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Best Country to Be Rich

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My country is a shit >>1726639 and i want to live fucking comfortable in one country that give me all the opportunities to be rich and start my life.

I don't fear fail because i'm very young (18 years old).

I think my option is the United States, if you live there is "meh", but for people that want to be rich is a fucking paradise (if you are mature enough and know what do you have). I had two problems: Trump and the Greencard, but whatever...i don't want to be too idealistic instead of realistic.

But for you: What It's The Best Country to Be Rich
There was a YouTube Ted talk about this. They determined that the Scandinavian countries were much better
Norway is expensive af a paradise if you have some money, Sweden is a paradise (good option), Denmark too but i don't know anything about it
As a Norwegian i would disagree. It's very high taxes here. If you are rich in Asia, India or China you get much more for your money.

Find it
Is it true that you (Norway) work 6 hours a day and get paid for 8hours?
How much do you pay for a coffee there?
How much do you make in a year?
How much a doctor make in a year there?

I can tell how expensive that country is just by this information
Russia, Belarus, Ukraine. If you have money you can buy whatever politicians you want and get shit done.
>if you have money
I talk about the best country to be rich
Sorry, best country to become rich
It usual to work 8 hour days, but i guess it would be equal to other comparable countries similiar payments for working 6 hours.

>How much do you pay for a coffee there?
That depends on the coffee. We like to buy expensive imported coffee. A 0,5 L beer at a restaurant or club is usually 10 $

> How much do you make in a year?
Average pay is between 3500 and 4000 a month. Though this is low compared to those with a degree.

> How much a doctor make in a year there?
My dad is a doctor and he makes 12k a month.
>a doctor making 144K in a year
>Average pay is between 3500 and 4000 a month.
Do you convert this to dollars?

Also by your experience how many people talk english there? I hear almost all Sweden speak english, what about Norway?
Yeah that's converted to USD. Everybody speaks good English here. Those under 40 speaks it very well fluently. We start to learn it in school as a second language when we are 7.
Last questions.......Taxes?
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Oh ok
dont know why latinos freak out about the trump thing. trump is only going after illegals.
25% VAT

Those making 50k USD a year pays around 27.5% in income tax. 37,5% for those that makes 165k-450k USD.

0.70% Fortune tax for those with over 350k USD
dont know why americans don't freak out about the trump thing. Trump is only going to fuck their whole country.

As a citizen of a socialist country with two crazy presidents (Chavez and Nicolas Maduro).
He...good luck with that orange guy america (this don't change my mind about going to the United States)
Why the fuck i don't born there?
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lol it's pretty chill. I remember i went on a school trip to England and our teachers told us that we look rich compared to the brits. Everybody is having jackets that costs 800$. It's nice to be a teenager here.
My mother is a teacher and make 40$ in a month...do you feel lucky now?
Well read again is not 40k in a month is 40$ in a month
there are millions that make zero.

shut the fuck up
Trump has already saved thousands of jobs and he hasn't even taken office. Lol.
There are millions that study, work hard, raise a family, had a lot of kids and make 40$ in a good month.

Shut the fuck up.
The future is indefinite, we say the same thing about Chavez and now we had a dick in the ass

Wow fuck that.

Scandanavia sucks. Cold, gray, standoffish people, and their male-female dynamic has become completely cucked.

The best countries to live (assuming you already have money):
England (If you can stand the weather)
I presume you have been here.
Dude do you even read all the thread? I'm poor af.

I want money man, money!
It's this true? A lot of people say the same think, i don't really care about the people what i want is pretty much this:
With money you can go anywhere and meet new people
CTR, theyre not paying you anymore.

Its over, go home.
Hillary was worse than Trump.
Compared to England for instance, the weather is about the same, some of the nicest girls in the world and the people are easy to talk to if you go to the cities.
Ok, you pass
Get it

Good luck America, if i was you, i would buy gold or a house in Canada right now, trust me
Mind giving an objective reason instead of fear-mongering?
Ok, Trump is smart and crazy af.
He is smart because he use the controversy as a way to increase its popularity among the masses but likewise this gives a bad reputation that he is crazy.
Diplomatically he improve relations with russia but put Americans as a some idiots rednecks (thing that isn't true) In front of the world. Same with Bush.
He know a lot about business, that's a point, but a country isn't a casino or a hotel. People give him the reason sometime because he has "money", but all this money is from his father, "but he convert 1 million to 1 billion!" and people with no money become more succeful than him (Bill Gates).
One problem is, you don't know wtf go in Trumps mind, he is smart? he is stupid? and all of this is because he has money, if he was in the same position as Obama when he start campaing do you think he would be elected?

You can compare Paris Hilton with Donald Trump, wtf.
- Make money with his family money
- Like reality shows
- Wanna be a superstar

The president should be more serious, there are war, families, future, lifes, technology, in his hands and you all choose The orange guy of the Apprentice?

Ask yourself this, if you are gonna be The president of the most powerful country of the world...would you act like this clown? Or take things more seriously?
So all just subjective bullshit? No policy arguments?

I fully support lowering taxes and covering the difference with tarifs to support American jobs. I think itll be great for the economy.

If he can actually kill NAFTA, thatd be even better
Ok support him, but remenber you sell your soul to this guy and all his actions.
If he start a war, you are the soldier.
If he fuck the economy, you are the one who is going to starve

Remenber what a president is.
>If he fuck the economy
You still havent presented an objective argument as to how Trump will do this

>If he start a war
Yep, really looking like that since our biggest "enemy" loves him

>Remenber what a president is.

>What is - Congress
>What is - Checks and balances
You might want to learn how the US government works before attempting to move here. There is a test afterall
All are assumptions, everything i say and some things you say too.

But that he is a clown, is a fact:

Don't tell you truly trust in this man?
Only as much as any other politician. His policies presented are logical and I for the most part support, except for his enviornmental stance.


I judge politics based on facts, not high school-tier "he said, she said" bullshit. The Presidency is not a popularity contest based on personality.

And even if he wanted to do something "crazy", he would need Congress's approval. Youre overestimating the power of the President in the US
Good luck
>Good luck
So have you just been trolling or do you really not have a valid counter-argument?
>You are from /pol/
Some people still think Hitler was right, same goes with you and Trump, and you support the most controversial man in history.
You talk about economy to a man that went 4 times to bankruptcy, a man made it by his father. A man than don't know what it's poverty. Do this man represent the United States?
Nobody puts words in his mounth, all what he say is his mind. He is racist and crazy.
One difference between you and me, it's that you can't accept that somebody in his position can be a idiot.
The United States is too big to fall, there is a lot o money and people.

Why don't you choose Bernie?
Who says I dont also support Bernie?

You still have not said ANYTHING about actual policy you dont agree with, just media-tier subjective shit.
Damn, man. Venezuela is fucked. Sorry, brah.

As a side, if you can prove Sephardic ancestry, Spain will take you (since you presumably already speak Spanish). Apparently a bunch of Venezuelan ex-pats are taking advantage of their temporary right-of-return for those of Sephardic ancestry to GTFO while they can. The Spanish economy has been shit for a bit, but they recently cut a bunch of regulations so it's getting a lot better.

Good luck!
It's not subjetive, most of these things about Trump are true, who the fuck own his Twitter account? His discussions? When he talk? Do you think somebody change everything he say in front of camera? He has this fame because of his actions. Bush and Him where a joke, Obama don't was a success (National debt for example) but USA gain a little respect al least. Trump don't even has the majority of votes, but the system in the United States make Him win.

Whatever outside all of this "media shit" can you tell me all the policy about Trump?
I mean...you need to google my country to know where it is, and what traditions it has, while i know a lot of culture and traditions about your country, i have visited 8 States in 12 years, you need to google to know the name of 2 states of mine.
So you can undestand why i don't know so "much" about that, just basics things, tell me do you know a actual politic in my country? No? Well my country is not well know, what about China? Russia? Japan? Germany?...

Explain....red pill me, why the fuck Trump is good?

>Definitly from /pol/
Well he's our President. So stay in your own shithole and keep your dumb foreign opinions to yourself, monkey.
Wtf? This is /biz/ or /pol/?
That it's for Trump supporters, half of the americans don't believe in Trump, I know my country isn't a example of good economy but you can learn from the mistake of other people.
Maybe not for the super rich, but Canada is great for early retirees. A good combination of free/cheap health care, lots of low cost of living areas, and a tax system with lots of shelters and loop holes to pay very little or no income tax
go fucking kill yourself, kid.
Subjective doesnt mean not true Dumbass

I already linked his 100 day plan for a start and said I supported everything on it except the enviornmental things.

I said I supported his tax policy, his desire to re-introduce tarifs, and his stance on Nafta.

All of which got
>Trump is a bully and a dumbass because I watch the news and check his twitter
as a response.

And also
>blah blah blah I know a few things about your country but you know nothing of mine
doesnt matter when youre CLAIMING to know all about our politics while not being able to back it up, and Im not claiming anything about yours. Stop trying to Strawman

>Definitely from r9k
The reason your country is poop is because the people there are. We don't need your input. Maybe you should sit back, listen to superior people, and then take that back to your vilage and try to improve it.
>Subjetive doesn't mean not true.
>Trump is a dumbass because i check his Twitter and watch the news.
Trump is a dumbass, accept it, if subjetive doesn't mean not true is because all he do is fucking dumb, you even vote for Bernie because you know bernie was better than him.
>You know nothing about my country
When i tell you this is because i never claim to know everything about the politics in the United states, sooo i want to "know"
>Still avoiding the actual policy argument
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>Superior people
I accept my country is shit and some people vote for that shit of president.
But you talk like you make your country with your hands and it was hard to born there.
I mean....you are just lucky, you only pay taxes to maintain your country
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