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Remove that 27.77k sats sell wall now!
it's only 4 btc, anon you should buy it up yourself, unless you're a poorfag that is.
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did u know u can eat monacoin
shelf life 40 years so just buy it up now and eat it for 40 years
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many tasty shapes and sizes
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How do I start with cute mona coin without any bit coins to trade??
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here's a faucet that gives monacoin
small amount

some guy on monacoin plebbit has free 0.1 monacoin giveaway thread
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oh look the wall is gone
Does anyone see a future for this coin outside of Japan? I don't think it would appeal to anyone outside of there and even there only 14% of their transactions are cashless so the market seems too small. Thoughts?
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we are moving towards a digital age
cryptocurrency is legal in japan since 2014
adoption slowly occures
price increases
the coin is already built to succeed if mass adoption occurs because segwit and lightning network already in this coin.

outside of USA, that's one of their goals right now. They have planned advertising campaigns in the work at the moment.
I'll start pasting the google drive docs that they are using to plan as a community
i dont understand shit cuz i cant read jap
but they are getting shit done

if anyone could glance over these who understands japanese and tell us what its talking about i will give u 1 monacoin


chrome translation.

some sort of rally to put up posters? the first table explains where it is appropriate to hang the posters and where not.

here is a map of registered posters, there's instructions on what to do to register your poster. (I'm assuming these people get monacoin in return as a reward?)


awareness boost program in japan i guess.

here's my mona wallet, and thank you :)

cool sent
I literally have 360k sats that I traded all the way up from 126k
ID changed because I got back home.
Holy shit man you are everywhere I need to talk to you, going to give you some free monas soon
biz is home now
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you should open up a discord, might be easier to work on this together :)
Can you send me your e-mail?
I need to tell you one thing but if I did it through /biz/ I would become a meme.
(I'm not gay)
doit faggot

no one's watching us anyway, board too riddled with normies and ans bagholders, this is just a "weeb anime thread" right now
created a slack


email is [email protected]
Ok, here is the main thing, it's not that I care that much about becoming a meme it's because now isn't the right time to tell him this thing and I don't know when will be the right time. Soon probably.
keep track of that e-mail for the next few weeks. Also, you are the giveaway anon, right(just to make sure)?
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im scared
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I-I don't mean like it's a bad thing!
I mean things aren't going to get worse.
God bless the weebs
Mona is done.
No point getting on the ride unless you want shit whales as your conductor, this ride runs straight into a wall.
>spending $10k to take down the wall on a weeb shitcoiners

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did a monacoin whale screw you over or what lol
Thread posts: 30
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