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Have your ever considered starting a cult? >Devote Followers

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Have your ever considered starting a cult?

>Devote Followers
>They will leave there families for you
>they will give money to you
>they will give you there bodies
>they will die for you and your cause
>they will kill for you and your cause
Thats why I immigrated to Canada
t. Imam
So you are starting a cult with your followers?
you have to be one charismatic son of a bitch though, i doubt that since you're wasting your life here
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A cult doesn't have to be focused on Religion. There are philosophical cults, political cults, MONEY cults, even horse cults.

Pyramid schemes/ MLM companies use well-known cult tactics. That's why if you ever meet a MLMcuck they will sound absolutely brainwashed and take on a creepy "pseudopersonality". Literally 99% of people lose money joining MLM brainwashing cults. Mind control is a very real thing, and has been used throughout history by various cult leaders to service their agenda.

Pyramid schemes and LGATs (like Landmark Forum, Millionaire mind intensive, "self help" seminars) are literally money cults. Cults can take many forms:

Testimony on being in a money cult by fellow /biz/nessman:


Testimony on being in a Teacher/Student cult:

Its really easy to become charismatic.
>have you thought about starting a cult?

Yes, I have 2 separate cult ideas I have been work shopping for a few years.

One is a traditional cult
>targets easy to manipulate people
>crazy religious ideas
>live in the hills raising potatoes or something on the backs of my devoted labor slaves

The other one is post modern, more of a political Internet cult. Not racist, but let's just say it would not be popular in some parts of the world. And it's got this really fun animal angle to it.
Kunadalini, the pic
Starting a cult is my life's main ambition. I am charming, self-assured, and witty. I read people easily. I am a fast thinker and a great speaker. I find it very easy to manipulate people. Unfortunately, my relationships with other people leave me unsatisfied. I have tried being "normal"---forging relationships using the "real" me and not the charismatic facade---and have failed. No relationship has offered me anything really meaningful. I have studied the lives and personalities of many cult leaders. Recordings are sparse, but I have managed to track down audio of Koresh, LaVey, Lundgren, and Applewhite. With these guiding me, I have written sermons for both levels of cult member. One converts the neophytic and still-questioning window shoppers into established and dependent members; the other sermon transforms the trusty members into fully-invested-no-turning-back-cutting-off-contact-with-anyone-outside-the-cult followers. I plan to use /lit/ critique threads to refine my sermons. All I need is a little more money. Then I'll have enough to live on a part-time wage, affording me the time and energy to begin my plan---whose succes seems inevitable to me.

Frankly, I don't see any other option for my life. It seems like something I am destined to do. I have the skills and the desire. Having the respect, attention, and devotion of other people appeals greatly to me. I don't feel like I have ever been good enough for other people. I long for affection. I want to be attached to someone and have someone be attached to me. I want to provide broken people with a renewed sense of purpose and being. There doesn't have to feel like something is missing. We won't have to feel bad anymore. Just because we've had an imperfect past doesn't mean we can't have a perfect future. Together, we can bury our feelings of longing, displacement, and unworthiness.
Hah! Gaaaaaay!
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I did. It's just that I am not that charismatic. Also I am only 19 years old
its in german so you have to translate it

The leader is a woman called Gabi

the mebers have to work slave labour in Horticultures and produce organic food like spices, or soup powder so they get into heaven when the apocalypse hapens.
Gabi makes a lot of money out of the organic products
the cult owns stores horticultures farms, mills, a nature parmacist etc.The workers are called goods Bees,how fiting.
Then they have suspicious conections to organic zertificates

basicaly moders slavery in goods name
It's not easy to do. To create a cult one must have opportunity.
id make a cult just to run away from the taxes
I can't stand weak minded people, I'm a bad liar and I don't have the patience to teach.

So it's definitely not something I can do.
I often have to advice my clients at work and every time they say some dumb shit I get incredibly annoyed on the inside.
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 4

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