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yet another episode of...

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this fat ass being wrong

seriously can this faggot stop tweeting? every time something is going well he tweets some fomo shit and it all immediately goes south. everytime it goes bad he tweets some retard FUD and it goes up right away

fuck sake

why do people follow this idiot

You answered your own question
god damn it
Did you seriously believe the profile pic is him?

How fucking stupid are you, you fat fuck son of a bitch?
I know that isn't him, you fucking retard

you think he's a greek god irl? he's obviously still a fat ass

gtfo faggot fanboy
literally who

fuck off with your eceleb shit
I'm quite literally insulting him, are you stupid?

he has a relatively large amount of followers for being a shit trader so I'm fucking wondering about it, is that difficult to understand, you fucking brainlet?
>PRing some faggot
>b-but im shittalking him!
fucking kill yourself retard
fucking moronic nigger, don't let me fucking see you irl you piece of shit before I obliterate you off this fucking planet in one fucking pinky flick
This faith..

Do the opposite of what he's saying then
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look, he tweeted this shit and his twitter fans are coming

fuck off fatty
>Crypto Twitter

They're all a bunch of fucking idiots. But it's much worse because they're idiots who feel validated because other naive idiots follow them and ask them for advice.
he woke up with six figures
his name was FatihSK
This is faith.. Youre all a bunch of sad autistic losers who support eachother on this stupid site. Enjoy being alone for the rest of your lives lmao.
None of you will ever have a proper girlfriend or a respectable life. Just posting on this autismchan. ENJOOYYY PHAGOOTS

look at these comments holy fuck

they immediately flock to stroke him off

"its ok bbg dont listen to them u the best now what shitcoin do i buy"
I just noticed, is that supposed to be an anagram of fat sikh?

probably using the ironic humor to hide his depression
You seem to have issues. Enjoy being alone for the rest of your life. Ill cry into my million.
That guy is definetley a fat virgin loser
i wonder if this is actually the fatty

like, normally, when people are this fucking retarded, it's a faggot ass larping cunt, but it could also be fatty himself knowing that most people will think it's a retarded nigger that needs to fucking DIE IN A FUCKING HOLE larper

either way, fat is still fat
Rather be fat than autistic and poor
controversially, we have the opposite here

this type of comment is less likely to be made by a bizfag and more likely to be made by fat ass himself, thinking he's being clever and smug and using self-deprecating humor when in reality it's actually a confession

either way, I agree completely
nobody said anything about fatty not being autistic and poor
I am definitely not autistic nor poor I can assure you but here is the evidence for you being a loser:
1) Posting about some random twitter celeb spouting absolute bollix
2) being on 4chan
3) being a loser
>doing the same things as I am

that feeling you have right now? the one aside from your usual crippling depression? that's called cognitive dissonance.
I am only coming in here from twitter, youre always here lmao. Bye
yup, fanboy faggot found

>I am only coming in here from twitter

gee that's clearly just another level up from 4chan


>calls fatty a random twitter celeb
>confesses to coming here from his twitter post
>what is cognitive dissonance
>your search history
obviously its not autismoboard like here. People with actual lives are on there not like here.
>' Bye'
>still here
>being this insecure
>this response time lag

you are browsing 4chan threads right now.
wanted to see your fagot response, left thread open faggot, enjoy your poor lonely life loser.
Actually I just noticed you mentioned depression, you must have it yourself and are projecting.. you know you could do the human species and kill your weak self. Take yourself out of the gene pool for the sake of the future. No one will miss you.
OP, twitter is a platform solely made for idiots and those who seek to exploit idiots. Guess what does that make you.
this kid is so lonely he kept replying when noone was here LMAO
the main purpose of twitter is to keep up with news you fucking faggot

you think you can trust literally any news on this board? yesterday we had fucking "bill gates buys antshares1111" as a top thread here
Thread posts: 35
Thread images: 2

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