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I could use some help with this stuff as I'm not a financial

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I could use some help with this stuff as I'm not a financial guy

>Be me
>Work for a large corporation
>No raises yet, they keep saying to just "wait"
>How can I renegotiate my salary and possible get some stock options out of it
>What is it going to take
>Can someone also explain how to start an IRA?
from my experience you should just take the initiative. I wasted huge amount of my time wasting like that.

Only advice i can give you:
Get to know the environment they are playing. Try to identify some opportunities in the field, or better yet make some opportunities.
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1. Why do you care about stock options as compensation?

You sound like you're not powerful enough to have any impact whatsoever on stock price, so do you just want them for meme appeal?

2. Your boss will dick you around if you have no leverage. At the same time they also don't want to cave in for no reason, i.e. just because you asked nicely.

Since you haven't given important information (e.g. which industry your corporation is in, what your job is, what your experience level is, how shit you are at your job), we can't help you there.

Your leverage might be: offering to spearhead an initiative that requires work and makes your boss look good, causing your coworkers to be fired/quit, comparing your salary to similar jobs, interviewing for other jobs to actually get a job offer, or going into work on your own.

3. To setup an IRA, go to Vanguard. You can contribute up to $5500 a year, likely into a target date fund for a year close to your retirement.

If you're poor, you want it to be a "Roth" IRA. If you're not, you want it to be a regular one and take the tax deduction.

Note: This is separate from a 401(k), which you get through work. Talk to HR about that.
>how to start an IRA?
I'm not exaggerating in any way, shape, or form by saying that you literally need to just sign up a free acount on Fidelity or some other platform's website.

>step 1 - go to website of place you want to open your Roth IRA (don't worry about regular IRA's until you can max your Roth IRA annually [which means putting the legal limit of $5,500 in a Roth IRA which doesn't ever get taxed]

> step 2 - click "open roth account"

> step 3 - sign up with email, username, password, and a Social Security number

> step 4 - put money in new account by linking your checking account to it

> step 5 - start trading stocks/bonds/indexes/mutual funds/penny stocks/whatever your silly heart desires

> step 6 - enjoy watching money grow into atleast a million dollars before 60 if you mostly invest in index funds, meaning you retire with a high salary as it is and maybe a 401k...? You'll live life large but retire even larger with that tax free withdrawal.

Step 6.5 - Once you have the Roth IRA maxed at $5,500 a year, open a brokerage account and start putting nearly $5,500 a year in that one too as your next annual goal

Step 6.56 - Watch as both accounts grow while you invest in very safe bets like indices and mutual funds with the IRA, and more risky ventures like blue chip stocks and options with the brokerage

In the end, even with a stock market crash you're in the clear because your roth IRA never needs to stop buying Index Funds, since you will always spend $5,500 on them a year, meaning during depression/recession your investment potential goes way up, and when the economy recovers after however long, you'll have even MORE than you should have.

Start maxing that shit out now and you'll be a guranteed millionaire in the long run.
If you're actually useful and important to the company, you can just go and negotiate a small rise while threatening to quit. Most companies would rather pay up than suffer the greater cost of having to replace you. This is a gamble though, is the company is doing badly they may take you up on your offer of quitting with no severance payment, in which case it's nice to remember that words are empty and you need to resign formally. You can literally try to find a better paying job if this idea makes you too nervous without a backup.
If you're just some run of the mill fag that can be easily replaced, you're out of luck. Maybe check if they have any education related bonuses and go learn some garbage for extra pay.
Making idiots stay around with shitty salaries on the promise of a future raise is the oldest trick in the book, I don't know how you fags fall for it so often, I know people who have had that dangling carrot for over five years and still believe it. I've even seen companies base they entire structure around "micro promotions" with incredibly small increases in salary to trick idiots into sticking around for shit jobs longer.
I'm pretty sure at this point it is time to leave the company

I'm a network engineer in a very large company, we manage many different technologies for our clients and I have been thrown to many roles in the company and being promoted a few times in 2016. At this point in time, there really is no other role I can take on and if they do make another role in this dept it won't be going to me and I know that as we have other engineers who have climbed the ladder a different way than I have. I was promote after a few months of just being in my position which I was orignally hired on for and continued to climb the ladder by understand/working with more tech/cases/tickets/escalations than anyone else while the others spent time getting to know management and that's how they have grown. At this point, they have held that senior position above my neck and a raise for about a year now and not much has come out about it. My direct supervisor had a lunch meeting with myself and another coworker a few months ago and told both of us a lot of changes are coming and to expect a senior role coming out, they said it again January 2017, But I'm starting to see the bigger picture now, they won't be promoting anyone else right now and there's too many people to compete with, I have also made the mistake of constantly giving answers and providing "ghost" assistance to other engineers to fix their cases and they have gotten reward from their manager from it, as if they solved "the case" on their own and I had nothing to do with it. At this point, regardless how good one month or another is at work, I need to find another company

With bonuses and before taxes I make 65k for a lot of work and don't get paid overtime. Perks are amazing though, what I have learned/and earned in this position/company is amazing, but it is time to move on. I might have to look into saving for retirement soon as well, I'm 28 and haven't saved anything but my list of knowledge
keep a record of everything you add value to the company while they ask you to wait. keep a record of any time they ask you to wait also.
I have to face the truth at this point, I am no longer the "needed" engineer. Its time to move on and find another role, I need to get my shit together and not let this bother me so much. I love the work, and the company but I am tired of being treated this way, I'm going to have to take my skills elsewhere. Giving myself another 5 months and I'm out, but I'm staring to look for work now. The real situation is pretty bad and I should have left months ago
>just wait

Every time.

Just leave the company.
yeah, the most common way to get a raise in IT/CS is by moving to a new job
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Thread images: 2

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