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Rialto XRL

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TL:DR for the ADHD kids. XRL is a bargain you will likely never find again in a market full of blood. Huge demand growing for it and it hasn't hit exchanges yet.

Even in the bloodiest of markets there are always nuggets of opportunity if you know where to look. Rialto (XRL) is exactly that opportunity currently unofficially trading at a 50% discount to the ICO price.
A quick breakdown and summary for those who don't know (most wont) what happened.

>pic related
They ran a modest and respectable crowdsale at the begging of July that never made it past the first 2 days of priority access. It hit it's modest cap of 10mil some 2 days into a 14 day priority access for subscribers. Shortly after tokens values for calculated and distributed.
That's it, all the tokens that will ever exist are in the hands of only 1300 odd investors.
The token went for roughly $0.15c a piece.

They were due to list on exchanges August 1st, but because it's an ERC20 token and it has been distributed, there was nothing stopping it being traded on Ethdelta. While technically not an exchange, It's still a market you can buy and SELL tokens on. Sell being the operative word here. During the recent bloodbath people have been keen to sell whatever they can to shore up liquidity to cover margin positions or even buy other coins.

Right now XRL has effectively been on sale at times as much as 50% cheaper than ICO.
At the same time, the number of people who have subscribed to Rialto has more than doubled.

There's 2 weeks left until it hits exchanges and I highly doubt it will ever be this cheap again.
i hate you pajeet.
Nice scam coin faggot
Romano bought this one
I doubt this thing will survive without ETH, and ETH is dead.
Rubbish. I've been trading and transferring on the network for weeks with no issue. Ethdelta executes trades via contract and each transaction, no matter how small only takes a minute.
The price is still up over 1200% since March. A bunch of new-meat buying the top of a parabolic rise and subsequently shitting the bed when there's a retraction is hardly a "death".
Anyway, Ethereum isn't going anywhere.
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Nice try.

RialtoAI twitter: "We noticed our XRL tokens began trading on Etherdelta today, but listing on ETHERDELTA IS NOT OFFICIAL and was NOT LISTED BY US! RIALTO.AI"

Yes. People don't seems to be able to discern between ETHdelta and a normal exchange. ETHdelta is a marketplace, it's not an exchange. It allows listing of ERC20 tokens to be traded as contracts, like a 1-1 trade. If the tokens are in circulation, then there is nothing stopping anyone from trading among themselves.
What ETHdelta doesn't do, is it doesn't hold the tokens in a single wallet and it doesn't automatically fill orders. You have to manually select the tokens you want to buy and the contract to buy from.

Rialto had to clarify that it's not the official exchange listing they said would take place on August because it's actually not an exchange.
I'm expecting/hoping this to poorly right out of the gate. I would like more but didn't have the funds during the presale to get the amount I want. My plan is to hold until at least the next BTC bull run.
Oh well, actually learned something today.
Thanks for the info.
Thanks OP. I bought 600 @ $.11/each.

Let's see what happens.
TL:DR Don't buy XRL because its' a pajeet scam.
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