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Websites that aren't Dropshipping

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Does anyone here own or has owned a website that isn't dropshipping?

I'm currently working on a website that is in a niche, that I don't think is oversaturated. Currently I'm slaving on it all the time writing content in order to get som good rankings at some point.

Since it is a new website, I shouldn't expect to get any organic traffic for many weeks to come. Especially since it is a new domain name.

But when I start getting organic traffic from my content, the possibilities are endless for opening a shop, partnerships etc.

Has anyone started a website from scratch here? Just focusing on writing relevant content (maybe the occational content purchase), and just having patience?

How long did it take until you saw visitors? Are you making any money of it?
i have a youtube channel and get organic views but pays very little due the niche being shit

i get millions of views but its useless for anything other than ad revenue, since i dont show my face or anything so i cant do reviews and shit and i dont want to be famous

and most people watching are retarded mexican kids so they will never buy shit (thats why the CPM is so shit even if i get tons of views)

it sucks since it has been the only way i ever got tons of organic traffic. feels good to have millions of views but sucks to not be getting rich.

i have considered openinign other more niche sites for adults with bigger cpm but i dont know how. i didnt do any seo shit to get millions of views

how did u find ur niche? what programs and shit. im not paying shit for longtail pro and stuff and google keywords shit now needs you to pay i think.

how to find a good niche? or is just all about luck as i think it is (everyone making money online admits it was mostly luck lol)
I did but I was a "notablr" in the niche community

That didnt drive traffic

Then I tried an expo and that flopped

So my advice is actually to do more market research before putting money in vs worrying about content and driving traffic

If you get 100% of the market and thats only a dozen peoplr then youre fucked anyway
Thanks for the great input.
Have you concidered ways to make those millions of viewers into potential customers or just something more than just a view?
On top of my head, that could be making a website, where you simply post your videos as a blogpost with a Keyword title.
Then you embed your video and perhaps transcript what you say into text.
That way you will also get all the google searchers (if your niche has potential for this), which means more views, but most of all you can increase the chance of someone clicking an ad on the website.
If they are mexican kids, then put up ads with stupid app games n shit.
Just a thought..

Hmm, regarding the niche, it is impossible to say right now if it is a good niche or not.
I just think it might be good, because it is a subject that I am interested in, and whenever I do a search on it, there is no "main" website that covers all the subjects. The subjects are spread across multible small websites, often created in the early 2000s with shit layout.

So I suppose it was just luck (if the niche turns out to be good).
As in regards to programs and shit, I haven't actually used any.

I set up a Facebook page straight away and spent like 30$ on ads, targeting USA, UK and some asian contries.
Turns out that you can get 1000 facebook likes from Asia with 30$ (probably bots, but fuck it).
This can be good when I start getting visitors, and it shows that my website has 1000 likes, which is more attractable than a website with 15 likes.

I use Adwords keyword tools for all my posts, and find out what people search for.
Then I make posts around 600 words, with around 3-4 keywords.

I've paid for 5 articles so far, the rest I've written myself.
The articles have cost between 5-15$, and the 5$ article was actually the best one. Best it is limited what you can get for 5$, so it was up to me to pimp the post with a few quotes, titles, images and youtube videos.

Now I'm just waiting while google slowly starts to place me on the rankings. Each week I see that I've started to rank for new keywords, even though they are on page shit of google. Soon they will probably start to rise in the ranks.

Going to contact some websites soon and ask if I can guest post, so that I can get some quality backlinks.

Very true. Each post that I make has keywords with around 10-100k google searches per month, and there aren't that many competing websites.
So hoping that there will be enough searches.
How are you planning on monetizing your website once you obtain traffic?

I doubt that ad revenue is significant unless you have large amounts of traffic.

Personally I'm working on a dropshipping site at the moment since I feel that dropshipping is currently the best way to make money from a website. I'd be curious to hear about your methods though.
There are plenty of successful Youtubers that don't show their face, TechRax comes to mind. Just do the first-person thing and show your hands.
Honestly haven't thought about it.
My main focus is passive income. So I was thinking ad and affiiate links first off.
If I get the organic traffic, the possibilities are endless!
whats your niche.
i will tell you within 5minutes if its worth pursuing or not.
you dont choose the ads, the keywords choose the ads, you have no control, people that pay for ad campaings do in a way (adsense)

anyway, it just doesn't convert, its useless, i'll keep making videos and try to start getting USA traffic with different keywords, once I manage to rank some in USA, USA kids have rich parents so they are potential customers + the higher ad revenue

my fear is the algorithm somehow pushes my videos to only rank in spanish speaking countries cause i got a big fanbase from those places, let's hope this is irrelevant and i manage to rank in USA and other countries to get biggger cpm otherwise im drinking bleach

i have a good couple of videos ready with juicy keywords, big competition but i got 300k subs, hoping they push my video with likes, then once i get like 5000 likes, the keywords should make it show up on USA kid screens, then i start getting subs there and the party is one. its my last hope

kids dont give a shit about google, they use youtube only btw
and facebook and twitter

damn kids are hard to make them follow me because im not posting shit all day + i dont show my face or voice they just like my content

not sure about risking my facebook url or twitter by getting it banned with fake bots desu

i may make a contest for "twitter followers only" or something to get more followers

not sure about how to get them click on my facebook page for a like tho
So... blogging?
anyone here make passive income off ad rev from a website? If so, how many visitors/clicks do you get, and what do you make off that?
Op it sounds like you read that retarded kids blog on website flipping and decided to build one out on your own.

If you're hellbent on building up a social media following and monetizing it, just slap a good looking dropshipping link on your social media crap and your blog. Hopefully that works out.
Also interested in this, have a tech site with over 100k views a month but only getting $200 a month on it from 2x ads with google adsense.. Currently working on making a course that people can buy, but shits a lot of work and there must be some other low hanging fruit shit that can be done to get dat coin.
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 1

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