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/biz/ related documentaries & movies thread

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Post good documentaries and movies that are /biz/ related
Margin Call
Inside Job
The Big Short
The Wolf of Wall Street
Wall Street (1987)
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

These are the 6 movies i've watched and enjoyed except Wall Street: Money never sleeps and Margin call which i both found mediocre.
So first 3 movies over 2008 financial crisis and other 3 over the stock market/wall street. Any other suggestions ?
bretty gud doc about floor traders imo, if you are interested in that:
also, these guys are pretty fuckin /biz/:
Wish Jim Simons was based like Robert Mercer. Don't understand why he's a democrat. He got Soros level money and could do so many good things with it.
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Right in the fucking head...
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With 72 percent returns for 20 years straight, he's "based" whichever way you fucking look at it


Just goes to show that you can be a genius and an idiot still at the same time
>being this naive
This, to be quite honest.
Simons may have his own reasons for voting democrat. I'd say his wife plays a part, though.

It's odd how Mercer is a former Cruz and now Trump backer though, since he's the head of Renaissance right now and Simons is the founder.
There Will Be Blood
Barbarians at the Gate
Dot Con
The Smartest Guy in The Room
The Crash of 1929 - PBS Documentary
Holy fuck.
And these delusional faggos are going to end up in positions with responsibilites.
None of them have what it takes to make real money anyway.
See >>1838904
Simons and Renaissance do not hire anyone with this type of personality and avoid "Wall Steet" types. They hire engineers and scientists with PhDs.

These guys are destined to be "upper middle class" plebs. They'll have find about as much enjoyment from life as the working class.
Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackyroid
Don't watch hollywood dramatizations of financial events. Movies like the Big Short, Wolf of Wall Street, Boiler Room, etc are shitty and misleading.

Watch documentaries. Preferably from non-shit sources. Here are a few:
>Money, Power and Wall Street
>The Midas Formula
>The Retirement Gamble

Also, listen to a Berkshire Q&A session from one of their annual shareholder meetings.
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yeah, but the bro at 2:30 is Paul Tudor Jones who is a legend. That footage is from a doc about him called 'Trader'. He doesn't anybody to see it so be bought all of the VHS tapes of it back in the day and you won't find it on youtube. there should be some streams of it tho.
This David Frost/James Goldmith interview is honestly the best business video I've ever seen. There's more wisdom in these 34 minutes than all the /biz/ documentaries put together. You'll have to watch it about 10 times to understand everything fully.

Too Big to Fail
The Founder
The Hudsucker Proxy
The Social Network
Other People's Money
Pirates of Silicon Valley
Flash of Genius
There Will Be Blood
The Wolf of Wall Street
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>ctrl f
>no glen gary glen ross
it is on youtube faggot, i've seen it
Interesting guy, never heard of him.
It's not even a good movie
Baldwin's bit is the only good part in all honesty
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Thread images: 5

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