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Chinese Investors Exit Bitcoin, Flood Into Gold ETFs

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In case you missed it:


Don't ever jump in front of a train....
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Nobody makes it out alive...
That picture is one of the most retarded, laughable things I have ever seen
if the chinks were then btc would have dropped and stayed down. gold is always attractive to the chinks but its even more difficult to get out of the country than bitcoin is, and even with gov crackdowns that will still be the case, especially for miners
the government can and does block the internet as it sees fit

smuggling gold wont change, people are not going to suddenly become less corruptible
You dont need the internet to smuggle btc ya fucken eejit. You can put it on a usb stick or a piece of paper or hold it in your brain.
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So don't be poor.

But you need internet to send it to another address


dude, no.
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Bitch we're pumping. Always do the opposite of redditors and news stories. That shit was priced in ages ago already.
>leave country with microsd up butthole
>sell buttcoins on internet

truly makes one contemplate
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>News just in: Some Zerohedge writters are butthurt that they bought at 1k and want to keep the price down
Do you even volume?

Have you not noticed the dismal dead cat bounce volume yet?

How bluepilled are you?
you sound really bitter op, how much did you lose? sorry about taking your money.

ok, so the volume isnt insane anymore, mostly because chinese traders arent able to use leverage.

has it totally crashed to nothing? nope
is it still climbing slowly? yep

how mad can u possibly get? did you buy $100 worth and sell at $70?
Yup bluepills by the dozen....

Right now BTC holders are in hope and pray mode.

On the run up the volume was there and the pump was real.

Volume = gas pedal

BTC just ran outta gas and you still think the price is going to go against that?

You just hit up the most populous country in the world and they pumped and dumped you.

It's over.

pretty sure you cried it was 'over' years ago when it crashed from $200 to $30 again

did you say the same thing in 2008? stocks are over and that wallstreet is finished?
$923 right now. Let's see if there's a reaction. Because right now you're just acting like a short position.
he was probably the one buying gold's top
why should i care about the hole im thrown in

if im alive i want to be rich and have a good live
the poor guy lives in something thats cheaper than a coffin
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you dont need a microsd. Use electrum for win/linux or Coinomi for android and you can memorize a seed phrase that automatically hashes to your bitcoin wallet private key that you can use to recover your wallet anywhere you have internet & the software.
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>poor having a tomb
Graveyards are really fucking expensive, even in the third world
Nobody else finds it really weird that this person, who has espoused a belief that bitcoin's price is dictated by the light from a comet, keeps posting new btc FUD threads and posts, all day, every day?

I'm really curious guy. What's your end game? Are you a paid shill? Eth cuck? Or just a conspiracy nut wanna-be revolutionary? You can post the truth and then delete it right after, nobody will see, remember or care. Pls.
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You are gonna have to switch to IV soon.

That mouth overflows with bluepills.

And did you just say "end game".

You are cucked beyond belief.

Look up Mithridatism and get back to me.
mental illness dude, this is 4chan. i thought the same thing as you but then i realised the guy has actual issues with the amount of time/volume he posts the same things.
You're gonna have to try harder than that.

4chan is riddled with repeat memes.

That is the bulk of it.

Even the slow moving /biz/ is a loop of the same pepe, cucked, poor/rich, penny stock, get rich quick bullshit over and over again.

But hey whatever you have to tell yourself to make your position sound more sane go for it.
this make sense, these seem to be these guys on every board
Thread posts: 30
Thread images: 8

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