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Who /earlymorning/ here?

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Why aren't you getting up at 5 a.m /biz/?
>not waking up at 5 a.m
>not enjoying the fresh smell of the brewed coffee you set up to finish right before waking up
>not getting more tasks done than most households before most of said households wake up
>not enjoying the peace and quiet of true alone time for a few hours
>not taking advantage of that peace by cooking a nice, full healthy breakfast instead of rushing for a poptart like most amerifats
>not enjoying the peace by reading a couple chapters of your current book, again before most people are even awake (you do have a book you're reading, right anon?)
>not also listening to a good pod cast or some energetic music when not reading
>not taking a slow, relaxing cool shower to freshen up for the day, taking your time to clean well

Why wake up at 5 a.m you ask?
>having all household chores for the day finished, nutrional breakfast cooked and eaten, having a relaxing shower, daily reading done, outfit carefully selected, all before you even have to go to work

That is why - so who up for the real nigga hours right now biz?
Salaryman here

I love coming to work early
gives me at least one hour of peace and quiet and I get to leave earlier as well

No drawbacks
Fuck that's the best feeling.

I may be wagecucking (entry level financial), but man does it feel great to show up to the office when only the hard workers are there shooting the shit over coffee while getting a head start.

Plus looking at the groggy faces of the people who don't know how to control themselves enough to get a full 7.5 hors of sleep that come in ""on-time""
well uh

I still only sleep like 5-6 hours per day
Point being you get a healthy amount of sleep

wake up at 6am to get to work for 7.45
a full hour and a bit before i'm meant to start

entry level financial job here too.
sometimes I'm still awake at 5 AM

I've always had a late sleep schedule and now that I work from home it will likely never chance
I only wake up at 5am because my job starts at 6am. I never eat breakfast and just drink coffee at work. Also I have a baby that wakes up around 5am on the weekends so theres that.
>be me everyday
>wake up
>make bed
>light snack
>eat breakfast
>read a little
>start daily tasks at 5am

Hows this for real nigga hours my nigga
>>start daily tasks at 5am
2-3 am gym crew represent.
>2-3 am gym crew represent.
its honestly my favorite time to go. Ive done it for two years now and it is still just so peaceful.
I wake up at 8:25 and see how pre market is going if there is no moon missons i go back to bed
>not waking up at 1 am having all chores done by 3 am full breakfast and work out done.
>not reading wsj front to back by 4 am
>not starting your 10 hour grind at 5 am
>not going to bed at 9 pm only to do it again

Literally kys you Cuck, stay poor
Wow, you're such a fresh, cool, energic, hard working, well-read cocksucking faggot.
To the moon or to the bed.
I like your attitude.
But that's only doable if you live alone.
>9am wake up
>10-5 work
>6-10 piano
>11-3 programming
>struggle to get out of bed for my wageslave job
>get there 5-10 minutes late
>go home when the clock strikes exactly 5 PM
>sit up until 2 at night browsing 4chinz and playing RuneScape
this is the life boys
Only downside is I fall asleep by 9:30-10pm every night.
because i don't like falling asleep at 9pm
I've been rising early in the last couple of months add it's been really nice. Eating bagels and hot coffee at 6 am and reading books and playing games before the sun is even up. The book I'm reading right now is heavily involved with the mathematics of chaos theory and I'm playing some mmo's right now too. Eve is one of them. Probing deep space and exploring limited sleeper caches before dawn, there's nothing quite like it. All the while watching the pre-market opening TV and futures markets.

Shit is /biz/ as fuck.
What time do you go to bed at night?
>Get up early
>First thing you do is use drugs to ward off your tiredness

Why not just sleep longer?
Because then I have to go to sleep at 9 pm like a five year old.
>work and programming not happening at the same time
git gud
>limited sleeper caches
Limited my ass
I usually do 10 p.m, 7 hours has always been more than enough for me to function happily
8 hours is pretty much the exact amount of time I sleep without needing am alarm to wake me up, provided I didn't sleep earlier.
So I think 8 hours is my optimum.
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Up at 3 am because I'm a slave to the government. Hooah.
You get paid for that extra hour, right?
I've thought about doing this, but one thing is keeping me back. I'm a networker. I've gotten all my big professional breaks by going to events, catching up with old colleagues, or just talking to a random guy at a club at 5 in the morning. I need to show my face regularly.

I know I could make exceptions to my early morning wake up schedule for certain events but I'm afraid it would mess my biological rhythm up completely.

I definitely see the advantages though. In the morning I feel lots more energetic.
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I really need some fucking help /biz/, I think I've got insomnia or something because I haven't had a proper nights sleep in months.

I usually go to bed at midnight but rarely fall asleep before 3am, when I do its only for a few hours and its a really light sleep that does nothing for me. Some nights I lie in bed and don't sleep at all.

How the fuck do I fix this? I really want to be able to get up at 5 or 6 and feel productive but it's physically impossible for me, I feel so tired all the time.
No, I need my fucking mornings to myself. No way in hell will I fucking unironically work in the damn morning
All good points, you're right on every front
What time do you go to sleep though?
If it's after 10pm you're an absolut retard
>sleeping less than 7 hours
>not knowing how harmful to your body that is
I'd scrap all of those things you mentioned for a healthy night of sleep
I woke up early at 6 today. So an hour and 42 minutes ago.

I stretched for like half an hour and I did nothing for the past hour
Still have an hour and a half before classes start
i'm from spain
it is almost 5am
going to sleep not waking up
I have never accomplished anything worthwhile in the hours before midday, doesn't matter what time I go to bed or what time I wake up, I don't get my most productive thinking, most physical energy, most clear solutions until well after Lunchtime.

>drinking the caffeinated jew
I wake up at 4:30
Get more exercise to tire yourself out
>walkin on the street at 5am
Man, i am a third worlder, i could either get robbed or killed, or even both.
>sleep at 6am
>wake up at 3pm
>write some shit in the national version of Ebay
>go to the mail office/post office and deliver shits to be sent
>shitpost and watch Stargate the whole evening and night
Such is life in Brazil.
>get up at 8:30, no breakfast master race
>Throw on some cloths and get to work at 9am
>Work till 1, stop because it's my business
>Eat lunch then go on an hour long nature walk in the woods
>Show up at my second business at around 3
>Work till 5-6 depending on what I feel like
>Spend evenings doing whatever I want and stay up till midnight-1am

I only drink coffee for the fun of it, can't stand getting up so early I need to drug myself to get going.
Go to a doctor, tons of people need sleeping pills, plus you could always be one of the 1/1000 people with an actual sleeping condition that could be treated.

Just making yourself tired always works too, wake up at 6 a.m and force yourself to stay up with coffee or whatever ALL DAY and when you feel like death at 10 pm you won't even want to stay awake, and then the next day is just a little bit easier since you get a proper amount of sleep by getting to bed a little early
I would love to do this but I have such a hard time falling asleep that I can't get my 8 hours half the time on my current schedule. I can go to bed an hour or two early but I'll still be awake for another 4 hours.

I'm doomed to tiredness.
Who said I work? Most of my time in the morning is spent enjoying the peace and quiet with a nice breakfast/reading/working out

You haven't had a good workout until you've had free reign on a completely empty gym
Yeah, if that's the case proper sleep is always more important than an hour extra to jack off
This. I get in between 7 and 7:30 and I don't typically see another person for a couple of hours. I get a ton of work done in those two hours. The only downside is that most people in my office are night owls and often stay until 7 or 8pm and I occasionally get stuck helping them on projects late into the evening. It sucks because in those situations we are in some kind of a time crunch and my brain is already starting to slow down by that point.
Lol. Goddamned morning people.

I have severe anxiety and depression. Sometimes i drink booze. My sleep habbits are fucked. If i hear an owl at 2am and dont manage to shoot it in the face i go ahead and get up and come to work 5 hours early.

Also some days i got to bed at 8pm and debate eating a bullet rather than putting on work boots.

But day in and day out i get up, put on boots, go to work, come home, try not to drink till after midnight.

When i was a kid i couldnt wait to grow up.

Now that i am grown up i cant wait to retire or just fucking die...

My nigga. Odly enough seen about every episode and off shoot movie besides the original.

My best friend owns a gym.

He had one for a year and closed it down.

Tens of thousands in equipment in his barn.

Pretty much have my own gym.

Still dont go.

Fucking normies...

I get up at 5 the days when I have to meet at 6

I get up between 10-12 the days I have to meet at 14

I get up between 16-20 when I have to meet at 22

t. 3shift worker

Atm I have plenty of time to get stuff done as I have had "weekend" since yesterday and until thursday morning

Funny to go grocery shopping around noon and only old women are there buying groceries
4 hours of sleep? You're kidding right?
I wake up at 5 twice a week for PT and it's incredibly unpleasant. One has to go to bed unreasonably early to be well-rested waking up at 5.
Wake up early. Work out at some point. No phones, computer, or TV screens two hours before bed. Not in bed either. No caffeine/drugs all day either. I dare you to have trouble sleeping.
What are your businesses?
pre-dawn is the best time to choke on dick, everyone knows this
I do everything you do in the exact same amount of time but instead I wake up later and go to bed later
>Paying for personal training
Lol what a retard
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Thread images: 4

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