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Shark Tank Binge

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Is there anything to learn from binge watching shark tank?
Don't forget kneepads
And don't let your teeth rub. Damon will rough you up girl
Easy - Its more about how much they can hack shit on what you are selling and turn it into watchable TV than the actual content of the presentation.

Barbra only invests in you if she like you as a person or you make her believe you - for TV of course, her due diligence means she rarely comes through with a deal.

O'Leary might come across as a dick, but is the closest thing to a real investor on the show. He is brutal to some - for TV - but the underlying reasons make sense. He also has a tell, it comes out when he has a serious interest in the product but doesn't like the value of the business. People forget that he has infrastructure for some of the most obscure products and a platform for selling items related to gift ware. He owns a cardboard box manufacturing company for example.

Mark - He'll invest in anything tech with a path to market, and although rarely in food, will invest in anything high protein or gluten free. If it can be sold in his stadiums or theatres he is in on it. He is one of the only sharks that congratulates people for hard work and dedication, or achievements in sales etc. He is also one of the only sharks who bothers to explain what a metric is if the business owner has no clue.

Damon - he is like the token black man in horror films. you can take him or leave him and is most of the time obnoxious and annoying. but when he does make a deal its to licence it out immediately - i've rarely seen anything get out of DD that hasn't had that strategy. He does offer some unique insight, in the fields for which he is known, and tends demand people take his deal before seeking out the other sharks.

Robert - he is there to fuck about most times. but his thing is also tech, and 'crossfit'/'tough mudder' type fitness crap. In the past years thats where i've seen him put his money and rarely is interested in anything else - except puppies and children.
Sad thing is, Kevin and Robert we're from Canadian Dragons Den and were completely different on that platform. Granted, the show is different, but their strategies were also different for investing.

Dragons Den UK, Dragons Den IE, Dragons Den CA and Shark Tank US are worth a watch. The Dragons Dens from UK and IE tend to be a bit slow, but take the time out, and leave in the educational aspects of business - while you scratch your head trying to work out why the owners don't understand they need their data.

Shark Tank AU - don't bother. Other than Mc Grath , they are unknowns and their business savvy is to be desired. The one that runs Boost Juice seems to just flake out on anything and everything because it conflicts with ..... who knows. The red balloon owner rarely parts with her cash because it seems nothing makes sense to her and the other two guys, although somewhat amusing and make sense when they bother to speak, cant get their head around the local market. One is from Tech, the other from who knows, but lives in the US?

The concept failed years ago here and fails now.

They should just knock off the US version completely and get some real people who want to burn some cash involved.
Americans sure love groveling before their rulers like peasants, willing to sell a hefty percentage of their life's work to a billionaire for pocket change.
But none of them are Billionaires. Other than Cuban, but he doesn't want to invest in your ethically sourced artisan cat treats.
yeah, make a dinky invention that solves a problem, pitch it to the sharks, make millions then bail on that business
>make millions then bail on that business
Except the sharks aren't idiots and have their contracts crafted by lawyers.
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>I love everything about this idea.
>for that reason, I'm out.
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>your idea is terrible
>but since you're a [nigger like me/have big titties] I'll invest with you at twice the price.
How to be a cuck
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>this is stupid women's shit.
>I'll give you 10% of what you're asking for 90% of your business.
>trust me
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>o-okay, y-you seem like a really nice person
>I'll give you exactly what you're asking for
>you have to hang out with me twice a day
>go down the slide at the playground with me once a week
>play with me on the weekends

If you want to get in with Robert just tell him you ancestors immigrated to this country with a dollar in their pocket. And then start crying


Works every time.
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>When I was a boy of no more than 12 years of age, I had my first nocturnal emission. My father discovered the stain on my sheet and immediately decided that the O'leary name was too prideful for such an act to occur again. So he sent me to Thailand, that day, alone and with a stack of cash, along with a gold-plated Remington handgun. Confused and alone, I traversed the streets of Thailand looking for someone who would take me in. As my father intended, a Thai ladyboy hooker took me in, and for a heft fee allowed me to fuck his asshole. I did not know that hooker was a boy until after I finished inside, and when I found out, I took my handgun in rage and beat the hooker to death, knowing better than to waste a bullet on his faggot ass. You are my preteen penis in this situation, a soft and woefully misguided unintelligent slab of meat, covered in feces and semen. I never want to see or hear from you again.
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kevin posting has gone too far
You forget that those sharks are rich and like 90% of businesses fail.

Most people dont have the common sense or drive to do it themselves.

Why bother tsking a gamble for 10 million when some random swinging dick will hand you 3 and you never work a day in your life again???


You brown peopke are all going back.
Or has it

Based Kevin
the hero /biz/ deserves
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