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I'm looking for books that you guys recommend for improving

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I'm looking for books that you guys recommend for improving my sales skills...
I am also interested
I read "I'm looking for boobs"
You can't learn sales from books. There are only 2 ways to learn how to sell:
1. You have to practice your sales game
2. Try picking up women

First one is kinda simple so lets jump on #2.
When you try to pick up a girl you are trying to sell her an idea that you are the best guy who has ever lived and you have what she needs.
Sex, love, support whatever.
Same goes for business. You are trying to sell your product/service as the best one ever.
Practice is the biggest part but 'you can negotiate anything' by herb cohen is super helpful

I am not bad at picking up girls, but never thought about it that it's actually the same thing....

however, i'm sure there are a lot of tips and tricks for selling stuff... taking advantage of psychology, body language etc...

anyways, thanks for the reply !

so working in a sales job call center would be a good one ?
Not really sure to be honest, I work in retail sales; i'm assuming it would be pretty similar though
Why don't you try it out? For example try 6 rules from How to win friends and influence people. (You can DL it for free over internet)

Part 2 - Six Ways To Make People Like You
• 1 - Do This and You'll Be Welcome Anywhere
• 2 - A Simple Way to Make a Good Impression
• 3 - If You Don't Do This, You Are Headed for Trouble
• 4 - An Easy Way to Become a Good Conversationalist
• 5 - How to Interest People
6 - How To Make People Like You Instantly

Basicly smile, be interesting, let people talk about them self and mention their name few times.

I sucked at talking to people and I just followed this simple rules.
Now I have more friends then I can count and I had 1 friend with 15yo (now I'm 24).
Same goes for business. Yesterday I talked my way into 30% disc on accoutant services + free reports for this 1.1.
In 45min I talked for maybe 5min.
It just takes practice.
This. I can see that see is a fattie too.
Your fuckface isn't gonna fool me!
If i mastered 2. already, any plans for 1.?
try friedman's sales techniques (i think i spelled that right) its a little out dated but still has a lot of good practices as far as all around sales goes; words that work, closing sales, providing an premier customer experience... etc. ive done sales for the last 7 yrs, about 4 yrs ago is where i found his techniques, some are common sense but everything else he had helped to smooth rough the edges of my sales processes
Oh god. I know who pic related is (if its really her..)
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How do you get better in basketball? You get better in basketball by playing basketball. Easy.

Same goes for sales. Find something on aliexpress/alibaba/ebay/cheap in stores and sell it online or "IRL".

Lets say you are found a guy who will sell you 100 comicbooks for 250$. The comic books sold 1 by 1 are worth lets say 1000 (some are worth more, some are worth less).
You find a channel where you gonna sell - lets say forums or ebay or whatever.

After that you realize. Ok, this was good bcs XY and it was bad bcs XY.
Lets try it this way. And repeat.

Its all practice and trail and error.

Bonus story/advice:
I was selling under armor, Nike etc. in my local town.
I had a nice 50-100% profit per item and then I made my worst business decision ever.
I decided to buy some Guess boots/belts/wallets etc. and wasted around 5k euros on that crap. Till this day I can't sell them all.
Advice is -> sell something you know and stick to it. (or just don't all in stupid shit)
>pic related

Influence: the science of persuasion by cialdini is the moves

hope you're not using it to sell shill shit
I've got just the book for you! For the low low price of $29.99*!!!
My freind, i want you to read Napoleon Hill - Law of Success.

Here is a link to it.

When you're done you have whole new perspective to life, and what you going to do with it. Not only in sales, but for your economy, social life etc. Its a good

Also start studying NLP. Introduction to NLP, by Joseph O Connor, is a good start to get an idea what NLP is about.
do you live in ontario?
NLP for sales can work great, I always recommend to torrent jordan belforts the straightline sales system, it adds quite a lot of NLP to sales and is quite good .
Also, Dale Carnegies books can help a lot.
Nope. Europe.

This is my primary list. Im studying alot of psychology because i think its important to read people and understanding what they really want (its of curse the things you want them to do)

Spin Selling, Niel Rackham
Introduction to NLP, Joseph O'Connor.
Mans search for meaning, Viktor E. Frankl
Buffet: The making of an American Capitalist
The Stopwatch Gang, Greg Weston
The structure of magic 1
The sciene of power - Benjamin kidd. ‘
Think and grow rich - Napoleon Hill.
Observation; Every Man His Own University," Russell H. Conwell.
Law of Attraction - David Hopper
Spin Selling, Rackham, Mcgraw-Hill, 1988.
Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People
The Man From Maine.
Hypnotherapy Milton H. Erickson, Ernest L. Rossi.
Timeline & the basis of personality
The one Minute Sales person, Spencer Johnson, Larry Wilson
Your list is good, very good actually.
Still, if you are interested in reading people, I can't stress enough reading Joe Navarro and Allan&Barpara Pearse books on body language. Also consider torrenting/buying METT and SETT by Paul Ekman.
Ekman and Navarro alone will give you and anyone a huuuge advantage over the rest on body language and reading people. Add some Patti Wood and you get all covered.

About sales, Grant Cardone is very good also, Sell or Be Sold is a very good read.
Here is he live in a sales call, and he has other good videos on sales https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBK64vdljZ0

Brian Tracy is a classic and has great info also

The one I can't recommend highly enough to anybody in sales is Tom Hopkins
Please watch and read all you can about this guy, his style will help you lots in becoming a "human" and likable salesman, to connect and to get the trust and appreciation of your posible clients.
He and Jordan are the ones that IMO can make the biggest impact in a sales focused career. Also, Steven Schifman is a great add on to any sales arsenal.

You seem to have a great base to start, I will appreciate a lot if you can keep us updated on your progress in sales. Tjis board can really use some success stories in sales and you seem to be on a very good start.
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Thank you very much for your detailed reply !
Isn't this book outdated? I mean straight out compliments are seen as very crude in modern society.
It can seem outdated, but there is a reason as to why is it still considered a great book, because it Works.
Straight out compliments arent bad per se, its just about how you deliver them and the subject of said compliment, just like when trying to pick up a girl.
If you make them too direct regarding physical aspects, then it can be percieved as rude. If you compliment people on things that are a reflection of their personality, it is way better in my experience.
It isnt the same to say "you have gorgeous eyes" than to say "I really like your scarf, where did you buy it" to a potential client.
Update your approach.
Don't say:
You have nice ass, you have nice eyes, you have nice rack etc.
Only compliment on this they want to show off.

If you need to compliment a guy then you need to compliment his status symbols (watch, car etc.)

If you need to compliment a girl then you need to compliment on what she spends the most time on.
You can say I like your hair but the hair needs to be fresh (you have 3-4 hour window for this one), or you can say "I like your xy" if lets say her clothes is black but that part is red. She wants it to be noticed.
>Isn't this book outdated?
Nope. They usually update the book every now in then, so it will fit in with the modern times.
A book will not improve your sales skills. Selling will improve your sales skills and that's it.
Thread posts: 30
Thread images: 3

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