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Okay guys.. should I worry now? >Be handsome 22 year old

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Okay guys.. should I worry now?

>Be handsome 22 year old goyim (look 18)
>Buy bitcoin when it's 400 shekels
>Sold my coins at 2300 shekels
>Repeat this buy low sell high for ether and litecoin
>Started business to launder my crypto shekels
>Be driving my own car, pic related
>Get pulled over by police, they randomly ask me how I got this car
>Tell them I earned everything with my company but in stuttering manner (I always have a small stutter but now it was a bit more extreme)
>they nod but i can tell they write down my plate

I earned 400k the last years without a good school.. around 200k is not yet laundered through my company.. Should I launder the rest of the money very fast or invest everything in the company??
how fucked am I?
I can't even sleep ffs

I have a company in creating concrete statues.. I 'create these statues myself' but I don't create anything actually I just have like 80 statues in stock.. Can I fake the prices of my statues to be 5x at what they are now?!?
For people calling the car fake, it's a 2010. Got it for 40k cash 4.4L v8 Diesel
Pay your taxes.
you're a fucking faggot lol
I made over 300k this year and bought gold/silver and live like a modest poorfag
I now money to take my friends out for food drinks and sporting events no worries

and you buy a flashy car like a nigger you deserve to be investigated
That car would not get pulled over. It's a pile of shit.

Op is larping. And who the fuck would pay 40k for that?
Oh my god you stupid fuck. Why would you LAUNDER something that's not illegal. If you launder capital gains you have to pay tax on it anyway except as income tax. If you just said it was capital gains you would have got some of it discounted because it would be long term capital gains.
I was driving in the centre of a smaller city (30k in inhabitants) so the chance is there.

It's a nice car idiot. The last owner passed away so the price was lower. It's a 313bhp, 4.4L v8. Why would you not like it idiot

>buying flash car so show off to your alpha friends
>not living like a poorfag and drip feeding that shit into your real bank account

just becasue you drive a range rover automatically makes you a cunt. they are horrid ugly small dick status symbols, at least buy something nice like a macan, cayenne or a f-pace of you want an expensive SUV
If I do it this way I only pay normal taxes of around 40% over 43k and 15% over the rest of the money. It's because I am a stakeholder in my business. With this way I pay way less taxes. Didn't you fagits learn anything over the past fucking years holy fucking shit.
I am thinking about a macan turbo s, but I for now I can drive this car without having to write something of it's dayvalue.
im from the UK myself kid

gift some to friends or senpai,

take 11k per annum CGT free

>why the fuck are you earning over 43 k a year

take 12500 salary, take a dividend, max out pensions

god - if you actually pay me £5000 i can make you pay 0 tax

^word filter test
i had no idea until now that f-a-m

gets wordfltered to senpai
please, please tell me you filed taxes OP. you are so completely fucked if you didn't. like you have no idea how fucked you are. like having to hire a lawyer for +2 years fucked. having your entire computer and internet records pulled and worked over with a fine tooth comb.

your gainz are literally going bye bye.
Send me all of your ETH, bro. It's the only way.
Trust me, i'm a doctor. ;)
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>Range Rover

Are you from the UK?


m8.... capital gains is only 20% for even the highest band and you decided to illegally launder it and pay fucking 40%???
/biz/ tier business practice
>Virtual currencies can be exchanged tax-free in the European Union

wtf are you even doing nigger
You have to say f a m look : senpai
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>it's true.


OP.... just.....
Not in Finland, or at least I believe I still have to pay capital gains. Haven't sold yet though.

This all definitely happened
>tfw I'm a software engineer at microsoft so if I make it big in crypto nobody would bat an eye if I drove a range rover

That just means you don't pay VAT, like FX. You still have to pay CGT.
"Art dealing" is probably one of the most common ways to launder money, so you're not too far off OP
Since when do police investigate tax evasion? Nice larping
>drives this piece of shit
>worried he'll be "investigated"

the cops would look at your car, give a sad smile, and let u keep ur gainz goddamn son money cant help poor taste
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Thread images: 3

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