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How well does "Too good to be true" advertising work?

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I'm not talking about false advertising.

I'm talking about extreme, EXTREME emotional gathering...

Did I just figure out the secret to advertising while I was meditating earlier?

I'm just ranting, because I'm about to launch my business and I'm thinking of supercharging my ads with some 'too good to be true' bullshit, but not false advertising of course.

Anyone here ever experiment with "regular" ads and "too good to be true" ads?

An easy example: Look at the ads on 4chan. Obviously the bait is working since people click. The only difference is, mine wouldn't be bait and click schemes, or bait and buy, it's a legitimate business, just with super emotionally charged, or dream come true ads

Just ranting
there's the entire science of sales psychology behind the correct answer to your question. A good primer to read would be Cashvertising.

The better answer is that you have to learn to split test your ads and let data tell you which is better, because different audiences respond differently to ads.
Check out


I haven't read it in a while but I think it said there are a few different insecurities you need to target.
Imagine a person who makes split second decisions with no common sense whatsoever. Thats the targe audience for this kind of shit.
a few other things:

clueless consumers, who live and die by platitudes, only keep in mind one thing when it comes to tricky advertising: "if it's too good to be true, it is." This is even the summary of what the FTC tells the public since it's the easiest strategy to employ when you know people aren't going to bother to do any kind of research at all. So you have to overcome that precaution in their minds, with credibility indicators like badges and "as seen on..." logos, stats and charts, testimonials, photoshopped before/after pics, whatever. Differs for your audience.

The reason you don't see more too-good-to-be-true advertising and instead see retarded shitty billboards that are trying to be witty or playing it very safe is because the brand is at risk when people find out. So Taco Bell can't run an ad with some pics showing how people like 50lbs eating Taco Bell because everyone would distrust them, but a fly-by-night weight loss supplement LLC that's just going to smash and grab can.
Pretty much this. Behavioral economics has studied the psychology of scams pretty extensively. Scammers actually have more success being obvious scams because if they sound or look semi-convincing from the start, non-idiots will catch on pretty quickly to the ruse (and are more likely to have the resources to launch a lawsuit). If it's something so retarded no clear headed individual could possibly believe it to be true, the scammer can focus entirely on morons, who are much better targets.
See that's another thing

How do those people who DO false advertise, or make it too good to be true, not get sued?

I mean mine won't be false, just extremely emotionally charged.

I always wondered how scammers don't get sued

Also, tfw if I didn't rename the filename of my image I could have maybe had >1777777
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Yeah but those are usually small purchases, not $350 purchases... or are they $350 purchases as well?
"The images are clearly meant to be suggestive rather than literal representations of the product's effects. No reasonable person would misunderstand that."

A lot of standards in law are explicitly written to protect you from morons misusing your product. Abuse them.

from what i understand they keep small amounts of assets so when they do get sued, they dont lose much, then they just create another company with another product and do the same thing. Or they just disband the business after some $xxxxx in sales. This is weight loss and supplement products.

And the FTC only steps in when they get enough complaints, but sometimes they do, example: https://www.ftc.gov/system/files/documents/cases/140228cpatankorder.pdf

bigger purchases usually have people thinking more about them, yeah. if that's what you're asking. it also becomes more important to have a strong pitch, and to scrub your leads so you're not wasting your time talking to people who aren't interested, don't have any money, "have to check with my wife", etc.

I'm going to show this line to my lawyer on Tuesday and pick his brain on how far I can go

Thanks everyone.

I'll be staying around, we can all feel free to talk about advertising still.

I plan to start my advertising through Facebook and Google

Like you know those stupid ads you're always scrolling by on Facebook (if you don't have them hidden)?

I feel bad talking like this, but I used to be a part of a huge nig community on my fake Facebook (like 200,000 people). These people are so fucking wild and they're the ones who can "afford" phones and computers to use Facebook.

Anyways, I feel like if I pop my shit up all over Facebook I could attract people like this.

It's like the old saying: Think of the stupidest person you know (don't get too technical). Half the population is stupider than that

Most of us here have half a brain, even if some of us are NEETs, unsure, or just lazy.
You weren't meditating if you were thinking about advertising. You were just thinking about advertising.
You are correct.

I was meditating to clear myself, then thought about it, then meditated again to clear everything up, and changed the mental subject
Thread posts: 14
Thread images: 2

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