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your advice needed

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hey /biz,

i've always wanted to start a software development company. so i studied computer science and participated in various "start up/ entrepreneur" courses in college. but the more i try to figure out how i could create a service or product to work with and how to gain customers, the more i think all those efforts will be going to fail. there are lots of companies offering software development as a service or selling a product like a crm tool on a higher level than i could offer (without an investor who gives me enough the capital to hire other 20 devs and designers). i can't find a way to start up. during my studies i gained the skills to create software products during my college time but i don't know what to build. the area i'm currently living in has not much more than a malfunctioning tourist industry. people here don't use twitter and are totally overwhelmed by the fact such a thing like facebook exists. what sounds like great opportunities is a nightmare. nobody seems to want to try out new technologies, nobody wants to digitalize their processes. there are a few companies which opperate in the dev sector but i have no clue how to get in. how can i compete with them without offering hilarious low and unrealistic prices? has somebody of you started a software company? what did you do to succeed? how did you approached potential customers? did you build a similar business? please tell me your stories and share your advice with me.

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oh no

nope. i can't foresee how this crypto thing will evolve. it would be a complete bet and that would be too risky for me.
It's true, unless you're individually striking it big with your own original idea (close to gambling), you have to think of something that is going to be practical, require your support, and probably cost more to get it off its feet before it becomes profitable.

There is no real magic way to "come up" with something. The rich tech innovators were largely snakes, smart guys who stole an idea they could recognize as lucrative and then got lucky otherwise.

Maybe look into fixing software/hardware issues for people, or remote work, and finally: moving somewhere that actually has a tech scene.
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oh yes, you are going to need significant funding to market ,distribute , scale and hire maintenance, sales and support staff, unless you have saved up money already, or save created some sort of software system that can scale and market and maintain itself.
But if that was your plan, i don't think you would be here asking advice...

so yes.

thanks for your advice. i'm would definitely move to an area where a tech scene and other industries reside. how would it go from here on? is there a way to get in contact with people who know what an industry needs? e.g. i read about cloud based service for vending machines (they send their data in to the cloud and an algorithm decides when to send a technician (a small optimization problem)).
oh damn... :'( i guess kneepads means cocksucking 'til the end of my days...

You really have to get your foot into the industry to understand it. Not that it's amazingly difficult it's just the best way to start your working knowledge and progress from there.

So a job, internship, anything with a company. May tell you what you like and don't. As to what to know? Be proficient in JavaScript, C#/Java, and SQL. There are hundreds of meme languages and frameworks but this is the dimension you work from today.
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whats so bad about sucking dick anyways ?
you have fun and make money doing what you are good at and obviously love!
i'm not gay. so sucking dicks would be really shitty. not an option for me.
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don't lie to me, please , for your own good.
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good night, kneepad stranger.

I'm a software engineer and this has unironically been on my mind a lot

The first real non meme form of useful AI, could be applied a lot of places
Lol, you're way ahead of yourself. You should get experience in the software industry first before starting your own business. It's not just about price. You need people to trust you and your product. No one is willing to blindly invest in a person with no track record.
then do it assface, this isn't your blog.

then don't reply to that post

not your blog either cucklefuck
Sounds like you need a cofounder buddy, there are literally thousands of thirsty middle aged men who want some tech savvy kid like you to develop their ideas into usable products or applications, and pay you absolutley nothing for it, so look out for those guys.
i own the planet that owns this website, ya dork.

go outside and ask Somebody.
>. how can i compete with them without offering hilarious low and unrealistic prices?

Dude real some Michael E. Porter. You don't have to compete on Price, you NEVER compete on price. Look at people in your area as being Luddites as a blessing not a tough nut to crack, that means that you can get in on the ground floor with clients and provided them dev. services for years to come.

Honestly, it sounds like you know nothing about marketing and strategy. You're putting the cart before the horse "I want to do software development where are customers?"

That's not how you should work, you start first customer needs, things you can fix with your software skills.

People don't buy Diet Coke because they're thirsty, they do it to lose weight. It's counter intuitive, but that's why. Continuing with the cola theme, people will pay a premium at a train station for a small Coke, rather than walk around the corner to the grocery store where they can get a party sized one for the same price.

Identify what your customer needs, what they will pay a premium for. Also look beyond the obvious. You're probably thinking of business solutions, but what about, oh I don't know: Horticulturalists, Fisherman, Archivists... I dunno, they all need software solutions
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