't know the price of I just look up and see what price it is available at, selling history, shipping costs, etc. I bought something before for $1 and sold for $300, didn't really know what it was when I bought it.

Big rule you should remember is, just because you yourself wouldn't buy it, doesn't mean someone else won't.

Someone on a Facebook group I'm in with sold a small tin of black licorice Altoids for $70.
>buy sweater from seller
>one week passes
>sweater hasn't shipped yet
>I have to PM seller
>seller lets me know sweater has been shipped
>still haven't received a tracking number
>I have to PM him again to ask for a tracking number
>check the tracking every now and then, waiting patiently
>another week passes
>the sweater finally arrives to its destination

He either gave me the wrong tracking number or shipped it the wrong address. I swear, this fucking guy.
If you want to sell something that's already being sold for a similar price, should you even bother?
Made sure your default address is correct as well? You might be kinda fucked if it isn't. As long as the seller ships to the provided address and shows as delivered then he's done his job(eBay's own words). If he really sent it to the wrong place then he's in the wrong.
What do you mean? I just price a penny under the current one available most of the time.
The seller double checked with me to make sure the shipping address was correct. This guy is just being a huge goof.
Well what Im thinking of is something you could buy a name brand of for $10 or an ugly Chinese one for $3.
I considered buying a decent Chinese one for $5 and selling it as a US Shipped item, but the margin is low and Im worried most people would just go with the cheap Chinese or the name brand for a few bucks more.

Is there any insight into knowing when an item is worth selling?
Why the FUCK would you pay money for an ebook, let alone an ebook about making money?

If that strategy could earn you so much money, the person wouldn't be selling ebooks and would be instead be doing it. The stuff I read on this board hurts my head more and more.
Buyer is probably an ebay newfag who thinks you have to leave feedback for each purchase. I honestly wish more people thought this way because I barely get any feedback from 1/2 my customers
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I bought a phone, it turned out to be fake.
The seller deleted their account, and so ebay refunded me and I didn't have to return the phone.
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So I just got off the phone with eBay
Usually when a buyer opened a return case it would be closed 3-10 min after I called in, but now we had difficulties

>Apr 3rd I have a no return policy
>Apr 3rd buyer buys item
>Apr 4th I put a return policy on my item to save 20% on FVF (since I'm Top Rated) and see if I get more sales having a return policy
>Apr 10th buyer messages me saying he doesn't know how to use item
>Apr 11 buyer opens return case saying item is damaged
>Call cs
>Cs says they can't close it because I have a return policy
>Ask them to look at the orig listing
>Ask to speak to someone with common sense
>They still look at the current listing
>Drop the call
>Call back
>Same shit
>Call back again
>After 16min arguing, he tells me he will have to look at the buyer's account to see the original listing

So all in all, they're telling me a seller can scam a buyer and get away with it...

All you would have to do is;

>List an item
>Put in description
>"You get 3 instead of one"
>Buyer's go crazy and buy you out
>After you ship it
>Change description back to
>"You only get one"
>Buyer opens return case saying they only got one
>eBay's slow cs keeps looking at current listing
>"Well it does say only one"

Is it a good idea to give your store a theme and combine shipping?
Or is free shipping preferred.

For instance would it be wise to sell nothing but quadcopter parts, or sell the best-selling quadcopter stuff, and branch out into general robotics and electronics parts? Or should I apply the "fuck it" adjustment and sell whatever I want?

I have no interest in quadcopters, that was just an example.
No one clicks on the seller stores m8. Unless they have you saved as a favorite seller but you'd have to be a relevant seller to get people to view your store.

Do your hw. Don't sell niche stuff just because you can. Sell niche stuff if that's what sells.
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I've sold a few things on eBay...
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Well hello there eforcity, wanna invest in a young eBayer?

I've bought hundreds of things from Ebay
I've sold hundreds of things on Ebay
Not a single issue
Perfect 100%+ feedback

> what's wrong with you guys?
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So you sell used panties...
Noob question, if you sell something, how do you get paid? Direct deposit? Check? PayPal? If PayPal, how do you get your money out of PayPal?
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eBay payouts for U.S.

eBay payouts for out of U.S.
>3rd world payment system
How do you get money out of the PayPal account? Do you transfer it to a checking account? Thanks.
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PP (2).png
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Yea I just read that part...I should really read everything before trying to be funny.

You can remove your money from Paypal via

>Bank acc (2-3 days to show up/1day for me since Biz)
>Paypal Debit ($400 a day limit for atm/ I Use)
>Paypal checks

That's pretty much it...or you can spend it back on any other site that takes Pp.

>Pic related, few days ago...usually use atm but decided to bank it out since it was twice the limit
Contributing for once

Made 700 dollars selling Club Nintendo codes for 2 weeks doing jack shit and they just told me to knock that shit off lol
Made the discovery that selling second hand clothes, even by famous designers don't sell for shit.
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If the Chinese are selling the same knockoff style for cheaper, people will buy instead.

It's eBay...people come to save

Don't hear someone saying

> "Where'd you get that dress?"

I'm "involved" in a "successful" auto part Ebay store.
Shipping about 30-50 auto parts a day-Monday through Saturday.

Let's keep it simple and say 100 bucks for a shipment, so you do the math.
The shipments are only increasing in number,
Two years ago, it was probably 15 shipments a day.
It's a team of 5, and 4 are mechanics with zero computer saavy.
I want out but I'm in too deep.

TL:DR $$ does not buy happiness
>50% of profit on most items sold goes to business partner.
>Somehow fuck up the math and end up overpaying them again.
>Somehow pay them 4x what I get for 50%.

Did anybody else jump on the amiibo craze?
You're a retard and deserved to get cucked from your money

Pre ordering is a nightmare and it's just not worth my time to go driving around looking for stores to ask for toys that creepy man-children and /v/irgins buy.
>For instance would it be wise to sell nothing but quadcopter parts

I'm thinking about moving into that market. Do you source from China? Ever had any trouble with quality?
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Amiibos are going to crash soon...China is just waiting for the right time...
Guys got all wet in their pants when they got a Gold Mario Amiibo(or any of the other rare ones), but seeing that some had to drive all around town, or wait hours and hours until a Walmart opened for one, when all those hours could've been spent working on something else.

Stepping over dollars to get dimes, plain as day.
>buy laptop charger
>laptop charger arrives
>plug it in. doesn't work
>seller wants me to send it back for replacement.

what do?
File dispute.
>seller wants me to send it back for replacement

are you new to earth or something?

you have two choices:
>send it back for replacement
>send it back for refund

you really need to ask online WAT DO when you buy something that doesn't work?

what's hf?
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Weekend orders, feels gud...

Ask for RMA number. Return charger.
People should be ordering the most on the weekends... Am I missing something?
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Well it's basically just days I didn't ship because USPS was closed...lol, it's just nice to have a stash waiting to leave. Makes me feel like I run a warehouse.

The item I received was defective out of the box.

Why should I have to post it back to an overseas seller before I get a replacement?
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Have you ever tried drinking bleach?
Studios shows it actually starts tasting good after a few cups.

What do you stuff in those bags anon? I see a suspicious picture on the right side basket
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1MB, 499x499px

Oh that's just a proj of mine, might become something big one day if Apple/Shark Tank can help me out. Or I'll just have to take it slow and hope for the best...

Those are just test runs...I started giving up after failing so much....it hit me to start using....different forms of images to keep me interested.

Seems to be working...

Getting better each time
Only a true piece of shit can sympathise with someone selling defective items and expecting customers to post them back at their own cost instead of just sending out a replacement
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You're asking me to send you another iPhone because the one you got was DOA?

Like I don't get a 100 similar customers like you trying to get the better of me...

Stop thinking like a buyer and think like a seller for once...
You've never head "That's just what you'll have to deal with as an online business" from eBay when you provided proof that you were clearly being scammed so you'd never understand...
>buy an ebook about making money
>turns out the ebook is only one page long
>"Step 1: Make an ebook about how to get rich quick"
>"Step 2: Sell it to idiots online"
Is selling used panties even lucrative?

Panties are like 1-3 dollars for a single cheap pair.
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that's a lie....but a funny one...

You sound like one of those guys that claims they only got a picture of a Ps4 when they bought it from eBay...
Last year I tried selling stone garden water features on ebay:

> good shop name
> great photographs x12
> brilliant description (excellent branding, great sales text, custom html layout, FAQs, policies)
> free shipping
> fast delivery
> product was x10 the quality of nearest competitor (components and attractive artisan design)
> most competitor products were under £100 (ugly design, poor quality)
> my products were a higher priced at £350+ (but not priced out of the market)
> account had 0 feedback (but was business seller so it was legit and trustworthy because of my generous return policy)
> only achieved low rankings in the search results despite careful keyword and title planning

In like a month..
> competitors: 100s of sales
> me: 0 sales

Can any experienced eBayers tell me where I went wrong? Or how I sell a more expensive (but superior) product when it gets listed alongside much cheaper competitors? Or should I abandon hope on eBay and sell via my own website?
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Oh my, glad to see another eCommerce seller chime in.

Sorry to say though, on eBay noooooone cares for quality. You don't hear someone say;

>Where did you get those dank shoes m9

There'd be a pause...then a slow backwards walk away from that person.

So all that "artisan design" bs is just in your head, you're not the Michelangelo of "water features", so no one really cares...

Also, for eBay, buyer's don't like buying from new sellers...would you?

>Try building your feedbacks to get at least a blue/turquoise 1st
>HTML fancy fancy blah blah blah, that just makes your page load slower
>Make your description short + precises, put it in a html box if you may..few pics here and there related to your storename/product

To sell more, try following what your cheap knock off Chiense comptetors are doing.

>Use their title name to attract their buyers
>Use subtitles
>Take decent pictures...or just buy a sfoftbox studio for pics ($38)
Do you get a decent savings using stamps.com versus ebay's shipping?
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Fuck yeaaaa...I had to use eBay's shipping program today because Stamps couldn't pickup some Russian buyer's language. Horrible experience...long process, have to cut out the label because eBay still doesn't know how to provide 4x6 printouts for my label printer.

Costs x2.5 the usual cost I'd pay on Stamps...

Stamps is only $16.99 a month...or $15.99...doesn't matter it's worth the headache.
Appreciate your advice, thank you.

Am I right in thinking the feedback rating displayed in the listings is for 'as seller', i.e. I can't just buy 10 cheap items for £1 each?
Agreed. I'm still low level as far as volume. I use ebay's postage. I print them out using the half sheet sticky labels since UPS provides them to my for free. Label printer will be my next investment, but it's not worth it to me now since my volume is low enough. Have any good recommendation for a printer when I make that step?

I am looking at switching for postage. My products are in the 1 pound range, so I don't qualify for that sweet first class shipping.
Naw. Feedback is for buying and selling. Buyers would have to check to see how much was for sales, which they rarely do. You would probably be better selling a bunch of small items from your house, though.
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Yup, that's how mostly everyone did it...not me (well my 2nd acc I didn't).

Just find some chinese sellers

>Check their feedbacks
>Click on their "Feedbacks left"

If they left recent feedbacks then buy their $1 products.

Don't buy from the same seller in a month's duration! eBay counts all those sales as x1 feedback! So it would be a waste...

Just find the 60% of Chinese sellers bloating up eBay with cheap items and buy their cheapest.
Want to get some feedback fast? Buy a bulk batch of something really cheap. Something like a stylus. Buy 100-250. Sell on ebay for cheap, with free shipping. Your goal here is to get feedback so you'll lose money. They're small enough to put in a regular envelope and if you're willing to forgo tracking, you can send them for the price of a stamp.

That's true, but anything is better than a yellow star...lol


>Pic related

Made this pic a while back for someone looking to switch

The Zebra brands are pretty nice, it's what I use and it hasn't failed on me once.

Usually go for $100-300 nowadays
Great post. Thanks.
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Once you start using a label printer, everything will be easier.

Labels are cheap, no ink...etc

Just pickup any latest Zebra 4x6

5 star post. In your experience how much does it cost to do this and get like 200 positive feedbacks? (assuming you are losing money on the sale but getting fast feedback)
How much feedback do you have?
How many items do you sell in a week?
Is Premium seller better than regular Top Rated?

I started ebaying 3 months ago and I'm about to become a Top Rated seller. No horror stories yet, just 1 non-dispute return that didn't affect my performance and feedback score.
What's the process to getting rid of bad feedback, just call and beg?
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lol...uhhh..I didn't want to say anything because of the backlash but that's a horrible idea.

There are thousands of people doing exactly that...he's saying
"you'd lose money but at least make the amount you paid for the inventory." That's not true...
>Pic related

You'd lose x3+ what you invested
Have to worry about negative feedbacks from shitty buyers.
Be spammed with defects for not only the bad feedbacks but because you decided to not include tracking in your shipments.

Shipping is $1.93 on Stamps...comes with tracking as well. If you were going to ship it as a mail/letter instead without tracking, YES USPS would accept it, BUT

>Buyer 1
"Where's my order?"
>Buyer 2
"I didn't get nuffin, can I get a refund or another one?"

You don't have proof of it getting to the buyer's house so eBay won't do shit for you.

And as I said, your defects would be kamikazied on, ending you before you even started your real biz plan...
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>How much feedback do you have?
I'm a "teal" star...so under 500

>How many items do you sell in a week?

200-300 I guess...

>Is Premium seller better than regular Top Rated?
I think you're referring to the stores..

I have a basic store...there really is no reason in having one.

Benefits of basic store;

> -1% of 10% sale fee
>a door on your listing
> -$15 a month
> +150 free monthly listings

Top rated is just something you get when you're doing very VERY good on eBay. You get

>20% off sales fee
>A nice star certificate next to your item
>Boosts in search results


>You have to offer 1 day shipping/processing
>Maintain 98%+ feedback score
>Sell alot...alot......
Hmm, looks like eBay does shit differently here in Australia, you need in the last 12 months;
$1000 in sales
sold 100 items
at least 98% feedback
to get Top Rated, looks easy as fuck compared to America.
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lol well there goes everyone...

TL:Dr The seller's in pic related are FAR down the road from us normie sellers...they can ship things for far less than the $1.93 price we pay because they use programs/businesses like pitneybowes.

Oh no it's the same thing here for the Top Rated, you'll just need to have

>A 14 day return policy (14 days for the buyer to scam you)
>What I said in other post

You're talking about how "to get" Top rated, I was talking about how to maintain it.
This is exactly what I did. Worked like a charm. Great way to get a ton of good feedback.
File: 1423450160904.png (26KB, 213x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can I see your feedbacks?
File: 1426344813767.jpg (101KB, 950x1144px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101KB, 950x1144px

Or did you sell things worth $10+?

Cause that's the only way that can work...

All the fees/shipping would turn a profit, but the other guy was talking about selling styluses...
File: 1423443740479.png (188KB, 428x546px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Followup on that

China doesn't have to pay for shipping because of govt.
(let's not get into that)

The American seller above is prob selling without tracking and using the stamp method...for he's under 2k feedbacks, which means he's prob having to use the $1.93 like everyone else.

Look into FedEx/UPS/DHL smartpost, this is what sellers use nowadays to make shipping dirt cheap. But that means the package takes 3-5 days more to arrive...so angry buyers - less buyers.
I used another item that I got for free. So it cost me roughly 93 cents an item.

0.49(stamp)+0.10(ebay fee)+0.33(paypal)

I think postage was a little cheaper when I did it.

I also did this years ago so the tracking info was irrelevant.

So to get 200 feedback I'd say would cost you probably $200-800.

Figure you're going to lose at least $1 on each item.
File: 1375306921720.jpg (2KB, 126x121px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2KB, 126x121px

>Years ago

There's the answer guys, let's all go back in time when eBay wasn't so shitty.

Last year the $1.93 was $1.63...prices are going up....
I clearly stated that this would lose you money.

I used stylus as an example. it could be any very lightweight item.

I also said use a stamp and forgo the shipping. When I opened my current ebay account (2010) I was using it to casually sell shit I didn't want, not gaining a profit.

The product I used was obtained by me for free from a dumpster and I stole the envelopes from work.
File: 1408082832560.png (168KB, 446x357px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
168KB, 446x357px

>The product I used was obtained by me for free from a dumpster and I stole the envelopes from work.

lol you keep digging yourself deeper...

He's going to have to pay for products...he's going to have to pay for those stmaps. Not everyone has time for dumpster diving...(nothing against it)
That's not bad. Have you ever looked into Fivver? They sell feedback on there for like .50 cents each and I was wondering if it was a good option. Seems reasonable to be able to get a seller account jumpstarted.
Woah bro. Lets dial back the confrontation.

I never said this was the cheapest way to get high feedback. I said fast. Obviously the best way to get high feedback is to find a good item and sell it.

I started all this shit when I was in college. I used some blackhat shit and lucked out a lot. I didn't get a single negative feedback on my account. I probably got a few refund demands but I don't actually recall any.

As far as product, I can get 1000 cheap plastic stylus delivered to my house from china for $70 with shipping.

So if ~$2 per item feedback is acceptable to you, then go for it.
Seems like a better idea TBH. I'm sure there are blackhat rings out there too. Like I said, I did this back in 2010, so the landscape was different. Plus this is my second ebay account, I made it separate from my original buyer account to sell shit (mostly so I could run up my own auctions).

I also had a third account I used when in college that I used to sell dirty socks to gay footfags before ebay cracked down on it.
Cool. Thanks for the tips. I think I will try both methods.
File: 1423447874856.png (21KB, 740x773px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 740x773px

>So if ~$2 per item feedback is acceptable to you, then go for it.

There, well at least we both agree on one thing. And that's IF they even left a feedback...lol

> I probably got a few refund demands
See as I said before bro, back then I could accept a refund and not bat an eye...nowadays (since march 2014). You get defects for refunds...his acc would be ruined.

I see you did eBay back then and understand how it "worked"...but eBay changes every year...slowly getting worse......
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67KB, 350x338px
just read this, this happened to me two days ago...


ebay, like 4chan, has always been shit. I started using ebay back in like 2001, and even then it was a buyer's market. Of course it would have to be otherwise no one would use it.

ebay is suck but there is not other decent alternative.
I wouldn't let that other guy scare you off. He just barely started selling on eBay and from the looks of it you are a seasoned veteran. Keep up the good work man.
File: 1423443215664.jpg (170KB, 786x715px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
170KB, 786x715px

Exactly...people say Amazon but that's a totally different platform.


I think I made it clear here that his way was possible if >>721462

lol I only say what I know...if you don't agree, you argue with me like he was..rather than shitposting on the eBay/Etsy threads...yes I know it's you
I am so confused right now
File: 1425890738190.png (328KB, 800x778px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
328KB, 800x778px

A vet always needs a good ol update on how home is when they return from retirement. Nothing stays the same for long my friend...

That's all you need to know...
You argue and bully anyone else giving solid advice because of your ego. All I meant was that you really don't reflect the opinions of the rest of us.

By the way what did you mean by "I know it's you"? What a creepy comment to make...
>Still frogposting
File: 20150413_142816.jpg (2MB, 4128x2322px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 4128x2322px

Well...someone finally created a legit reason to bash...

My ego really isn't the reason why I argue with people giving false info on here, the reason I "bully" is to keep those kinds of people away. People who just say anything just to feel like they said something...while I'm here busting my ass doing exactly what the anon is asking how he can do.

>I know it's you..
lol I just said that because there's this guy on the Etsy thread shitposting, won't even argue with me properly.

Good 1, remind me again in the next thread
Any tips for finding items on Aliexpress for selling on eBay? Literally everything seems to be being sold already with tiny profit margins.
the fact that you said you're going to buy from aliexpress is already more help than he's willing to give to most people asking that question.
File: Ayy lmao.png (155KB, 821x742px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ayy lmao.png
155KB, 821x742px

Didn't even see someone reply to that, lol are you serious femanon?

I'm glad eBay stopped people from selling magic/spells/witch stuff. Etsy on the other hand...love reading the feedbacks of people buying a possessed marble...lol


>Literally everything seems to be sold already

Well there you go bro, you'll need to scour and find something worthwhile.

While we're on the Etsy topic, all I do is search Aliexpress/other sites for "Handmade" or "home" etc... since Etsy only allows to sell Handmade things...

lol they think I make it..

Look for knitted things...
File: 1423442460237.jpg (60KB, 563x542px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60KB, 563x542px

lol hey now, I'll give some tips...not gonna hand you an item though...
File: 1427766278618.jpg (12KB, 258x245px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 258x245px

OHHHH...now Isee why people hate me, lol the smug pepes...
>Is selling used panties even lucrative?
If you are a girl.

If they *believe* you are a girl. wink wink.
There isn't any money in it unless you build up that persona.

I'm the guy who used to sell dirty socks to gay footfags.
File: Capture.png (41KB, 308x475px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41KB, 308x475px
>be me, britbong
>buy old autograph collections at auction
>sell the autographs individually on ebay
> /ebay/ general
>Post your eBay grievances and
> successes itt.I sell t shirts with different designs and sayings on them but I'm not really sure what the best way to present them would be. should I use stock photos that most other tshirt companies use? they are basically the same design only difference would be the garment used. I've been taking pics and editing in photoshop using drop shadow and whatnot but I feel like it's a huge hassle. what about mannequins or just taking a picture of the shirt on my hardwood floor? any tips would be appreciated. I've gone from 0 to 25 feedbacks in a month but I've A little, do you? the fact that not everyone will give some. I have around 60 active listing and sell about 8 to 10 a week.
How do people have so many shit listed on eBay? Do they actually have the shit in their possession or do they just post it to see wether there is interest or not, and then order it?
File: 1425890686050.png (9KB, 401x367px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 401x367px

Well sort of but not really...

Everyone either uses the eBay group listing or has another program. There are systems that let you post the same description on all your listings...then of course you'd have to edit EACH ONE to put the right info for that specific item.

I think I said this here but let me say it again; To keep your listing the same forrEVER;

>My eBay
>Account settings
>Site preferences
Then select "Yes" for
>When the quantity of your Good ' Til Cancelled listing reaches zero, your listing remains active

This allows for you to

>Keep your item number forever
>Keep your watchers forever
>Never lose an item
>Keep your sales number (when it says "300 sold")

I'm not OP but that sounds great...you really should have hit the market when that Nasa Feminist Magnet guy had his 5min of fame. I would've bought his shirt...

okay Mohammed
File: homer.jpg (8KB, 241x181px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 241x181px
Alright. I was on ebay for half a decade so i have a few
>GTA5 just hits consoles worldwide.
>Go online in game
>meet a guy who has a ton of glitched cars form the single player we can dupe into multiplayer
>I fucking do this shit
>capitalisim senses strike in
>go to ebay list first car up for sale for 20 USD$
>im making bank playing the game but that also makes me hate the game at the same time

I was making about 2,500$ a day Doing this shit from the cars alone. (i had about 10 diffrent cars ranging from 5$-40$)

in other news GTA5 just hit PC and i already know how i can make even more with it now than i did before but im a broke cunt now days.

cheers /biz/
File: 1423446761005.jpg (12KB, 251x242px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 251x242px

Even that is true (I can dream)...

Doing it now wouldn't end well...lol you'd be shut down as quick as you made a sale last time. For your own good that is...
Thats what i expected from ebay but they didnt. Quite the contrary actually they fucking gave me top rated seller status for doing it lol. and what i mostly sold was Xbox live codes (so another digital delivery product) they eventually changed thier policy in August of 2014 and made it where selecting "OTHER" for tracking shipments didnt count twords top rated seller rating and then these cucks found a bunch of random people with emails simular to me and tried to stick me with THIER fee's so i left that shitty place...They arent even a Remotley Decent marketplace anymore.
File: 1423501030442.png (172KB, 675x694px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
172KB, 675x694px

lol you just spoke so much truth...basically everything in this thread summarized....
File: obama.gif (463KB, 450x185px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
463KB, 450x185px
eBay is like the greasy management office of a flea market in Dallas, TX where you pay for a metric shit ton of foot traffic but hardly anyone pays attention to your booth because nobody can be bothered to give a fuck.

Let me learn you youngn's some sales knowledge.

1) Stick to what works. There was a man who sold honey at the market and he did so well that he decided to branch out into jam. He put his jam on the table and to his disbelief his sales plummeted. The following week he removed the jam and his sales returned to normal. Lesson learned: people are easily confused; don't put too much on their plate.

2) A quick fifty cents is better than a slow dollar. You have invested $50 in plastic yo-yo's at 20 cents a piece. That gives you 250 yo-yo's. You price your yo-yo's at $1.00. However, you only sell 10 yo-yo's in the fist three hours, leaving you with only ten dollars revenue. You adjust your price to $.50 and sell the rest of your yo-yo's by the end of the day, giving you $130 in revenue counting the ten you sold before the adjustment. This leaves you with $80 in profit before expenses.

HOWEVER, the greasy flea market management (eBay) takes 10% off the top leaving you with only $67 profit, AND the gas to get to the market (PayPal) cost 3% of your daily sales leaving you with $63 in profit for the days work.

Now, assuming that you are bold enough to adventure into the land of sales again you will have to invest $50 more into your wares to have enough merchandise to sell the next day, leaving you with $13 profit after everything is said and done. However, you realize that if you buy more merchandize you can sell more yo-yo's and make more profit tomorrow so you invest all $63 into yo-yo's and now instead of 250 you are able to afford 315 yo-yo's giving you a potential revenue of $158.

This is how eBay keeps it's army of automaton sellers regurgitating the same bullshit wares day after day.

File: asfgfsg.gif (967KB, 270x252px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
967KB, 270x252px

It may seem like they are selling impressive numbers but when you look closely the majority of their profit is being reinvested in order to purchase more of whatever niche item (remember the honey man) that they are peddling. As your sales grow so does the work load. On your plastic yo-yo's you are only getting a $.30 cent revenue return and as you exceed 1000 yo-yo's a day you can no longer effectively distribute your wares. Your revenue has now become $500 and your profit $300, but your workload has quadrupled. Even if you were to bring a partner into your scheme you would both be doing double the workload from when you were selling 250, which is a full day's work.

This is the maximum logical potential for the plastic yo-yo's because the return is TOO LOW, which brings us to our next lesson.

3) Maximize your return. Here is the wares chain of command; luxury < commodity < necessity. Plastic yo-yo's are a luxury, hence their low return. Two men went to the market. One sold his "luxury" yo-yo's and made $158 in revenue all day. The other man sold a litter of 8 puppies at $50 a piece (commodities), the first and best of the litter selling for $100 because he made it a necessity, urging the buyer to act quick because it was the strongest of the litter, giving him a daily revenue of $500. Subtracting the gas and food for the puppies (.03%), that left him with a whopping $475 in profit! He made what the yo-yo salesman made in three days in one day, leaving him with 2 days to explore new business ventures, bringing us to our next lesson...

4) Time is more important than money. Isn't the reason you spend time trying to acquire money so you can have more time to yourself in the long run? My point is, don't become a slave to eBay or a flea market or anyone. Be an entrepreneur. Always think on your feet and do the math. eBay is a gnarled greasy dildo as far as I am concerned. What exactly are we all paying them 10% for?
any fucking time now sweetheart
fucking obliterated
File: 2015-04-12 20.55.31.jpg (403KB, 1748x988px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2015-04-12 20.55.31.jpg
403KB, 1748x988px
>Put Padded Flat Rate Envelope in mailing box (7x7x4)
>Save a few cents.

On a scale of 1-prison how illegal is this?
File: 1421528117963.jpg (110KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110KB, 800x600px

I've gotten some packages with UPS as padding... seeing you're still using their services from the watermark on the box, I don't think they'd care much...
I fucking hate those USPS jews. Somehow adding an extra pound equates to an extra $3 on shipping. Fucking BS.

Does anyone undercut the weight when shipping on Ebay? I've noticed that if I cut a pound or two or round to the nearest pound, I don't get in trouble.
Been doing this almost day one.
I have every item I have currently listed on a storage shelf in my room, along with boxes of inventory that I work through listing everyday. Really want to get items I can replenish now and then though. Only thing close to that is some nintendo ds games,I have about 1000 copies of one title and a couple hundred of another.
I see

When people say "get some samples" what do they mean? Like buy a few different items and see what sells? How many should you get?
Americunt here.

I got an AUSSY who bought from my listing although my listing said US buyers only and he used the ebay's international shipping program to get his shit. He got his shit and now wants a partial refund because he didn't like the condition of his box. What should I do in order to avoid getting negative feedback? Should I give him the partial or go "lol you gotta return it to me and pay for shipping that may cost you 3 times what your item is worth"
>says no refunds
>fuckers demand refunds

Do the 2nd one, fucking global buyers piss me off as well.

Not just because eBay fucks with your package in transit but because they think it's my fault their package is acting weird while moving.
One time i sold a ipod touch 4s to some old lady double packaged it. so her feedback was positive but still fucking retarded it was like
"the evenvelope arrived slightly wet but my grand son is happy"

Like im spose to be the weather man too and keep it from raining

lol I bet this was the U.S.
File: winrar.gif (1017KB, 500x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1017KB, 500x333px
You are correct!
>a gnarled greasy dildo
That just gave me a business idea...
File: 1417536020375.jpg (25KB, 410x356px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 410x356px
what if the fag does a chargeback? i'm not sure how that shit works but I'm nervous as shit that the asshole might just do that.
File: CB.png (71KB, 1629x757px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71KB, 1629x757px

Dispute with pp, had one few weeks ago. Guy lost the eBay case and tried to charge back. lol his first statement was

>The seller sold me broken goods

Then after Paypal told his bank eBay said I didn't

>My card was not used by me

lol Paypal sent me pic related.
thx telling him to fuck off. my listing said us only anyways. much appreciated for the advice bro
When you import from Alibaba, do you use one of those 'source control managers'? Apparently they can arrange shit like inspection and logistics for you. Is that even necessary?

no...lol I only have 11 skus bro, don't think I would need that.

Also I don't buy from Alibaba, too confusing...
Is Aliexpress easier?
File: clevertitle.png (13KB, 593x198px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 593x198px

Great, I didn't even think of this but I'll get to it. Do you use any software to get the labels fit the printing, or how exactly do you do that?

I've just started ebaying and been pretty successful (that's barely 1 week of serious sales plus the samples' trial week) and am tired of fucking scissoring the labels and taping them.

I'm in England though, so idk if that stamps.com will work for me. Halp.
Yeah, you told me that in the last post (guy who emphasized about answering fast and being detailed with your customers) and I'm still thankful for that.

Glad to see you're still helping out noobies around here!
Are you setting set to accept international or did all you do is say in the item description US only? There's a difference pal. I'm set to only accept U.S. orders and when someone does manage to buy an item from out of the country I just straight tell them that I absolutely cannot. I open an item transaction cancellation case and they always cancel or let it time out, either way I'm unaffected by it. They can't pay so they can't leave feedback at all, if anything did go wrong all I did was call eBay and tell them that I do not ship internationally and they take care of everything for me.
Had someone do a charge back on an item from last May. Literally five minutes after I got the email about it I called in to Paypal and they striked it off. Fucker ain't gonna catch me slipping.
File: 1396100304048.jpg (11KB, 480x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 480x480px

True, but there are other programs out there other than stamps

is pretty nice as well, but it's mostly for private shipping companies...haven't really looked into other shipping services since Stamps has all I need...

lol it's funny how you sell 1/5 what I sell in quantity but make more $$$...

Knew it was said...noprob bro

damn...see it's easy for eBay to help me with cases but Paypal is rare...always want me to wait it out...
File: gottakeepgrowing.png (10KB, 592x197px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 592x197px
What's your average item sales price?

Don't think I've shown my limits yet, here it is.
The charge back was about a month or two ago. I called in and they had no idea how he was able to open a dispute past the already ridiculous 180 day mark.
File: still here.png (28KB, 991x331px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
still here.png
28KB, 991x331px

I'm still averaging out, move my sales from one acc to the other sometimes to raise my sales so I can build my main account up (used to be below average).

lol that's fucking creepy, like The Ghost of Returns past...something similar happened and I couldn't find the item ID on eBay because it was so past due...
Have you tried grailed?
What the fuck are you guys even selling? I'm a broke student with an empty apartment and I can't think of anything.
I used to sell a ton of xbox live. Phone cases, Xbox n playstation controller cases, High end security systems. Ill give you one of my sources i used to dropship from becuase these guys provide tracking info which is very important
Ive been looking for days for suitable products now.

As far as I can tell your margins will always be destroyed by the shipping costs alone. If not than they surely will be finished off by VAT and income tax but I'm not sure if these guys pay any tax at all.
cant speak for everyone but
finished off by VAT
>not eu
and income tax but I'm not sure if these guys pay any tax at all.
>youre fucking right, Fuck no
You are right, people don't actually make money on eBay, it's just a hobbie. Keep it up, kid!
File: Capture.jpg (18KB, 766x173px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 766x173px
>being this poor
Step up mein negger
Well that makes sense then. Because here in Yurope the taxes aren't insignificant. Holland for example would be 21% VAT and then an income tax of 32-52% depending on your profits.

Did I make you upset? I never said you can't make profits on eBay. Based on my limited research it just seems catered towards the bigger sellers.

>inspect element = best meme ;)
In america we have 0% VAT, alot of my buddies in the EU get me to buy stuff for them like games for example and its cheaper for them and i still make money off it.
>used to
What happened? A lot of people in a Facebook group I'm in are seeing eBay sellers drop shipping products from their Amazon stores. Have considered doing it myself too, just don't know where to start.

Over three years at a shitty job I amassed a collection of videogames and other memorabilia from the swapmeet. Moved out of my parents place and a friend taught me how to use eBay. Original collection is virtually gone, but I still hit up swapmeets, yardsales, thrift stores, retail stores and I have ads on Craigslist and Facebook saying I buy various things. Just got back from a pop up thrift store with 3 boxes filled with books that are worth more than $10. Good number of them worth over $50. Maybe 180 books for $20, and bought 43 yesterday for $15. Books are slow movers but they have the best ROI for me, versus what I usually get on other items I sell.

>As far as I can tell your margins will always be destroyed by the shipping costs alone.

Can't imagine you looked very far because that line I've heard so many times from people asking me what I do for living. If you can get items that are under 13oz shipped then you're set. I don't know what VAT is but as far as taxes go I haven't done them since I started, never learned myself and I heard that it's a totally different process than someone with a 9-5 because you have to track every expense and item cost, etc. Really need to get on finding someone that can help me in that aspect, has me freaked out.
this happend >>721946 about the fees so i quit ebay and went to a better marketplace for my items.
Stuck with someone elses fees? How the hell did that happen? Did you not speak with someone in the US regarding it?
File: lol.png (208KB, 1034x420px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
208KB, 1034x420px
>. If you can get items that are under 13oz shipped then you're set.
This would only avoid the import duties and taxes, you will stay have to pay for the shipping itself. Expedited shipping from china will always be expensive regardless of the weight.

For example,a 5$ watch (which weigh just about nothing, would cost an additional 15$ ea in shipping. It doesn't scale either. Heavier or bulkier items dramatically increase cost, see pic.

>I don't know what VAT is but as far as taxes go I haven't done them since I started,
Be happy and continue I'd say. If you stay small you probably won't get caught.
PayPal reports everything to the IRS though. I know they only really go after the big fish but it would be a big problem because most of my profits go back into buying more product. Take what I need and keep growing my inventory so I don't really have cash savings. Doesn't help that I've moved 3 times in the past 2 years.
>but it would be a big problem because most of my profits go back into buying more product.
Well if you were a registered business it would actually be a good thing. I'm pretty sure expenses are tax deductible.
i called the US number but was alrways redirected to India, My email i used was the name of a famous reggae musician so anyone else with the same name on ebay im the guy that got stuck with thier fee's.
I don't have it set up as a business, just personal selling but it's my main source of income, and yeah there's plenty to deduct. I think it'll look back at first but then add in gas, postage, supplies, item cost, etc it'll go down a bit but it's something I dread still. I know most Amazon sellers go way farther into the business aspect than an average eBay seller. A big step for me would be something I can maybe export my sales and expenses straight from eBay, or anything like it. But again I don't know where to even start.

To get an American when something really important comes up ask for someone in Trust and Safety. Only American eBay representatives are in that so it works every time.

I used to sell these little antique snap gun paper cap ammo boxes. They had very small amount of powder but being antique they were all probably nonfunctional. Called in to see if I could list them and an Indian person told me that there was no problem in me selling them, half hour later they got taken down and a warning. Called in and an American said the other representative shouldn't have said yes at all. Listed them successfully with no caps afterwards and was selling them with no problems. Sold the last maybe 24 all to one guy making a museum for $560.

But wow I'd be infuriated if I got someone elses fees. And you said similar so was it obvious that it was someone elses email and not yours then and just sheer incompetence on part of the overseas person?
i talked to the US too same shit still stuck with thier fees i was more angry after the calls its only 69$ but im not gonna bail out 5 other burner scam accounts from 2010 at my own expense. Like i said ebay is pretty shit now days i was selling alot of game codes and shit so i went to g2a.com and made double what i made a entire week on ebay just in my sleep.
It's fine, it's just that I've heard that plenty of times and it just doesn't make sense however you look at it. I'm allright with people thinking that, though. Less competition!
File: shitjustgotreal.png (503KB, 946x872px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
503KB, 946x872px
Alright /biz/, tell me how fucked I am. I'm forcibly returning a broken item to a seller through eBay's "buyer protection" program because he won't offer a refund, but the seller has refuted everything I've said.

I'm claiming:
>the item is not as described (some cosmetic wear)
>the item is broken (also not as described)

The seller is claiming:
>being a used item, the *cosmetic wear* is to be expected, and he had no obligation to mention it in the listing
>the item was in working condition when before sent it out, and furthermore he has "proof" (assuming it's not doctored)
>the item was damaged during shipping

Seller is offering a partial refund of $50 (for a $570 item). Should I accept or escalate the dispute and put the decision in eBay's hands? Who will win?
you will win cause your a scammer and ebay love scammers.
But hes right about hte cosmetic wear if he listed it as Used.
If its broken then its gonna come down to Him loosing or you loosing because you didnt "Insure" it
The seller claims to have insured the package before shipping.

I assume you're joking when you call me a scammer. I'm returning it because it's broken, but the cosmetic wear is also a bummer.
File: 1402222243267.jpg (57KB, 233x233px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57KB, 233x233px
>I'm forcibly returning a broken item to a seller through eBay's "buyer protection" program because he won't offer a refund


I hope the seller wins, I have a claim that would make eBay laugh at your return case. If you wouldn't mind sharing the seller's name so I can help him out?

>In other news:

What's the problem? The item arrived broken. Does the seller have immunity in a case like this?
Found my old pokemon cards and ended up getting almost $500 for a first editon, shadowless charizard I hadn't seen in a decade. Turns out I knew what was up when I was a kid and collected some good stuff. Too bad all that logic is long gone now.
I hate people like you that post the vaguest shit trying to get people to side with you. What was the item and how is it broken? There is no fucking reason for you not to tell us.
File: Capture.png (169KB, 1255x931px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
169KB, 1255x931px

The seller can win if he knew what to say to eBay, from what you said it sounds like you wanted him to refund you the money without you sending back the product...what the hell?


>Buyer buys item
>Buyer claims item is not as described
>I call eBay and get case closed
>Buyer makes new account 3 days later
>I call eBay
>eBay laughs and gives me a pre-made case number for when he leaves a negative feedback...
>ebay Advanced search
>tick off checkbox for "completed listings only"
>tick off "successfully sold only"
No YOU have to insure it there has to be an option for it at something priced that high.
No im not joking, buyer protection system is a joke and they aid scammers and scumbags

You have every right to try to return if its broken, but not if its just cosmetic wear IF he listed it as used or anything else than brand new or mint condition
I'm probably making a bad case for myself here on bizchan by not giving all the details, but I didn't want to disclose too much information to protect myself.

The item is literally broken. It does not function as it should. I cannot use it as I would normally if it was fully functioning. I talked to the seller to try fixing this before prompting a return but we were unable to fix the issue. The cosmetic wear is a minor thing that I wish he mentioned in the listing, but I'm more concerned about how it's broken.
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