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I consider myself intelligent. When I did history at school I found it easy to find discrepancies, participate in debates without coming across as an ass and still get my point across. I think I have the skills to be successful.

Of course I can't portray who I am on an anonymous image board, but take my word for it please.

I'm in my last year of A levels, and realistically I can obtain three A's (Maths, Economics, Biology).

Often I see people doing dumb degrees, making dumb choices, or simply not reaching their potential.

I wish to take computer science at Uni, but that's due to my interest in computing and it seems relatively safe. But I'm malleable, I'm happy to change and do whatever it takes to get up there.

What would you do /biz/ in my shoes, what would you not have done if you could go back in time, how would you have done to become the best you possibly could?
And if you have time, what's the best way to be rich by being a literal slave, and what's the most 'easy going' way to be rich.
I know there is a degree of luck in there anyway.
>i consider myself intelligent
>what everything for top dollar
>top dollar
Kek i expected this response, hence:
>it seems relatively safe
>I'm happy to change

It's my current choice purely because it's a safe bet, but I know there is better, hence my post.

I may come across as arrogant, but if I didn't consider myself intelligent I wouldn't believe I'd be able to get 'top dollar'. Besides I'm sure there is a lurker who is in a similar situation show is benefiting from my arrogance. It's an image board I don't have to be modest.

What would you recommend above CS, and why is CS shit.
CS is a fucking meme and for a very good reason. The market is over saturated with people who choose CS because it's easier than engineering, and because they were fed all the silicone Valley bullshit.
If you are dead set on computers and its really your passion, I would suggest computer engineering (emphasis on electronics) . It's one of the hardest engineering degrees, but it's worth it. The intimidating course work generates a niche group of graduates who are in very high demand. It's also easier for you to climb the corporate ranks as you have an understanding of both circuitry and computational digital design. People with this degree can make for excellent system engineers who over see several departments and head up projects.
Thank you, i live on the outskirts of London so it wouldnt be difficult to find a job relating to those fields, ill look into it further.

Any recommendations for course other than computing (like i said im open)

Posting from phone so id may change.
Umm maybe getting a business in technology degree and a general engineering degree to go along with it? If you do this, it is imperative that you stress you management skills while also not downplaying your engineering degree. You want employers to see you as the ideal project manager; someone who can facilitate fluid communication between the workers on the ground floor and the corporate heads (and maybe even investors).

> Personally, I plan on doing something similar to this.
I plan on attending one of the cheapest schools in the US to avoid pulling up debt. Once I have a BS in electrical engineering, with an emphasis on computers, I plan on applying to Virginia Tech or another reputable East Coast Tech school to obtain a Masters or PhD in
mechatronics/mechanical engineering emphasis on robotics.
After that I will attempt to leverage my graduate degree to get a business degree from an ivy league while also networking with some the best, brightest, and richest minds in the nation.
All of this so that I can create a dream team and have my own dynamics firm that will push us into the age of automation and advanced robotic systems.
I'm like you and I figured getting a MSc in applied maths was the best bet. I've also got a BSc in physics (that only required one extra year on top of my MSc due to course overlap) and a large software development portfolio. When I finish my MSc in a year and a half, at 24, I might be extra cheeky and go for a PhD in mathematical finance and become a high-octane wall street algo-trader.

Not OP, but that sounds based as fuck.

I love this continuous trend of getting STEM degrees and using them in a completely different field. It allows one to earn a ridiculous amount of money while also holding academic prestige in such a highly respected field such as physics or math.

Saying "I'm a physicist" or "I'm a mathematician" will always hold more weight and garner more respect then saying "I'm a financial analyst" or "I'm a econ major"
So here's the general consensus, at least in the USA.

Do you go to an Ivy League?
If so, you'll probably be an Economics major.

Do you go to a non-Ivy, top 20 school?
Choose Finance.

Do you go to a non-top 20 school?
Math is your only realistic option. Maintain a high GPA & do CFA part one at least. Take some Finance courses too.

That's the general consensus anyways. I don't recommend Computer Science degrees are primary, but if you can double major. Something like Math + CS, Econ + CS, Finance + CS is fine.
MBA + Specialized knowledge in a particular market will make you a multimillionaire, nigga
OP here. The general consensus i have is:
>A niche degree rather than any old stem degree
>Push to be a manager with your skill set

Im extroverted anyway so the managerial aspect shouldn't be an issue, my original plan was to use my CS degree and lack of autism to rise to the top.

With all these degrees, what fields and jobs would you all do?

I'm also planning to take a gap year, what would you guys recommend I do?

(OP posting from phone)
Thread posts: 11
Thread images: 2

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