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Ethillionaire here Shill me your bags and i may buy them if i

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Ethillionaire here
Shill me your bags and i may buy them if i like them enough
no, fuck you
You are the first nigger i met whos jelly about his heavy bags, what is it faggot, didnt dump dgb at the right time and now you are stucked with it?
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Prove it by sending me 5 eth. If you are the whale you claim to be this is nothing to you.

Get a fuckin job nigger
Buy litecoin for the pleb influx that is destined to happen any time now, they'll see the low price of ltc on coinplebase and buy it up. Only a matter of time
plot twist: the bags are actually your eth
Purchased them when they were 0.97, i wouldnt call them bags.
Own them already.
show proof or fuck off you faggot
41.16 ethereum is all I got, I wanted to buy some litecoin yesterday but luckily I didn't

like i should prove my wealth to some pajeet on the internet
lost the most of eth in a enormous dip
would be great

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Jokes on you, I'm shitposting from work. On a serious note Synereo is very interesting. Crypto Patreon with incentives for users to discover and share content. Have my eye on it personally.
Synero you say.

Beta opens the 30th.

Shill me a bit more on this pls. I wanna ride a wave early

until you show no proof you are the pajeet here. or even worse a attention seeking neckbeard who needs the attention of some people on the internet and make them believe he actually achieved something in life, so he doesn't need to cry himself into sleep this night, like every other night because he just is an immense failure to his parents, who wished they had aborted him.
Even 1 would be freaking amazing for me!

Will look into it
you dont hold over 1 million ether, larping faggot
Please send ETH so I can buy more LTC 0xe555f71e61629594a545874788c6c69af6f6837d
Thats a poor attempt for a nigger as you to get some free eth faggot, since the only i want is some anon to shill me some unknown coin you have no hope

thanks for confirming you are a beta
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1 ETH is 1 rent for me. So you buy my girlfriend a hollyday.
Thanks :)
No, but the amount of eth i hold is worth well above a million dollar
Let them shill themselves: https://www.synereo.com

From their blog:

"Amplifying content with Synereo’s Qrator isn’t just a form of tipping or a voluntary payment for information received for free. Amplifying means teaming up with a content creator and becoming their partner.

After choosing the desired amount of AMPs to be invested in a piece of content, Qrator generates a unique link, associated with your account, which you can then share on social networks or otherwise distribute as you see fit.

Your friends and followers, clicking on the link, will be directed to this content embedded in the Qrator site and presented with the option to Amplify and share it as well. If they choose to do so, a share of the AMPs invested by them will be credited to you and to the person you discovered the content through, while a significant part will be handed to the original content creator. The more AMPs you invest in the content, and the more traction you create, the higher will be your reward from future Amplifications.
From the Creator side of the game, there’s the ability to place a bounty on their content – collected by users who can distribute it successfully, bringing views, subscriptions, and Amplifications. This allows the Creator to break the boundaries of his organic reach, Amplifying their work in the traditionalSynereo sense."

Has white paper.

It's a platform for user based support with kickbacks for discovering content. Direct donations for content works with an incentive and my favorite podcast the No Agenda show. They offer producer credits, on air note reading and shout outs, titles and rings for hitting one time or lifetime amounts. If people can pay to support good content, get themselves attention for sharing good content AND make money doing it, I can see it finding a nice niche. Really big fan of the project.
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then you are not an ethillionaire, you massive nigger faggot

and you have yet to prove anythang, DESU
bet your girlfriend has slept with other men before meeting you

bet you didn't burst her hymen

fucking cuck
Also that blog post is work safe. No clue why the URL says NSFW.
Jelly or what is your problem jew?
ark.io, it solves tx scaling plaguing ETH, serves as a cross-blockchain platform, has a solid team, enough financing and a promising roadmap; Q3 will shoot it into up to dance among the stars

mister president please tear down those sell walls starting with the one at 30ksats (bittrex)
Step up the crypto trading game, add me on Skype: CryptoAnna. Limited seats available.
Already holding :)
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 5

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