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>TFW fell for the /r9k/ and /pol/ NEET meme and now I'm

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>TFW fell for the /r9k/ and /pol/ NEET meme and now I'm 21 years old with no job experience, no skills, no friends, no education, simply no future

The kicker is, the best part is, that i didn't even make any use of my abundant freetime in these few years. While I didn't work i could have at least done something useful like gotten proficient at a sport, learned programming, read many books or at least learned some basic skills using youtube videos and the vast collection of on-line tutorials. For goodness sakes' I couldn't even invest in the crypto boom due to having no money.

The "NEET meme" was the worst meme of my life. I have a suspicion that the "smug neet pepe" pictures and the entire existence of the "neet master-race lifestyle" memes were simply created by Jews, or wagecucks to create less competition for themselves. By shilling the NEET meme so hard on internet forums and glorifying laziness they have effectively reduced the amount of competition for the esteemed positions that they hold.
Then do something about it dumbfuck
I'm 27 and have both NEETed and wageslaved in my adulthood. I can tell you with certainty that working fucking sucks. If you have some sort of genius level marketable skill its probably better but thats a very small fragment of the population.

I'm only here to get enough money on crypto to be able to buy my way into a meager passive income I can NEET on forever.
It's fun seeing how many people respond to all the b8 and copypasta here, proves new money is coming in every day xD
26 still a NEET living in parents vacation home. Traditing crypto successfully while day drinking in the pool smoking cigars. If this OMG coin pumps I will be able to abandon my job search and continue my NEET ways.
But ETH, BNC, MCO and Dcorp to become a man again.

LOL oh you fucking newchild
nice just bought 100k
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Sounds like you need the Armed Forces! Good luck in basic! Study fro the ASVAB! Get into Signal Core then into intelligence. After your 4-8-20 years go into A three letter Agency and help keep America Great.
If you do really well and can swing it: Monterrey Language School could be in your future!
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Or ICE is hiring!
Same.. 4chan destroyed my life
I honestly would live the NEET life still if part of it didn't involve having to take care of a parent with a degenerative brain disease

Shit fucked me up for good
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All right OP, so you finally realized that you're a retard. So that's it, game over, better kill myself, right?

You are 21 years old. You're a baby and in the prime of your life. You can sit here on 4chan feeling sorry for your faggot self or you can do something about it. Turn your computer off, read a book, go for a run, do fucking anything, and think about what you want to do with the life you have.

The world is full of opportunity if you can see past the FUD. Reach out and seize it OP.
Only option is to kill yourself or become a truck driver
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Better to get a job OP and make sure to pay your taxes, my NEETbux aren't going to pay for themselves now are they?
>blackpill: when you are a NEET bored of NEETing, you finally get in the rat race, and you see that even if NEETting sucks, it's better than being a wageslave

It's impossible to be happy unless you are born rich or at least 8+ in looks so you get your dick sucked by hot girls when you leave your workplace.

The reason I haven't killed myself is because I got into crypto before you all retards got into it (I was one of the few talking about bitcoin here and getting laughed at while you traded memestocks)

Now I got 21 BTC which means im elite level since there will be only 21 million coins.

If everything goes as planned, I should be rich by 2027, I will still not be 40 by then. It sucks having to wait so long tho, but at least I will be NEET and fucking hot hookers in spain.
Hmm can I get food stamps and be a Cryptocoin thousandaire? That'd be pretty sick
lmao i've been here a month and already have 10 coins

what the fuck were you doing to fuck up so badly???
Same but I'm running a large scale botting operation for a mobile game and looking for a job since I graduated recently.
How many of you are like OP and come here to give crypto advice?
>new money
wew lad
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"4chan destroyed my life"
>anonymous message board of people either hating on neets or warning people not to become neet and make something of your lives destroyed your life

I'm sorry anons your lives were over before they began
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