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Hey /biz/ so I am 28 years old and I make about 70k a year before

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Hey /biz/ so I am 28 years old and I make about 70k a year before taxes but only about 33k out of that is taxed anyway

I work 5 9 hour shifts a week I am good at my job but the people in it are a bummer and kind of stressful

I have an opportunity to transfer in my company to a different location doing essentially the same job however I would be working only 4 days a week with a couple 5 days throughout the year so I would be losing essentially 1/5th of my income but I would be gaining 3 day weekends and about 40 or so days out of the year I am not at work vs my previous job, the new location is also a bit nicer and less stressful with the staff

Is it stupid/lazy at my age to prefer to work a little less than it is to just make sure I am making more money? I feel like I would much rather have 3 day weekends than what I currently do.

I'd go for it. You work to live, not live to work. Don't be a nigger.
what are your savings like? have you started your retirement fund?

I agree but my brother and some others have said it is really stupid of me and I should start learning more or making it so my career can go further, different positions etc


I have a 401k but my company is not that great with matching, I save most of my money honestly I live pretty low and have nearly 100k saved up so far just kind of sitting there in cash that would look strange if I just started playing with it.
people always do that
they think if you're not kissing ass and working weekends you're "blowing your potential"
they'll also shit their pants to know you have a nice juicy income but no wife or kids

Pretty much, my brother is 23 and makes about 52k a year but he wants to go to school and figure out "what I want to do"

Whereas I am pretty sure I like to relax, see some family and friends, play games and go out to eat every now and then. A fuck ton of money would be nice but I feel like I am doing pretty decent at the moment, I can afford anything I need or help someone out when they need it, my vehicles and everything are all paid for and I I have zero debts. I am about to consider buying a house or something but am waiting for no real good reason

I do need to improve my credit thoughh
This guy is poor, I guarantee you that.
OP you're young, what's a little pressure 5 days a week u still get 2 days off is this job really that consuming? If you feel overwhelmed I would consider it otherwise stick to it and try to further your career. You're too young to sacrifice money for peace, right now you should be trying to make as much money as you can and learning as much as u can you can sacrifice money for peace when you're 50.

Why did you use both you and u like that?

9 hour work days with some shitty people just gets old after awhile, two days off is also kind of lame because you might need to do stuff the first day and the second day you have to make sure you can get to work the next. I feel like why should I wait until I am 50 to work less when I could do so now while still making what I feel to be decent money.

Also there is the opportunity cost to consider, during my down time I could be either relaxing or learning new and different things that could be nest eggs in the future. taking a hit of 13k or something a year does not seem like the worst deal when I am gaining more than a month off work and days off every single week that feel like days off for the most part.
Dont listen to this wageslave >>2561439
People that give you advise like that have been working their whole life and don't really know any better. Probably got their money in funds and some shady retirement plan.

Do what feels right. Tell your boss you're doing a small study or w'e and that you need the extra day off. If all fails or that extra day isn't all you expected to be you might be able to go back to fulltime work after a year or so?

Live your dreams, don't let fear and those few extra shekels hold you back.

My current manager is a corporate shill, and the brown nose kind not the smart kind, there is no way I can get the extra day where I am right now

And after I transfer I would not be able to move back to my old place again, but I am not really worried about all of that I know I can get work other places I just felt like this being an opportunity is not a bad one at all to consider.
You should look for a similar job at another company. You might not be making enough money.

If you are thinking about moving, then you should at least look at other companies.

It is not really like that, where I work is pretty specific, a casino actually, and the money I make in large is more to do with the player than the actual company so anywhere I go it will be a bit similar, I just happen to be pretty good at what I do so I can go almost wherever I would like that has a casino with my specific department
Thread posts: 12
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