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Hi /biz/, I'm an International Relations / Poltics student

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Hi /biz/,
I'm an International Relations / Poltics student (I know) taking my whole degree abroad. I've lived in 4 different countries at age 20 and have extensive connections to Japan, China, America and throughout Europe. I'm the rank 1 Uni in the country and would be looking to work abroad again literally anywhere in the world.

So my question is really what kind of sector / field should I be looking at going in to? I realise that having a degree in IR isn't as lucrative as say Finance, commerce or Law (even though i'm taking subjects in those fields throughout my degree), but what would be the most desirable position I could afford to go for comfortably with the advantages I've had?

I'm not really trying to wank myself off about what I've had the chance to do throughout life, but I'm just a bit misinformed about what I should be aiming for. A position in an embassy? Working in International Business in Asia? Consultation in the US? Any help would be appreciated.
So you took a degree without a plan in mind?
I've always been keen on the idea of working anywhere in the world and was a huge cultural / historical buff in high school. Politics is something I've been interested in during the past few years so since I knew i'd be studying abroad and have moved from culture to culture so much throughout my life I'd take it as my major in University, whilst taking more 'employable' subjects like business and law on the side.

I wouldn't say I didn't have a plan per se, but more that I knew whereabouts to go logistically but not in any particular sector. I guess right now if I had to pick a dream job I'd go with working in an embassy or doing something like being a political envoy, but I'm also worrying about the economic and employability side of such a position, especially coming straight out of college.
Bump for interest.

I'm not an IR major, but easily >33% of my introductory microeconomics lecture last semester was. Most of them were learning another language, most commonly Mandarin, Arabic, or Russian.

I don't go to an Ivy League, so is there a chance for any of these fucks to go to Foggy Bottom? I talked to a couple and they came across as the most annoying pieces of shit.

>decided to get coffee with one and work on our problem set
>"So, you're an IR major?"
>"yeah haha, I've always had very global perspectives"
>"That's good, so what kinds of stuff do you want to do when you're done with your undergrad?"
>"I want a position that gives me a lot of global exposure. My life dream has been to work as a diplomat."
>"That's nice"
>"And you're an econ major?"
>"Yeah, math/econ double major, I want to work on Wall Street"
>"But isn't that such a selfish life?"

Considering the fact you're on this board, I hope you aren't one of these people OP. Best of luck finding a lucrative position.
Join the Foreign Service.


If you're more the adventurous type then you could do a stint in the military or CIA first, but the foreign service is where you want to end up.

You do know that the Foreign Service pays out the ass right? Base salary is okay, but their bonuses take them to six figures starting.

Meanwhile you're running around fetching coffee.
Did you not read my post? I didn't say they don't make six figures. I asked specifically "I don't go to an Ivy League ,so is there a chacne for any of these fucks to go to Foggy Bottom?" Foggy Bottom is shorthand for the State Department.

I generalized based on the handful (2) that i talked to who came off as judgmental yet idealistic cunts.

Yeah, their language gets them a lot of points (17.5 iirc), so if they are competent on top of that they can get in. If not then after an advanced degree and/or time in the military they can get a bump to get in. Average starting age is like 34 for an FSO.

>Foggy Bottom

That's the name of the cafe in the basement of the building.
Yea i'm nothing like that. Tbh I don't really think there's much point taking a 'high & mighty' position regardless of what you're doing unless someone is unwilling yet perfectly capable of working.

Wow, not bad. How much work is their major? Are languages usually the most difficult part?
>International Relations / Poltics student
>Japan, China
>just 20
Holy fuck

I dont know what jobs you would from this major, but would it guarantee a job for a weeb like me in japan right out of college?
I'd have to see about working in the forgeign service in my country of origin. But I actually run into a problem where because i've lived in so many different places for small bursts of time, I'm not actually eligible for many of their governmental programs due to not being a resident for X amount of years...
My ties with Japan and China are more to do with possibilities than strictly business ones. For instance, I have family in Japan who work in the government sector for agriculture, and friends who would literally give me free housing and references. China is the same but no family there.
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If you're fluent in English and have a degree in anything you can easily land a position as an ALT in Japan for up to 5 years. Most people tend to stay for 1-2 years or go hard and find full employment at a school or uni and live there for 10-20 years. Pay isn't amazing and you'll be treated as a token gaijin but work is work.
Thread posts: 14
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