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Resume Checking thread.

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Since I can't find the last one and I want to see whether my resume is good or not.
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>powerlifting (sport)
oh my fucking god, where do I even begin.

First, where did you come up with this resume? It's horrendous. You're going to want to start over. I am not kidding, and trust me... you will want to start over.

Google "resume" and see what you're supposed to do. I can't even say everything that is wrong with this "resume" because EVERYTHING is wrong with it.

Okay thanks so far. Will come back sooner or later.
let me give you a few tips because I fucking feel BAD for you

- break up your long ass sentences into bullet points
- please, fix "referees".. it's supposed to be "references"
- pay attention to your capitalization, it should be consistent everywhere. Example, look at "Employment History" and "Additional qualifications"... pick one style of capitalization, and stick with it across your resume.
- Shorten your resume to ONE PAGE. You do not have tremendous amounts of work experience that requires you to have two pages
- If you really want to list those "key skills", then break it up into two columns of four rows, since you have eight items (to conserve space)
- Don't automatically give references
- a lot more, make the fixes I mentioned, THEN COME BACK FOR REVIEW.
On the aesthetics side of things: ditch MS Word and go for LaTeX, looks much more professional.

You can find decent templates for CVs here:

Word is fine to use, as long as you're not retarded about it.

I will make an extra copy of it in LaTeX, since I know some places don't allow pdf's to be uploaded (I know, it's fucking stupid)
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Okay shortened it and took on your advice.

My current thoughts so far on it:

- A lot more white space than before
- Easier to read

Something that I do want to add to it would be the fact that I am proficient in Korean now. Which is something that I think would make me stand out a lot.

Actually I noticed one inconsistency and that is with the spacing between the headings of each section. will fix that now.
>I hope to make a unique contribution due to my background
The funny part is your resume gives no insight into your background at all. It's completely worthless as is.
this is 10,000 times better than the first, but

>remove the bullet point about your "unique background". you're a college graduate. nothing unique there, sorry
>under key skills, you list almost all soft skills. given that this is likely a generic template of you cv, that is okay. when applying for specific positions, make sure to include keywords and skills nearly verbatim from the job posting.
Feels a bit empty, maybe list some major projects you were involved in during your degree to fill up a bit more space, and list what YOU did to contribute to the project.

Maybe make up some bullshit in the work experience as well like "Online maths & physics tutorials - Tutored students, friends & family with their respective curriculum via skype and face to face, communicating concepts clearly to reinforce skills"
Also list your GPA otherwise they think you have something to hide, and you keep on mentioning your background but you need to provide brief 1-2 sentence examples of what you've done and what you have to offer. You're literally competing against hundreds of other graduates out there from many backgrounds...
I AM GLAD YOU TOOK MY ADVICE. Now that I see you took my advice, I will provide you with more advice.

1) As others have mentioned, fix the spacing between headers of each section, and the text under it.
2) Flush the date of your education to the RIGHT SIDE, to match the positioning of the dates for work experience
3) fuck it I am going to retype your resume and I am going to do it right for you since you are putting in the effort

wait why is nobody pointing out that this is completely fucking shit?

Did you not do anything other than go to class? Where are internships, undergraduate research, publications, etc.? You look like a garden variety fucking pleb. Please do not send this to a university. Everyone else will have had so much more experience you will look like a fucking loser.
probably because a thread takes time to be seen by a large variety of people. There is only 16 posts so far anon and some are between 2 people.

OP my advice will probably match a few others but I found these helpful.

1. Don't overpad a resume with buzz words because everyone uses them. Example: "strong acedemic background" is a pointless padding. They will just look at your education section, which in your case didn't list enough information like GPA. Unless that is the blacked out part.

2.Did you go out of your way to do anything beyond your experience that shows this dedication? Example: working for a city as a crossing guard pre age 16 for me, it showed i was mature for my age and willing to work hard.

Another example for work experience or activities: I volunteered to help build a city trail in the park when I was younger. It was a great project to interact with people and give back to the community and looks great on certain job applications. Basically you need to stand out from other resumes by going out and doing things that most people would pass on.

It is never too late either. If you are applying for a math related job for example you could check your area to see if any organizations are in your area.

3. Join business organizations and be an active member. Ideally you want to do this while your still in school. But if you are already done you could take another class to keep current with your degree and sign up for some organizations at the college. These types of side experience are what keeps people looking at resumes.
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additional advice on image
here was my thoughts on the direction you should take
File: your_new_resume.png (77KB, 901x1166px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It is IMPORTANT that you find a place to add MATLAB and PYTHON. I am not too keen on keeping the key skills at the top, because I feel like some of those points can be elaborated on to "build your case" to your potential employer as to why they should hire you.

This dropbox link is for the document I just created, which you can open and modify. That way you don't need to retype it:

Pic related: it's your new resume

don't forget, it still could use some improvement (by that, I mean more meat, and a final decision made on what to do with key skills at the top).

Also, important point: you are not a graduate. You are an undergrad. Graduates have gone to grad school and obtained their masters or higher. So I changed your objective to reflect that. Speaking of objectives, they are somewhat useless depending on who you talk to, but in this case, I left it on there and changed the wording since you have provided no cover letter.
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I have attached part one of two of a resume that I used to land my first job out of University a couple of years ago. It's a technical two-page resume, and I sent it out about 7 months before I actually completed my B.S. The resume is designed to get past the automated filters and HR drones that do the first-pass filtering of resumes, ideally aiming to get the attention of a technical hiring manager.

The first page simply lists my name, contact info, address, educational experience (just university, no high school), and then my two most relevant job/volunteer experiences related to the position I was applying to. White space, alignment, and consistency are key to make it as easy to read as possible.
File: resume_page2.png (70KB, 814x903px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here is part two of two. The second page is almost entirely a "keyword stuffing" section, because technical hiring managers are almost always using full-text keyword searches through the massive pile of resumes to find candidates. The idea is to put in a bunch of keywords that will at least get your resume looked at. However, you have to make it not look like obvious keyword stuffing.

If I were to compress it down into a one-page resume, I would shorten the paragraphs on my first page's experience down to just three sentences each, and then take the two most relevant clubs/organizations that I had, and couple that with the two most-relevant lines from the "technical skills" section.
File: CV.png (235KB, 966x685px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated
File: Untitled.png (164KB, 915x1069px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Save space by removing class grades. Nobody will care especially after your first job, they won't even ask you what overall grade you got.

Here's mine. Haven't updated in over a year, planning on starting from scratch.

Any comments?

>Poor grammar and multiple typos
>Overall format is poor (As said above, look up a professional template)
>Everything should be bullet points (never use paragraphs)
>Remove "key skills" (This is useless unless they are specific certifications or skills, not shit like "motivated")
>Completely remove interests (It's useless padding)
>Referees (I almost want to just say that your post is troll bait because of this one typo)

For you, this resume shouldn't be longer than a single page.

Thank you, so much. Sorry for the late response, I just woke up since I'm in Australia.
I figured you were in Australia.. I googled "national police clearance for working with children" to see what the heck it was, and saw the only results were from Australia lol.

But yeah, welcome, and work on it... post it here when you've made revisions
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resume anon.png
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Trying to apply for a summer Internship for a corporation since its too late to apply for a b4.

Summer internship is in December for me. So I would probably go for an internship now or simply take another degree and do a lot more things during that to try and stand out a lot more.
>does someones resume for them cause they put effort

this is some civilized, touching-level shit right here
File: cv.png (185KB, 801x1133px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm planning to use this when applying for a fall internship at a very 'creative' agencies, without own HR departments and two larger companies with HR.
Where are your projects? You spent 4 years studying development. I know you have a github and hopefully a solid portfolio, but your resume lists very clearly what the results were of your experience.

What did your work achieve at tocquingy? What else did you make that saw some direct result?

The largest portion of your resume is your education and it shouldn't be. That is only a few lines, I certainly don't want to see a full description of your degree.

I like the design palette. But I have to add as well, there is a huge negative space on your left side, you should strive to reduce that because that type of asymmetric gap is not aesthetic.
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 12

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