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>Am I getting fired soon? >Be me, dedicated to multiple

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>Am I getting fired soon?
>Be me, dedicated to multiple clients and have a lot of continuous work
>Found out the company has been talking about training other people and nobody even told me about this
>They are learning new things, and they are getting access in the company I do not have
>I am stuck in a position where they didn't even tell me everyone else is getting training on something new
>I asked a supervisor to share the details and how I can get this as well so I can learn this technology we might be taking over
>No response from supervisor,next time I;m in the office going to have to ask him about this training program and how can I get involved
>Turns out other people have been learning for a month or so and I haven't even heard of this offer....

Make sure to poorly document some part of your job function, and make it so they can't fire you. Or start applying elsewhere.
>Be me

There's your problem.
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>Highly doubt they will actually get rid of me unless they decide to open up a spot and get rid of me while giving the position to someone else
>I had a chance to join a operation engineer position in said company, and didn't take it
>Feel like I'm stuck now, everyone else is requesting the training, and discussing this in the meeting while I'm stuck with my current work and they are learning new shit
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I'm thinking of saying fuck it and just doing me, If i have a couple of months I should at least focus on studying more what I can currently do, and money isn't a big issue. I have assets and an actual skill set/work ethic so even if there will be an issue in the next few months, I just hope I can land back on my feet

tfw. Paranoid engineer
Tell them youre tired of being left out of the loop and want to move to a company who respect you and keep you informed, given your contribution and work ethic
This, leave on your own timetable. Waiting until your boss fires you will leave you at a disadvantage, and will make it harder to find a new job.
So you were offered a promotion and refused it?

You've now become the guy who is content with where he is and has no ambition to move up.

From the way you describe the situation it sounds like you work in IT, so this is 500% more true,
People got it.
You display a lack of interest for a better/different position.
Plus, if you're good enough at what you're doing, and is a steady earner for them, they may have a need for training other employees who are not, instead of you.

Talk to your hierarchy. Try to make it clear, try to explain why you refused the promotion and that's your still interested in different positions and missions.
But you should seek for something else and only tell your hierarchy once you got it. You could actually get more money elsewhere, a better company and nicer coworkers. job hoping is a fast way to earn more, and sometimes we are not fully aware how green is the grass elsewhere.

They could change their minds and management methods once they are actually going to lose you. But they could try to just keep you in place, and resent you for wanting to leave. There, only you could assess if they are fooling you and if you should actually leave.

But a job is a job. They pay you for working, what you did, and they actually got money out of it. You don't owe anything to your hierarchy.
I was thanked by upper management for "getting shit done today"

I still want to leave though perhaps for more money etc..
Get another job and quit without notice.

That's exactly wtf is happening.

>source: I unknowingly was hired with other to replace an entire store.

Get shitty warehouse job. Hey anon u wanna deliver too? Easier work for same pay and nobody over your shoulder. Shit yeah main. Hey anon we bought our own store. Mfw local furniture store closes down and we open it the next week.
I had something similar happen to me.

I hired an assistant and after a few months I noticed they began training him on all the same things they train me on. He didn't say shit to me, but I could tell what was going on.

Anyways, I was ready to leave and they ended up firing me.
Not sure if I should tough it out and wait another year while completing my studies for the CEH, some sans courses, and than do the CISSP, at this point I'm getting tired of the being the config monkey. Working with numerous clients on major projects, and all I end up doing is config changes on a daily, and yes I resolve majority of my cases but it just isn't fun anymore, I see how everyone else acts and I'm tired of being the monkey in the office working late hours, because "honestly" if we give this to anyone else they fuck it up

Take for example, someone else who thought they were good as me, ended up taking a whole network/site down. They contacted me 4 am and I had to fix this shit, funny thing is nobody in our company could tell me why it stopped working, and what happened. I logged in, first thing I noticed is some new config with a bullshit NAT which stopped all traffic/everything was being dropped. Literally a 2 minute change on my end to bring everything back up, but I was furious why they proceeded with the change without me, they wanted to get someone else right away, but when they fucked it up, guess who they ran to at 4am?

As far as the training is concerned, we are building a new dept it looks like and they will be a dedicated team to this technology, feels bad not being included in that team, or getting to learn a new platform I haven't been exposed too... inb4 ask to be on everything, i am already working on a lot of stuff, and learning something new, will take me after hours training ....

>well its back to work,
>I have a migration issue right now

Maybe, maybe not.

Could be entirely coincidental / there is another unrelated aspect at play.

Any time you are concerned about being fired you should be firing up the Linkedin and looking around at whats out there.
Make yourself irreplaceable and start looking for other jobs. Then quit and let them hang because you are either getting fired or you will by stuck with what you are currently doing forever.

It happened to me two years ago when my employer though a new person could be trained and do my job for half the pay. I didn't catch it and only knew because another colleague who had left told me.

I did not teach the new guy key processes or explained anything. Since I was also the only one who knew how to do it correctly and that it was crucial to keep the company going they couldn't fire me. Found another job one month later and fucked off from those backstabbers

Also leave on good terms so that when shit does hit the fan and they need YOUR help, you can charge them way more in consulting fees that are 3-10x your normal hourly rate.

If they want to play hardball; play hardball.
>Make yourself irreplaceable and start looking for other jobs

Very hard to be irreplaceable when the company doesn't care about you and doesn't see you as a valuable employee anymore

Tfw. Let me share a story from today
Escalated case somehow lands in my hands, on a business conference for an issue with multiple vendors, companies, and three different technologies in play, so they don't know why this isn't working but they want this escalated. Ended up fixing their issues within minutes as I not only understood the issue clearly but could see something that could potentially be causing an issue with the conifg on our and their end. As soon as it is fixed, they get even more angry and demand to know why they have tried fixing this for the past three days and nobody could fix it but now I am able to look into this issue and have a resolution within minutes, this might not be a good thing to say during a meeting, but I flat out told them I'm an engineer and if they need something escalated in the future just bring it to me, they should waste a couple days troubleshooting with the same techs when I can solve this within minutes..

Tfw. upper management in my company, doesn't look at this as an important skill, nor do they care. But I'm loved by the clients themselves
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 3

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