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Ark Delegate - 100% Profit Sharing for the First Month!

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Proposal Updated:

Pool will have 100% payout for the first month.

The second month will feature a 90% payout and a lottery for 600 ark. In order to quality for this lottery you must have been a voter for at least two weeks before the end of the second month.

If Forging Starts on June 25th
100% Payout Last Until July 25th
Eligibility for Lottery Ends on August 11th.

I intend to run lotteries and giveaways for voters.

Hello biz community. Since the Ark delegate biz was able to get into the top 51 thanks to you all, I wish to extend my delegate proposal as well. My delegate name is hidden.


I do not intend to take voters away from biz. Instead I am offering the same 100% profit sharing for a month from the date I start forging. This proposal is for new ark voters but can help current voters of biz who have a large amount of ark.

biz has a little over a million votes. The more votes a delegate has the less each voter will earn because the total pool of votes is larger. Current voters of biz could split their ark into another address and vote for a me while earning more. How?

I wish to cap my delegate at 900,000 votes. This could change though if we are in jeopardy of exiting the top 51.

This cap will allow voters to earn more because the pool is smaller, so each voter holds a larger percent of the pool versus pools over 1 million votes.

This pool will be 100% profit sharing for the first month from the start of forging. It will then change to a 90% profit sharing pool once the month is complete.

If you are interested in joining or have any question, im available on the ark slack @hidden671, you can message me on the ark forums, or respond to this thread.
New to Ark here. When I tried to vote it says invalid transaction timestamp. What's up with that?
You have missed the first mover advantage and aren't showing any info about what you will be running while "biz" linked to his server and posted his rental bill.
You are going to want more than a toaster on a home connection to make the most of this.
done with this fucking coin, just another scam. It's dead.

kek weak hands will regret
If I have 2 how much do I get
It costs you one to vote and would take a couple of decades for you to make that back.
Join the discord

shit posting time
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fucking cunt has banned me perm. fuck it only reddit faggs anyways
I have 412 ARK and I got 0.8 ARK from /biz/ delegate.

Also I'm like -20% and it keeps sinking. Very disappointed with ARK :(
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i have HIV from falling down the rocks at the port
Everyone keeps saying this is a long hold and have been for weeks and your disappointed after what? A month?
shitis on a down trend while most other shitcoins are up
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>most other shitcoins are up
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I have 100k and keep holding until 2.5 - 5.0 or more if they establish working bridge technology. In that case i'll wait up to 10-50 dollars per ark. Ark itself is long tail and never be first performer but can be strong secondary actor in crypto currencies.
>Very disappointed with ARK
first of all this ain't no pump and dump shitcoin you seem to be after
this is a real world project with sufficient funding, a clear mission and a roadmap to achieving that mission

jobs and wozniak started in their garage, taking on IBM and winning for fucks sake
these things take time
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Thread images: 6

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