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I am a small business consultant that runs and operates 7 small businesses as a strategist. I get paid a base, comission, and equity with every company I am at so I collect 7 paychecks.
I sit down with CEOs, COOs, VPs, Managers who actually have power, self-motivated aspiring entrepreneurs, and potential business partners. I've been on 4chan since I was 16 and I'm 25 yrs young making smutbux.

This 8th I started today is in SEO and is at its root affiliate work and I aim to sell the business by the end of the week for sixty-thousand dollars that I am splitting with people in any way they listen to me for. I hire english speaking Pakis who are 50x more productive than you, and Americans who work for the same wage.

You can do this too. It is as easy as pronouncing the word whitelabel and being mentored and guided in the right ways of system building.

I am doing a Q and A for this board for the next 24 hours at my leisure. I am not sending proof nor will I mentor anyone.

I hope I inspire someone here to actually do something.
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im mroe rich than you
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How do you think shifting trends in e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and online advertising will change in the next 5 years? It seems that the Internet's economy essentially is optimized around free content and pay per click ads regardless of any products actually sold. Will this ubiquitous business model persist or will Web 3.0 feature drastically different online economics?
I'm not debating that. You should share what you've discovered as long as it doesn't threaten your livelihood.

How will I think it will change? That is too open ended and I'm not sure if you only sell ebooks or whatever. Think about selling an actual service that requires a human's hand to complete like carpentry, hvac repair, and rental companies.

To answer your question about the free model, every single bit of my businesses give something for free. Give before you take. Show value (knowledge, expertise), BEFORE you ask them for value (money, referals)
I genuinely love learning about business, marketing, and advertising, have given some talks and written about the subjects, and consulting seems like a dream job.

But how the hell do you get into that? Do you run several successful businesses yourself and then just, like, start calling up random businesses and offering to be their consultation? Who goes for that? Like I don't understand the concept at all.
I basically parroted every single one of those self-help books and actually used resources I had available and stuck with it til the end

It also helps to have study EQ instead of IQ. You can learn and get knowledge, but wisdom and emotional intelligence can't happen overnight.

This is true for your BRAND. In its essence, people will come to associate you with success if you continue to display it.

Take this for example.

I displayed multiple websites and portfolios of companies I helped, and one group came to me and offered 15% in equity if I could monitize their blog.

I studied powertalking by engaging with CEOs. I countered and got 35%. I backed to 33% because it motivates them to do more and 2% isn't anything if they make 2$/mo in affilaite money. They write on ebooks and are Bankers at a Big 4 Bank who had no idea how to make money. That's just how badly they needed my mindset. After a month, they are SO fun to work with. I plan to play basketball with them every Sunday.

I studied sales funnels (briefly) but they have no idea what they were before I did. They didnt know the names of things. Now they're well versed. Now, after a week, we have a client.

Build your brand. Just keep going. Offer your free 2 cents and if they needed help. Strategize and Execute the idea. Doing is more important than Planning.
Let me ask you this, what do you do now? Whats your skillset. If you give talks, why don't you refer that to people in the industry you want to carve a niche in.
I have an idea for a white label product distribution site but you mentioned systems. If you had to recommend one book for quick reference on related systems, what would it be?
How much do you pay your pakis?

Can I be one of your pakis?

Okay, great answers and I appreciate the info. This inspires a few questions...

In lots of cases I could absolutely provide some serious insight and help to certain small companies; people don't know what they don't know, so to be able to explain to somebody the concept of a sales funnel to, say, a landscaping company's president -- possibly years before he stumbled onto it himself -- that could be invaluable.

But in the example you gave about monetizing a company's blog, I'm imagining like a blog of some new company that's not primarily reliant on internet traffic, so their blog is something they put together because they see it everywhere or someone told them "hey every company these days has a blog" so their blog gets like 3 visitors a day and they give you equity in the company, you create an adsense account for them, and they make like 10 cents a month and now they're looking at you thinking, "what're we paying him for?" Is this basically what you're saying happened? Or if it does, then what?

Similarly, what if you make lots of suggestions to a company and they invest a lot of money into developing the stuff you suggest -- SEO, sales funnels, email marketing campaigns and paid subs to various SaaS -- and it just kind of leaves them reeling on how to manage it all, they're not making any money directly from it, and now they feel like it's your fault, what do you say? You may KNOW it's good practice and your suggestions are sound, but maybe you also know it's impractical to expect this totally blue collar guy who can barely use a computer to effectively manage his social media.

I don't know, am I too worried about the unknown?

I used to be heavy into affiliate marketing but got out of that space a few years ago to make some of my own infoproducts and games. I felt frustrated that I had learned a lot about marketing and advertising that I never got to apply to the pretty shady affiliate space, would like to put it to use somewhere.
This is a good thread. Thanks for the value, OP

Hey bro.

I got a long penis. It's 8 inches long. Not a joke here.

So my question is, does this blog post make you feel like a big boy?
Is there a present value calculator, but instead of inputting the future value, you input the profit you would like to make?
if im a CFA can i just charge people to do appraisals of their company?

Can i just be retained as a consultant for 500 a month to answer financial questions?

do small businesses care about those things?
Okay OP, I'll bite.
I want to start a business, I'm a freelancer, let's just say I'm a photographer for arguments sake, but I can never seem to get customers... oh that's right because I never advertise because I'm meek.

I'm great at what I do. But I have no idea how to actually monetize it, sure I could get people to pay me to take their portraits but I feel like I should probably specialize in something, the trouble is I have no recognition, and my portfolio while really fucking good is probably too "artsy".

Suggestions how I could make bank on this?
Not OP but my wife is a full time photog now. Same deal, great portfolio but leaned towards artsy. She simply took baby and wedding photos for friends and made a new portfolio based on this. She does alright now.
Sorry guys, I slept really hard. I'm publishing 80 books of smut on the 18th and my deadline is the 8th. So thats stressful.

I'm writing a book on it called Whitelist, but a system is just as easy as contacting a firm and asking them if they whitelabel. You can charge upsell the client and pay your agency.

The book I'm writing has models, but I don't want to link myself on here.

I paid my VA in Nigeria about 5$ per 4 hours and 20$ for 2-4 days. Shes great and lies that shes an American. My Paki bro is in college, but he was making 50 cents an hour. He is the fastest VA ever. I gave him a bonus of 50$ and he cried. I have no idea how much 50$ is for a college kid over there. I used to pay him 5$ for really boring repeative work that might take 4 to 8 hours for me.

Unless you can do that rate, I need to hire someone today to help me with publishing for the next 8 hours. Just data entry, but I'm concerned about linking so I'll just have to make do.

The blog the people had when they first contacated me had 2k visits/mo. We are now at 3-4k visitors per month. They were established. The hardest thing is going from nothing and making money. Just stick with winners. If they paid you to grow a blog, then you should grow it. If they paid you with the random idea of (MAKE MONEY ONLINE), and they didnt guide you then its on you to come up with something profitable.

If youre charging a client, you better have a damn good idea what your plan is and how you're executing it. Just stick to one at a time.

You make more money SEOing the shit out of one site than multiple sites with the same effort.

Having Proof helps a ton. I wrote a medium post that I will publish here in 1 few minutes in which I share how proof brought my cold call from 5% to 50% and to 85%. Perhaps you can find me on there.

Affiliates are shady if you're black hat using bots. Just be genuine. Your actions reflect your character.
Your dick is about twice as big as me champ, however, I'm not insecure. But you're still right in me inflating my ego here. I'd much rather return value back to aspiring individuals and look like an asshat than to do the same to someone I know who is content with a 9-5 and take a reputation hit.

Anyway. You should be killing it confidence-wise, so I hope everything works out for you in the end.

I speculate a lot with outsourcing work/service arbitration. If a Pakistani can install a website theme for 5$ and you get paid 100$ to do it... why would you ever install a website theme ever again. You're making a 20x if you can get work to him without communicating too much about the details.

Anytime I hear anything along the lines of "I have a incredibly niche skill, can I make money off it," I just kind of repeat what they say and let them think about it.

I 'retrained' myself in SEO in about 2 weeks and now I'm ranking on the first page of CITYNAME+SERVICE.com for a niche agency.

So yes, do the actions that get you to your desired outcome the fastest. IF you have no idea what the hell to do, read books, blogs, and content that other gurus and experts recommend. Being 'retrained' if it takes 1000s of dollars is a joke since a ebook is 0$ on pirate bay.

I usually sit down and get paid 500$ + 5% of royalties for all sales I get you, but you should either post your site or find me. I'll give you free advice after looking at your site, but you already know the problem.

Just post on Instagram. Every picture you have, post it and hashtag it WHILE including other famous instagram photographers. They'll show your work if you dedicate to them a "thanks for the inspiration" value post.

My buddy got into instagram last week and now has like 300 followers posting 200 likes because outside people are finding his work. He hasn't monitized it at all - just fancy pics.

If you want me, post a reply with your email in the name.
Smut, I want to make a "middle man" website sort of like a "project owner seeking business to do project" and make it free to post the project but charge the businesses to quote/contact said project owner.

Use it at the same to direct projects to my own main business

There are so many sites like this. You'd be a b2b broker. Seems it can be viable only if you have traffic coming to it. If you can get traffic to it, then it would make sense. The level of people googling for work is crazy, but they can go to craigslist and find work easy and free so wheres your model?
4 hour workweek LARPing faggot. i have actual skills and 100 pakis couldnt replace me.
Let me rephrase to give you a better idea

I want people to upload/describe their small house Reno projects and then I want local construction companies to pay me to view these projects. I understand the market for sites like these are oversaturated bit I want to funnel as much traffic as I can into the site, use my privilege to get first priority for my own construction company, and at the end I want to sell the site
I got onboard with a small clothing brand after meeting with the President. The second I saw he was in major debt to inventory costs, I gave him a plan to remodel his entire website and operations strategy and he hired me on the spot. I resuscitated his revenues and we have been expanding the product breadth ever since.

I'm 19 and this is the first time I have done this. I want to turn this into a service where I help grow other small businesses.

What can I do to market this service? I'm am confident in my ability to speak to anyone I need to. I want to make a name for myself to the point where businesses come to me. What can I do to get my name out there? Is there any legal hurdles?
How much time do you think it would take for someone now to reach your status ?
I mean, with no other starter than a few k in bank, a room to live and a computer
well a quick google says paki public colleges charge about $100 a year and private is 500-1500 a year, so if he goes to a public school you funded a semester of his education
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I haven't read Tim Ferris's works, but I embodied half of his wisdom before I even knew his name.

How about we try the same? I don't stick to 4 hours - I actually had a few weeks of 14 hour work days programming, studying, and marketing. If anything, 14 hours + the work of 5 people per day is my output. I guess that's not as good as 100 people, so you have me beat!

Still not 100% sure what you're describing. Why do people want to upload, update and spend 30 some minutes to put their reno on your site in the first place? Is it to fix their mistakes? Is it to show it off? Why would they go to yours?

Read 0 to 1. I haven't yet but the idea is going from nothing (new idea) and making something that has never existed will win in SO many ways.

Your experience sounds really incredible after meeting Trump and changing the way he does business. I have a few ideas for you, but I have a private question to ask you.

I have a Discord here, you should come say Hi.


You're working right now, right? IF so, probally 6 months if you have high motivation and EI.

It's never too late to improve and change your destiny. If you have the right mindset you can go anywhere but learning about Emotional Intelligence is one of the best investments you can do. I was in your shoes and paired up with a EQ coach. Best investment I made in 2016. Every person that I recommend my coach to has gotten to the same level I am at within 10 weeks- Now we all strive to help each other grow and every single one of us are all business partners - and I just realized that myself just now. Wow.

If you're interested, we should talk. Discord is below.

He's at a 'University' so I assume thats a public state institution. But either way I guess I did fund a considerable year or two given all of his work with me.

Its getting past the 24 hour mark. If you want to reach me, I'll be on a new Discord server.

Based on interest on the discord, I can post like 20 more resources for marketing, development, and other interesting blogs and resources on here.

Good resources I discovered for marketing was: ladder.io, sumo.com, mozseo

Programming helped with creating products but its almost mandatory if you want to make more than 60k/yr where technology and the web is where your product/services exist.

codecademy, khanacademy, freebootcamp, (the google developer group), Medium is awesome as a blog

If you want to be aweome in selling products, study the GREAT copywriters like gary Halbert and get into it academically. Study why it works. See the formulas that repeated itself. Good copy repeats itself and you see variations of it everywhere.
How did she get her first customers?
Local newspapers? Friends? Facebook page?

>post it and hashtag it WHILE including other famous instagram photographers. They'll show your work if you dedicate to them a "thanks for the inspiration" value post.

Yeah good advice. Doesn't really offer a business plan though - i mean what should I specialize in, Instagram doesn't magically turn into money.
Just met with smut and spoke over voice, really cool guy(?).
Hey dude, I need a wordpress site done. Where can I find these pakis that will install it for 5$. I don't want to spend 4-6h doing it myself.

I'm starting a business (I have experience from before. I've got a web shop, 4000 orders a year and 4 shops in my country).
This new business is going to be selling different products. I am at the stage where I am receiving samples from the factory and working on package design. So having the product in my storage is 1-2 months from now. Main idea of the business is building the brand and selling wholesale and having a web shop.
I know somewhat how do social marketing and get my products selling online, I don't have much experience in selling the products to other businesses, but I am not afraid of cold calling. I want to expand the business internationally as fast as possible so that it's sold in as many outlets as possible.

Is this something you'd like to be a part of?
Appreciate it

Freelancer sites. 95% of the work is having the negotiation skills to finding them.

You should send me a message over discord and I'll follow up ways we can take your business internationally as well as the paki strategy.
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Just had another good chat on discord. Thanks for the conversation. I felt like this the entire time.

Please come with actual ideas though. Don't just ask I want to make money, tell me how.
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