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Hey /biz/ I've been thinking about getting into amateur

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Hey /biz/

I've been thinking about getting into amateur pornography (either solo or hiring prostitutes to shoot some of the scenes). Any of you have any experience with this?
How much does an amateur male make?
Does penis size matter?
What is the best way to promote myself as a performer?
Any help will be appreciated.
Eat some pie cuck
All I know is there's some licensing or some shit. If you hire a cop posing as a prostitute, you can't just get away with "but there's a camera!".
Post pics if you want actual feedback lad
>Does penis size matter

post it on /soc/ I'll tell you if its good enough
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This is bait but
Nobody is going to pay to watch videos of you jerking off. You might get a little bit of cash on webcam sites if you're cute and don't mind doing dirty stuff.
>Hiring prostitutes/shooting regular porn
You would need to invest a ton of cash into your web design, equipment, performers, production etc if you want any type of shot at competing with the established sites. Outside of that, unless you cater to some highly specific niche or contribute some clever innovation to the industry you won't make a dime.
the big boys will want a small little baby dick on the guy taking fat black cocks up his ass (probably you). And they will want that small pecker rock hard when youre sucking off a group of old men.
really your best bet is filming a glory hole you host off craigslist

Charge like $20 to get in, live stream that shit for tips, make at least $300 just filming the thing (minus maybe $15 for good knee pads)

But then you own the rights and the video is 100% profit
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Have a small dick (about 3 1/2 inches) but am not sure how the niche stuff could work for that.

I'd probably have to do cuck scenes but then that's a whole other issue of multiple paid performers or some shit.
Don't look very feminine so trap isn't an option.

Couldn't I just piggyback off established camwhore sites? Anyone know what those guys make?

Porn questions get posted here about 1x a week.

The consensus is that the only really money is in niche stuff that caters to certain types of freaks. Then having a monthly plan people can pay for.

But even then you'll need to set up the site, find the models, shoot the content, etc...

I think you would need at least $10k to get going.

Or if you have a good body and long dick you can jack off on webcam for gay dudes and make about $100 a day.
Your niche could be ugly micro cock getting blown by whores. Pretty sure theres a site already about those two things seperately
>How much does an amateur male make?
This is an unrelated question. You're not looking to become a hired stunt cock for a porn production, where relatively fixed rates exist. You're looking to become a self-employed porn producer. You'll make as much money as you'll be able to monetize your content.

>Does penis size matter?
Obviously, but it depends on the fetish whether larger or smaller is better.

>What is the best way to promote myself as a performer?
Again with the confusion - do you want to publish amateur material or do you want to make a break in the industry as a performer?
In general: Provide good quality work, great production value, cater to your audiences, even small turn-offs outweigh turn-ons and destroy the immersion, if you're not awesome in general you need to try and fill a niche or fetish, strategically provide some content for free in fetish forums or encourage piracy of a few clips to spread the word. Find a unique selling point - looks, personality, quality, roleplay, fetish, sexual prowess, etc.

>Any help
Everyone who appears on camera needs to sign a model release persuant to 18 U.S.C. Section 2257 and you need to keep their ID on record. This is where nearly all amateurs and prostitutes peace out. This is not only a legal requirement, but also common sense - what if your model decides she doesn't want to have her sex tapes published anymore and sues you? You need to make this shit contractually water-tight just for your own sake.

It's unlikely that you'll produce enough content to run your own site. I don't think you want to worry about operating a site, hosting your own videos and working with payment processors. Of the readymade solutions you can either stream on a cam site where you may receive tips and shedule private shows in return for money. Or you can sell your clips via a clip store, like clips4sale. The big money is in custom clips where people provide you with a scene they'd like to see and you film it.
>How much does an amateur male make?
Nothing, of course!
>uglymicrocockgettingblownbywhores.com domain is already taken
Thread posts: 14
Thread images: 3

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