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Hitting my 30s and still a failure. What am I doing wrong?

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Life in a nutshell

> lived in 2 continents, can speak 4 langs
> at first wanted to be architect, but in my mid teens I found out I'm good at coding
> self-taught me coding and freelanced til my early 20s
> started studying biz admin, fuck me if I know why
> got bored and dropped out of university
> decided that I was experienced enough to land a job as dev
> good pay (€20k) and permanent contract. was good for my age and standards in my country
> moved from one job to another every 8 months or so because I got bored and wanted something bigger
> pay kept increasing from one job to another, was not hard to get jobs at all
> at this time I'm in my mid 20s. living with flat mate, enough money to afford good life standards
> wanted many times to start my own business but I'm missing commitment
> got another job, the best so far but after a year and half I quitted again
> still think that's not enough and some colleagues have been doing same shit over and over 8 years
> I decided to get back to study, computer engineer this time

Now I'm pretty old (most guys have their lives worked out about my age) and still a failure. Don't know what I want, I just know that what I've accomplished is not enough

What's wrong with me??
High expectations... slow down nigger
you've wasted your time doing a bunch of stupid shit instead of finding a life path and sticking with it. Trust me, i've been there, qualified myself in every aspect of life and I feel like I could do anything and get any girl but I cant settle down in any aspect of life.
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Be a minimalist. Don't buy a bunch of shit you don't need. Rent the smallest crappiest apartment you can tolerate. Don't buy a new car. Save as much money from your paycheck as you can. Don't go to college for useless shit and especially if you don't know what you want to do. Get rid of all the bullshit in your life that you don't need (junk etc). This will let you rent a smaller and therefor cheaper place. All you need is some clothes, laptop, mattress, shitty used car (if you live in a place without good public transit), and some miscellaneous stuff. Fuck buying new clothes, new car, furniture, new video games, restaurant food, Starbucks. Wear your Reebok tennis shoes until all the letters fall off and they just say "OK".

I'm 28 and have more than 55K USD saved up. No college degree and I make less money than you do. Not super impressive but I started with nothing. Got a cheap living situation that allows me to save a lot of money. Going to try and get my own property in a couple years without getting a mortgage or going into debt. 771 credit score although I have no idea how since I almost never use credit.

Work fucking sucks so don't be a chump who spends his entire paycheck every week on shit he doesn't need. Saving money is the ticket off of the treadmill of poverty. If you cut back on shit you don't need, life becomes easier and you need less money to live a decent life.
This just sounds like the average 30 year old to be honest.
Mate i'm 32 and i just lost my entire life savings gambling. Im living with my girlfriend in her flat.

Keep going mate. Im going to be a millionaire in 3 years and so will you.
So do you have savings or?
Your first positive action is to answer this short question:

“What do you want?”

The work of it begins when I tell you that you must answer that question fully and completely in black and white! Right now you must begin a complete list of
what you want. Why such a detailed list? Because that is the first step to getting them! This list becomes a list of your goals, your destinations!

Tell me this. Can you imagine a man going to the nearest airport to catch a plane with only the vaguest idea of where he wanted to go? If you were the ticket
seller, what would you do to help him? Can you visualize what would happen?

Man: I'd like a ticket, please.
You: Certainly, sir, where to?
Man: Oh ... uh ... someplace nice.
You: I don't understand.
Man: Well, it's important I “get someplace”. I don't want to just waste time. I want
to really get someplace.
You: Someplace like ... where?
Man: Oh, someplace where I can be happy. Where I can have a good income. Get a new car, maybe. Perhaps become an executive with a good company or even have my own business of some sort. Be able to take good care of my wife and kids. You know, I'd like to get someplace where things were really great for my family and me. Just give me a ticket; I'll pay for it.
You: But, sir, I can't sell you a ticket until you know exactly where you want to go.

Wouldn't that be your reaction? You would have no way to help that man until he could tell you where he wanted to go. And isn't that what you've been saying to life? “I want to get someplace”
covers everything and yet nothing! One thinks he has a goal because he wants to “be somebody.” But until there is a very clear picture of that position, he cannot hope to achieve it.


Thread posts: 10
Thread images: 2

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