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Prepare for LTC mooning. >Bitcoin segwit will make peopl

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Prepare for LTC mooning.

>Bitcoin segwit will make people flock to LTC
>On the day of segwit, MIT releases new litecoin technology: http://litecoin.mit.edu/

b-b-ut anon, any MIT student can make a page like that, it's probably a joke!

Reminder that it was MIT students that invented the lightning network:

B-b-b-b-b-but anon I'm still not convinced! Well, Charlie Lee says it's pretty likely.

Buy LTC and HODL. It'll go to 200$ in the next 3 weeks. You can thank me later.
>charlie says it spretty likely

No, he didn't.


he said it's a possible SCAM.

>bitcoin segwit will make people flock to LTC

you literally don't even know what's happening with bitcoin you stupid retard. It's not segwit that's making people cash out of BTC, it's what happens AFTER which is the fucking hardfork.If btc gets segwit and no hardfork, LTC is DEAD. There is no purpose for it anymore if BTC gets segwit.

And MIT students INVENTED the lightning network? LMFAO, this kid is actually fucking retarded, go fucking kill yourself you pathetic retard

Your shit shilling on biz with 0 research done will not save your shit investment. LTC is fucking useless in 2 weeks.

I want to believe. :D
The answer lies somewhere in the middle between the full shill and the full fud.
Bitcoin has always been inferior to LTC, and guess what, no one gives a shit, there is and only will be 1 coin, BTC. everything else is a pump and dump. The sooner you accept this the better off you will be.
Meh LTC is just another altcoin. Just buy some BTC
first of all you sound very angry,

second of all people are not selling because of hardfork, they are selling because of the unknown.

Third of all if you actually think ltc has no value if bitcoin gets segwit, which it doesnt it gets segwit 2x not the real one, then you are the person who should kill himself.

Dollar has always been inferior to Euro, and guess what, no one gives a shit, there is and only will be 1 coin, Dollar. everything else is a pump and dump. The sooner you accept this the better off you will be.
I thought this when I got into crypto, but that clearly hasn't been true over the past few months.

>LTC is dead

Not going to happen. LTC will always be used for experimental purposes before they're added to BTC. LTC is the betafag of BTC since their codes are similar and backwards compatible so bitcoin developers have charlie try shit on LTC before adding it to BTC.

Charlie is good friends with many bitcoin developers & miners. No one is going to screw him and the 60%+ asian majority who own litecoins.

The only one who isn't good friends with the asians is Vitalik. Many do not like Ethereum and that's why it's dropping like hotcakes.

Litecoin will never be a $xxxx coin, but it could reach low $xxx.
>believing that any actual organization at MIT would do a "countdown clock" to a technology reveal.
If you had ANY reading comprehension, I said IF it gets segwit.

If you kept up with btc AT ALL, you'd realize segwit2x is NOT sure thing.

Core devs are not accepting it, they are pushing bip148 through on august first. Now we are going to see the miners reactions.

The hardfork IS the unknown, you fuck face. They don't know if it will fork or not. The fork is NOT locked in. Stop typing. Retards
The hardfork wont even come till november which would be the fastest date, why the fuck would anyone panic now for shit in november.

Stop breathing

This LTC test bed meme for BTC is retarded, they have an ACTUAL testnet that they use for that, idiot.

When will ltc test out segwit2x? Oh, that's right, it fucking won't. Because it isn't a testbed. You know what is? The fucking btc testnet.

It's going to be useless if BTC locks in segwit properly.

That testnet is the very reason why people are freaking out, they fucked up the segwit2x fork on the testnet and they're STILL pushing it through, which is why core devs are pushing bip148 again on august 1st.

NONE of you have any idea what you're talking about. STOP misinforming people.
WRONG. Can you read, mother fucker? Segwit2x IS NOT LOCKED IN.

AND Core REFUSES to accept it EVEN IF IT IS. They are pushing through with bip148 again on august first because segwit2x is a cluster fuck. If BIP148 goes through, jihan has his UAHF ONE MONTH after. This is a different beast from segwit2x hardfork.

This is a late august-sept hardfork that is impending once again.

That still doesn't explain why Ethereum is dropping like hotcakes Lucy.
segwit2x is locked in you dumbass
it's a shit coin.

the fuck do you think a market cycle is, idiot? Everything is dropping and completing it's market cycle. It doesn't go up forever. Expect 60-80% retrace.

is it not just more reason to go with LTC or to cash out in FIAT?

If BTC is going to remain this divided...everyone's going to lose.
No it isn't faggot, SIGNALLING ISN'T EVEN LOCKED IN TIL JULY 21ST. SEGWIT2X doesn't even fucking WORK. It FUCKED up the testnet. If segwit2x goes through, it could LITERALLY break bitcoin.

And READ THE REST. You are grossly misinforming people, you fucking faggot cunt. EVEN IF THE MINERS SIGNAL SEGWIT2X ON 21ST, BIP148 IS STILL GOING THROUGH.

BIP148 is going to STOP segwit2x even IF it goes through. UAHF THREAT by jihan is 1 month after.

LTC solves every problem with BTC.

Bitcoiners need to just cash out or move to LTC which is the future of crypto.
why the fuck would you go with LTC now of all fucking times? It's the only one that's sitting near the top of it's market cycle, while the rest are low as shit.

I'm sitting in fiat, if you aren't you're fucking gambling with low odds. You really wanna fucking hope and pray to god that LTC slides into where BTC is now if segwit2x kills BTC? LTC has the most potential to drop like a rock right now.

This alt coin - bitcoin parity will likely break soon. Before this run up, altcoins usually moved inversely to bitcoin. I am expecting alts to move up again if BTC crashes, but if they break the support area they are on now, they all drop another 50% first.
>wash trading
>chinese hash power cartel
>pumped up price with a fake floor, fake volume
>double spend and other attacks likely
>all marketing and hype
>hasn't passed 0.022

glowing reputation this coin has
Your passion suggests you know what you're talking about. I'm hodling btc in cold storage. Is there anything else I need to do?
Noone fucking uses LTC. BTC 1mb block was a scam.

Someone spammed the shit out of the network with TONS of money, BTC did NOT have full blocks. The problems were LIES.

Segwit is still required for it to scale in the future, but all the issues we came across in the last few months were a fucking hoax to push a political agenda. A fucking disgusting power grab.

pray to god that there is no hardfork, and that if there is, it doesn't go like the test.

Also have fiat ready for alts that have fiat gateways, like XRP, ETH, XMR, etc. Those will rebound first.
THIS guy SEEMS to KNOW what HE'S talking ABOUT. i MIGHT sell LTC and GET back INTO bitcoin. THANKS for THE help.
i heard him say in an interview that he is "assuming it be a hoax"
Thread posts: 27
Thread images: 1

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