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I want to be rich. Filthy rich. I want to be rich enough that

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I want to be rich. Filthy rich. I want to be rich enough that I can bribe my way through life, to get all the chicks I want, and to control people around me. I want several houses, a castle and my own island. I want CEO’s to be afraid of me cutting off their capital. I want them to call me Sir, while I decide whether to found their project. I can only do this with almost unlimited amounts of cash.
How should I proceed in this endeavor? Right now, I might invest in current capital, $726, in several different altcoins to diversify my portfolio. After profits starts to roll in, I can use this capital to fund my lavish lifestyle.
I fear that $726 is not enough. How do I earn more money while in college?
you can start from r9k
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Well this book would be a good start

suck dicks
Literaly nothing. The best you can hope for is reaching middle/upper-middle class during your lifetime.

Yes, you'll stay a wageslave your whole life. The game is rigged.

But you wont like this answer so I'll just tell you to fuck off.
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Take a big loan, bet it all on red a couple of times, and pay back the loan.
This Copy-Pasta isnt even entertaining. Is this the best shitposting we can come up with /biz?

Do I need to create a shitpost market and sell you guys proper shitposts that actually have some entertainment value?
Why do you post this every other day?

You were born a loser and you'll die one

Do yourself a favor and kys

Shit poor people do is the best kind of threads
leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel that reaction
You idiot you can't aim that high and diversify. You have to pick one thing and go all in and hope it's the one thing this century that goes 1000000000℅

Best chance is Monero. You are really poor but with $726 you can pick up around 60xmr right now. I think there's about $1.5T worth of USD floating around so assuming monero replaces the USD you would be worth about $4M. You could probably buy a cheap small island or an Eastern European castle but it sounds like you want more than that.

Of course monero could go further than just replacing USD and as the world becomes more productive the value of monero will go up as well. In my opinion though you need to put in more money to start with. Monero won't be this cheap forever so if you're hell bent on becoming super rich you should probably pause college, get a job and live like a homeless person to accumulate your stake in the future of money.

And also it will probably still come to nothing but it's better than putting all your money on a million to one bet which is the only other way you can reach your targets.
No shilling allow on this board
What do I have to gain shilling a $160M market cap coin to neets with less than $1000 each. This isn't the typical premine scamcoin. Look it up.

If you've got better advice for this guy let's hear it.
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> I fear that $726 is not enough
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If he has $726 he should invest it in coke, booze and weed. Then smoke that shit. All of it. All of it.

Here's my advice:

If you really want to be rich later, understand that you will have to be a wageslave now and probably will be for at least five years after today if everything goes right. You have to save as much money as you can as a wageslave and then look into Forex. You browse /biz/ so I'm sure that you have at least heard and understand on a very rudimentary level of what the foreign exchange is and how to make money from it.

Forget all this cryptocurrency bullshit. It won't replace or coexist as what the IMF labels "hard currencies" in your lifetime (or it might, if the singularity comes about, but I digress)

Why Forex? Multiple reasons, but besides being a zero-sum game and the most liquid market on the planet, the main reason is that if you're in the US, the SEC regulates that little guys (those who have $25,000 or less in their trading account) can't participate in "day-trading" which is opening and closing more than 3 trade positions within 5 business days.

However, the foreign exchange and options are excused from this rule. I'm not educated on how options operate, but I do know that the reward:risk ratio is about 1.8:1, which means that with each position you take in options, if you only get 50% your investments right, you will still be losing money, and that's before taxes.

With Forex, you can aim for a ratio as high as you want, typically about 3:1 to 4:1, which means you only need to make 33% or 25% respective of correct trades. In the US, the maximum leverage is 50:1 and trading currencies (besides JAP yen) is done in pips, or hundreths of a cent. So, if you open an account where I did and you're under 25, and have the minimum of $3,000, then you can control $150,000, making each pip worth $14.

Before I finish this though, I need to let you know that 90% of people who try day trading of any kind fail, and wipe out their trading account, and 9% barely break even and can't make enough to do it full time.

By the way, the $14 per pip is due to being unable to buy something like the Euro with only $150,000, as it is more expensive than the dollar.

Pips move every minute, and if you learn how to move with the market, you can ride a 15 pip change at $14 a pip for a $210 profit within mere minutes.
If you're going to play a zero sum trading game with low amounts of capital you may as well do it with shit coins on Poloniex. That way you're not playing against millions of forex people that are smarter than you and have more capital than you.

Also realise that we are entering the fourth turning so it's a fair bet that by 2030 the IMF will be dead and a new paradigm will have taken its place.

>trying your hardest to shill me

Oh, so you'd rather take the 1/100 chance you have of making riches off of the stable, international market, verses cryptocurrencies that work as pump and dumps?

Yeah, no, fuck you. Cryptocurrencies are nothing but a fucking meme and attempting or advocating to find riches where the market is suspect to nothing but word of mouth is fucking terrible and you should feel like a god damned retard for trying to shove your scam down people's throats.

Deal with real, hard money that is influenced by real world events. So much easier to predict, much more money to be had, and "smarter than you and have more capital than you" is not a fucking argument. You're not trying to fool everyone else when playing the market on forex, you're trying to predict it off of patterns that you see, whether it be intraday, or minutely.
Day trading requires volatility to make money. Cryptos are very volatile. Better for trading vs "stable international markets".

>Real money
Cash out your crypto trading profits to dollars.

>Real world events
Crypto operates in the real world, fuck nut. You can follow developments with each coin at various places on the internet and you actually have a chance at getting an information advantage since crypto is niche and has lots of noobs. How the fuck to plan to trade currencies against banks with data feeds on everything and connections with people of influence.

>Predict it off patterns
Crypto currencies have patterns as well.

>Cryptos are pump and dumps
Another basic pattern for you to work with. You managed to spot this one by yourself, you might be good at this.

>Trying your hardest to shill me
Backing up a position with arguments isn't shilling

If you want to lose the $20,000 you spent years wagecucking for by pissing it away on "smart trades" like most other lower class wannabees go for it.
do you realize that even if there is only a 25% chance of losing, you will statistially lose money if you trade long enough?
go ahead and day trade faggets

Stopped reading there.
>produce something that a billion people would pay 5$ for
after that
>invest in real estate
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Thread images: 6

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