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>be me >year 2020 >pull up to lambo dealership, thinking

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>be me
>year 2020
>pull up to lambo dealership, thinking about buying a forth lambo for my 10/10 gf
>decide to buy most expensive one
>"alright sir, your total is 1 UBQ or 10 ARK
>buy it instantly using my SmartBridgeâ„¢ Technology neural implant
>pull up to intersection, see homeless chad with a sign begging for ARK
>"p-please sir, i'll give you 5000 ethereum"
>smile, haven't heard of that shitcoin in years
>run chad over and drive away at 200 mph, instantly bribe cops 10 CLOAK to look the other way
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I live you /biz/
I death you /biz/

im making that face right now
>be me
>be 2020
>have masters degree
>pull up in my bmw
>putting money in my 401k every week with a diversified portfolio
>maybe a little in crypto
>making over $100k a year probably more when I start my own business
>don't have a chip on my shoulder, just want to be successful and contribute to society
>mfw I know with certainty this is going to happen and I don't have to pray my coin goes up to get rich
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>Year 2020
>Look down from my bean fortress
>See some NEET drive off in a lambo
>Shake my head, go back inside
>Transfer .000001 Bitbeans to my financial adviser to pay for my vacation to italy
>private jet picks me up
>Fly to the BeanVillaggio
>Have sex with 10/10 supermodels for the next few weeks
>See an ARKuck try to get in
>Bouncer throws him out
>"Sorry sir, but only Beaners are allowed. We don't accept shitcoins as payment"
>Laugh, enjoy the rest of my week
>be you
>year 2020
>pull up to your local mcdonalds, thinking about another shitty day of work and nobody waiting for you at home
>decide to talk to a random 3/10 female customer
>spaghetti falls out instantly through your Autismâ„¢ genetic defect
>mumble incoherently as she walks over to talk to a 17 yo pimply cashier
>"please, sir, can you take my order instead"
>sob, haven't had women talk to you in years
>pretend you're sick and drive back home to masturbate and cry yourself to sleep
>post on /biz/ about your ebin lambos in the year 2025
nocoiner pls go
A+ LARPing
i keked
>On my way to give my Inaugural Address as newly elected President of the United States
>Ants falling out of my pockets everywhere I go
>Children and homeless fighting to pick up my ants
>Phone wont stop buzzing from women texting me nudes and asking about my ants
>mfw people in 2017 actually doubted AntShares
Cryptocurrency is a scam.
>year 2020
>be me
>suck dicks for a living
>5,000 posw a pop
>get fucked in the ass for 50,000
>1,000,000 posw translates to 1 dgb
>100,000 dgb translates to 1 eth
>suck dicks for a living
>waiting for posw to finally moon
>be me
i love this forum, i dont care if i lose my money ive made so many friends!!!!!!!!!!!
top kek.

ayyy a cloak reference, we really outchea
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>year 2017
>be me
>learning how blockchain tech works
>capitalize on the opportunity to invest in crypto
>start with a modest $1k
>diversify to test the market
>learn a little bit and pick some good coins
>suffer a few losses
>make a few gains
>use gains to get a nice $12 dinner at the local greek lounge. decent meal
>wash my 1999 nissan and give it a nice shine
>wagecuck experiencing a average evening of a lower-middle class individual
>buy .00025 btc so i can do it again next week
>thx /biz/ always wanted to experience a mediocre life this is just swell
>year 2013
>be me
>loose my savings with shitcoins
>dont give up
>still invest in many stuff over the years
>many go to 0
>a few do very well

>Year 2017
>be me
>Now i have 6 figures
>be me in 2017
>be wondering what the fuck i was doing in 2010 to miss out on the potential millions
>realise i was doing nothing
>still doing nothing
>mfw i wasted 7 years
>mfw i have no face

it's a good one though
>be me
>year 2020
>wake up on Monday at wheneverIwant o'clock
>live on this beatiful house designed and built by myself after finally getting my architecture degree
>go to kitchen, house is modernist as fuck, everything is luxurious, house only cost me 0.05% of my monthly gains.
>have a peaceful breakfast
>check my kekfolio, everything is solid and "green" beacuse I diversified years ago, hodled and invested my gains.
>go outside
>huge courtyard that blends with my 20 acre private property.
>dog is running arround as usually (he is a good dog)
>I decide to go to the lake because on a monday morning I have nothing better to do.
>grab some cigarettes and one my several car keys
>arrive to the lake, everything is quite. it's really nice sunny day
>sit under a tree to contemplate the amazing landscape
>dog is here too, he quitely sits under my lap
>phone rings, I decide to ignore it beacuse I can
>think about the present and all the events that led to it
>I wanted to settle down and retire before turning 30
>I did it
>I finally did it

Too bad dreams don't come true.

Are you me?
get for TA is astrology
Quick buy Ripple!
>start with a modest $1k
Can be turned into good money in no time with the amount of pump and dump around. Just stop larping as a stock broker/""investor"" and speculate on what is primarily a speculation tool.
>smoking cigarettes
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Thread images: 5

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