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Work from home opportunities?

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Looking for some advice or a point in the right direction for a Mom looking to make some money from home while taking care of a 2 and 4 year old.

Hopefully this is the right place to go.

I can invest to start up, but not a whole lot.

Would love to get into bitcoin mining possibly? If thats still a viable option. Stock trading? Some bullshit survey site that actually pays out?

Anything you guys can advise I'm down for the conversation! Much appreciated.
tits or gtfo
My tits aren't great Rofl. Probably better off googling some nice tits to look at, honestly.
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do you have any skills beyond posting tits and breeding?
ew. you look like a bug eye'd freak.
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Haha well I think so.
But all mainly girly skills... Cooking, art, guitar, editing... Being nude... Did some cam girl stuff for awhile, but was boring and paid decent... but with kids running around, you kinda gotta stop with the sex shows. haha.

Pretty good at marketing, little bit of experience there. Customer service.... Know the basics of HTML5 and CSS3... tiny bit of flash... (I'm pretty useful but at the same time.... kinda useless in the money making part.)
<3 Thanks. Not looking for complements tho. I'm sure you've very handsome. lmao.
shitty casual tier spaghetti or soup
Doing marker calligraphy on a notebook is not art. You probably cant draw a hand
>I know how to play a scale and do shitty renditions of the happy birthday song!
>Cam Girl
thanks for shitting up the world and turning more girls into prostitution you fucking whore
>I act retarded around everyone and suck cocks
>HTML5 and CSS3... tiny bit of flash
probably never created a single thing your life

You're only merit and life is fucking some guy who is so poor, he has to be cucked by his wife on cam shows

tldr: get a real job you fucking dumb broad

btw, i already workout and have been called cute my multiple girls. And unlike you, i can actually pay for surgery any time i want to make me look better
why do women enter 4chan, it will only traumatise them.

try dropshipping, enough shit on the net to learn from, now get out before the psychos come and dox you
do it. you won't.
are you white or something else? I can't tell from this
I'm black. Obviously.
you look mexican to me, or maybe indian (dot) mix. you don't look white. is the joke supposed to be that you're obviously white? because you aren't
Nope I'm deff a black, Palestinian islander of Guam.
huh, cool, too bad about the mom thing though

well a lot of the survey and work from home stuff requires you to be in the US for tax purposes or something. Have you tried amazon turk?
Just fyi with the flash.

Adobe axed that shit and most sites are doing away with it.

So glad i went to college for useless shit.

B-but soundboards are cool right. ...
Jesus you are a prick.

Welcome to 4chan.

Where a bunch of basement dwellers act tough on the internet.

You honestly sound like a miserable cunt with a shitty life.

Fuckoff anon
and yet he's not completely wrong
write adult erotica. i'm serious.

What do you like ? What do you know ?

Transforming a hobby into work is a good way to get started. Let's say you are into making your own jewellery (although this may not be the best niche bc lots of competition). You set up a website (easy, you can buy ready made) and a blog, a youtube channel, a pinterest, a twitter etc...

The aim is to bring traffic into your website trhough informative/attractive means, make tutorials, give advices etc...

On said website you sell your creations.

It's low investment, if you have a network it can spread fast and with working a bit on social media you can grow a following too.

Ofc its more complex than that, you'll need to find suppliers and probably will make a few mistakes along the way, but that's the idea.

Google will help you more than this board btw.

If you don't want a shop, you can also write content and live of adds and affiliation but it's a long way to go.

Don't fall for memes like dropshiping, shitcoin etc
Right lmao? I like how he came back with

>btw, i already workout and have been called cute my multiple girls. And unlike you, i can actually pay for surgery any time i want to make me look better

Seems legit.

Well I've got tons of hobbies, but not really profitable ones.
I've only got a few 'Original' songs, Never tried to sell any of them, just put them on youtube for a few thousand views.
As for shitcoin. Can't that actually be worth it if I invest in a mining set up? Or no?

as for dropshipping... If I had time for that bullshit I'd just get a normie part timer job at fuckin postmates or some shit.

What about investments? Anyone wanna teach a Lousy broad about being a wolf?

I've done penny stocks before and made a little chuck... only like $200 off of $100. So nothing huge...
How would I go about getting into such a profession?
Who would I sell my erotica too?

Say I had a book already written.... maybe got a few friends to read it and they're like "yo I can squanch to this"

What do I do now?
bitch please. Lol
I was on 4chan before the catacomb skullfuck.
or the 4chan serial killer, girl in a box...
I'm past traumatized. I'm one of us.

your best bet is to camwhore and stop having children though
If you've got a house full of stuff, definitely try apps like LetGo, Etsy, Mercari, OfferUp, Close5, Poshmark, 5miles, etc.

If you're good at marketing, do eBay. I've made a couple grand off of eBay.

http://www.sykes.com/careers-opportunities/ is a pretty good site for Work-From-Home jobs. Gotta have a home office though or are willing to create one.

Don't really have kids. Figured it'd make you all want to assist more.
I've got 0 kids.
Funny the lies you hear on the internet.
Camwhoring it is.

Thanks for the links.
Hey, definitely check out my post here

I believe that you could potentially make money from home. Maybe even with medical billing/coding. I know of a girl who does that from home and makes enough to pay her bills.
Damn I guess you won. I gave you all my secret links and I thought I was helping out a degenerate mother the whole time! Shucks.
>come to /biz/ to look for a work-from-home general
>find this thread
>it's just shitposting about women
Thread posts: 29
Thread images: 4

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