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Investing in Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Palladium)

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Let’s talk about precious metal investing.

I started buying silver & gold 2 months ago. Mostly silver.
My opinion from yesterday: >>1744497
yea so buy the dip.

>wishing there was a silver dip so I could stack up
Like I mentioned for gold, the spread on physical metals is pretty brutal. Particularly for silver it really depends on where you live. A lot of countries levy VAT on silver (since it's an industrial material, not a reserve metal), which pretty much kills any investment potential. Making up spread, cost of storage plus ~20% VAT and turning a profit is next to impossible unless silver goes to the moon (for which there is no indication).

If you want to hold silver long-term just for the heck of it - sure, buy a dip. But I still think it's an awful investment to turn a short- or medium-term profit. The transaction costs are too high on physical silver, but that's just my opinion. If you can buy VAT-free, store it conveniently and have a good way to flip it, it might be a viable investment? Still not convinced though...

tl;dr: for profit go paper, for security go gold. don't know why anyone would buy silver.
Agree with this anon on a few points.

Il add:

- only buy silver if your not paying VAT.

- gold is insurance, not investment

- one thing people often forget is inheritance tax. Due to an ageing population and the associated expenses, we will all get butt fucked near the end of our lives. A friend of mines relative had a stroke in the UK and basically cannot give any money/assets to his family as the council will use it to fund his "social care":
>"There are national rules for charging care home fees, which means you will pay the full cost of care if you have more than £23,250 in savings. If you own your own home and no one else lives in it when you move into a care home, the council is able to take into account the value of the property and use it to pay for care home fees."


They cant take that gold off you if they dont know about it!
Ugh. I'm saving up heavily for my future, shitty life. Wonder if I can invest in a care home chain for dividends. Their business will boom in coming decades.
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Get the silver.

Fastest (train) conductor in the world.
>I started buying silver & gold 2 months ago.
silver to gold natural ratio is 9:1 allegedly.
the current ratio is 70:1.

but 30 year average is around 60:1!

so when fags tell you that silver is grossly under-priced know that it will most likely go down compared to gold.

so even if silver goes up to fiat, it will still go down. and the premium on silver is horrendous. you can count 40% loss safely at most places into your investment. even vat free silver only has any meaning if the country mines and mints it's own coins otherwise the vat will be paid at some point.
Best coins to but? I feel like the boomers that run pawn shops will Jew me so I haven't bought any before
gold has less premium universally tends to be vat free and there are allowances for it to be used as "investment". it isn't really investment tho, but whatever. coins always have larger premium than gold, and usually the bigger the bar the less premium it has.

so buy gold bricks if you buy anything!
just wanna remind you guys USA doesn't pay VAT. state im in there's no sales tax on bullion :)
god bless!
that and obviously, you can control how much premium you pay. if you buy during a small dip, and get a good deal through ebay/other sites, you'll be paying cents over spot
i would never buy from a seller that doesn't get it straight from the mint. trusted certified path is really something you want because china is pumping out more fake coins than the rest of the world real ones.
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I buy gold every month in the form of easily traded coins that are only slightly above spot. You lose a little value over bouillon but the coins double as both a store of value and collectibles.

My first purchase was a quarter ounce 1871 British Sovereign with middle-aged Queen Vicky on the face that I got at random.

When I start making more money I might move up full oz Brittanias. It feels nice having actual "money" rather than fiat.
I should also mention its way easier to trade/sell a standard mint over even the most popular bullion. I could go on craigslist and move some coins pretty quickly, but bullion always seem to be more suspect because people don't trust buying it off some random guy and you are forced to get jewed at pawnshops and gold-buyers.
interesting when most of the fakes are actually made worn looking old with little detail on purpose.
i would rather buy a brand new mint condition modern bullion with modern security features than an old looking crap coin.
It matters more what most people want, and most people don't trust buy a brick of gold off John Doe no matter what security claims you make. At the very least they will want a mediator to check it.

With coins worst case scenario you can get any pawn or coin store to verify without much effort and more often than not theyll take your word on it as long as it looks legit (if they are buying coins they probably have some idea how to spot the real deal)

It really depends on why you want gold, for me the fungibility in lower denomination coins is a benefit for quick trading and accumulating more collectibles.

If you are transferring thousands of dollars into deep storage of gold, obvious bars are going to give you more bang for your buck.
yeah i was just commenting on the common stupidity about what they think is more trustworthy. fucking imbeciles that use the same password everywhere and it's probably their pooches name.
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