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NoNEO cope thread

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>Bought 2030NEO at $2.50
>Realised it was a shitcoin
>Sold at $7.50
>A few days later it pumps to the moon
I hate NEO, it is garbage, but why did I sell /biz/? Why didn't I just wait a little longer?
Oh man you're going to be so pissed when it reaches 100$ and beyond.
>brought ants at 0.00143
>sold ants 0.00396
>brought ants 0.002899
>sold ants 0.00252
>brought ants 0.002397
>sold ants at 0.00214
>swore off ants 25 june

I still doubled my money, but if I held from the beginning I would have 6x.
>bought at 70k,
>rode some waves sold at 400k
>bought back in 250k sold at 290k pre fork

What they say is true, missing out on gains hurts more than losing money
Bought 1000 of them, held them for MONTHS, through the June peak and the dip and stagnation thereafter, got sick of the bags, sold when it hit the same peak vs satoshi's as in June (a few days ago).

Have been watching it moon this whole time, not wanting to buy back in and get 'less neo' with the risk of everyone realising it's a shitcoin and losing my satoshis.

I still think this way, watching it go up and up and up.

Ready to neck myself.
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nicki pepe.jpg
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time to invest in some better hands OP
>Backed by Alibaba group
Sold at 580k yesterday morning and watched it moon to 840k. Lesson learned. I will risk losing money before losing gains again
scale out dude. I sold a tiny bit at 580k and have been until now. trying to call the top or bottom never works out. sell bits on the way to the top and buy the way down it's not rocket science!
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Don't bother buying back in. Wait until it dips. Buy some sia or verge so you don't miss the next rocket ship.
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>tfw sold at $9
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>tfw sold at $11
I held for months, and still missed the moon mission. I guess I'm a fiatmarine now.
They arn't back by ali lol and they just use some tech which derives from NEO (onchain)
I dumped because of facts like this, but now I realize that the average investor doesn't give a shit about research.
It's all just FOMO or FUD

people are high on gains, they dont even know shit about what neo actually is

and if they think this growth is sustainable, they are in a surprise, even eth couldn't keep it up, it dipped almost 80%
You know what that means anon? We are offically in a bubble. It's going to be a epic sight.
How the fuck can we be in a bubble if everything just dropped 80% and then recovered?

What the fuck will a crash look like to you then? 90%?
I held quite a lot, sold around 11 thinking it would dip back down and I'd take quick profit. Holy fuck.

Took that money though and put it in OMG last night, right after the Vitalik announcement. Up 25% overnight. Hopefully will ride up eventually like NEO. I'm a fuckin wreck
I'm talking about the crypto market as a whole. It's very simillar to the dot com bubble. People buy shit blindly cause they think it's the next big thing and they're going to be rich. It's a classic sign of a bubble.
it sure is
but im tired of calling it out

markets are chaotic
so i am joining the ride with some spare money that i can afford to lose
tired of all this stupid coiners making big $$ while i sit and watch them in envy
The important question to ask yourself though is which cryptos will be the Amazon/Google/Yahoo and which will be the Pets/Webvan/Etoys?
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When will the bubble moon!
I remember when the 2013 bubble popped. Nearly all the alt coins from that era died. If and when this bubble pops, a lot of people are going to get hurt
I thought NEO was a scam, but this Chinese coin proved me wrong. Never underestimate the power of the Chinks. It's like walking in front of a train. This coin has the full force of China buying.
>See ANS at less then .05 cents
>Ignore it because of shit like the OP image
>few weeks later, spend my BTC on a fucking shitcoin
>that coin crashes
>want to get into ANS at $14
>my shitcoin still wont let me break even
and here I am, hodling SafeX until I can break even while NEO runs away
Thread posts: 26
Thread images: 7

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