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Real Estate vs. Bitcoin

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Plain and simple question. Should I dump my money into real estate (i.e. purchasing land and building small homes in developing countries where there is a demand for affordable housing, make profits off tenants rent) or dumping money into bitcoin (i.e. waiting 5 years and sell off what coins I have).

I appreciate your answers.
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>Tenants in developing countries
Good luck getting niggers and spics to pay you. It's hard enough to do that in the developed world, let alone in the slum countries.

Dying meme, son. There is no future in Bitcoin unless the Chinese whales say there is a future in Bitcoin.

You're better off buying a couple gas stations.
Was specifically looking at the major towns and cities in the Caribbean
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Even worse. Do you know what the crime rate is in those shit holes? The only real estate worth investing in down in the Caribbean is tourist lodging on islands controlled by western nations (rule of law and property rights is foundational in real estate investing).
I actually have family and friends within the Caribbean and technically there is crime everywhere, obviously some parts are higher/lower than other areas. You just have to know where to build and input security measures just in case (i.e. cameras, gates, security guards, alarm etc.). People still have to find a place to live, no?
Any other suggestions?
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I bought, paid off.

Vs hope for moon paying a nocoiners drug habit.

I'm assuming you went with bitcoin..
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Nah, I bought and paid off. Means I can live a NEET lifestyle, working half a year.
That's actually a sick picture, haha. But what exactly do you mean "I bought", don't quite comprehend what you are saying. Glad it worked out for you though.
is there even a comparison?

There is, real estate can potentially give you consistent passive income compared to BTC.
I'd go with the real estate but there are much risks involved in that too (crime rate, tenants not paying rent, maintenance of property, hurricane rates and the list goes on). It could be a lucrative venture but just be careful. Also I wouldn't do BTC in my opinion, too volatile. I'd maybe just do index funds.

Futher thoughts /biz?
Small homes in developing countries where there is demand for affordable housing?

See this? This is Kibera Slum. Thats the official name. Slum. Kenya is a developing country with lots of promise in Eastern Africa. What is interesting here is that the gov't GAVE these people new apartments with rent of like $10 a month per family. You know what they did? They illegally sublease their gov't apartments to middle class families and move back into the Slum.

Have fun with that headache of a culture.
>consistent passive income
it's nothing compared to the investment it requires. worst fucking idea generally speaking.
I can't believe this fucking board is actually a meme.

A bunch of fucking retarded neets talking about bitcoin investments.

Money from rents is nothing? Are you retarded? This is literally how people have been wealthy for hundreds of years.

Fuck this board and fuck this thread. Poopsocking morons.

>ITT: Roleplayers advise OP Roleplayer how to Roleplay with fake money more effectively
>Money from rents is nothing?
>compared to the investment it requires
yeah, rent is like 0.4% of price right now (at least here) that's 4.8% before taxes (assuming you pay any) per year, however you have expenses of about 5% a year.

great fucking business right there! fucking moron.
as opposed to this, gov bonds pay here about 2% per year and have a 18% tax on them so -0.36%, 1,64% is your profit on them and it actually compounds.

now if you look at stocks however, or just index funds, you will find you can easily make 5-7% profit on them yearly after taxes and expenses. some even say it's gonna be 10% if you are smart about it (delayed tax schemes and whatnot).

to achieve the same level of profitability rent should be around or above 1%.
>made up numbers for some shithole probably with heavy rent controls
not my fault you're an idiot. In 90% of places it's a profitable venture and has been for centuries. Buying apartments or houses and renting them is a low risk way to accrue passive income. The guy after you, maybe that's you, at least points out that he's using alternatives such as bonds and stocks. Perhaps those have higher yields but to say rents don't make a profit anywhere outside of shitholes is wrong. Many people I know make a solid chunk of their income this way.
the truth is the only sane strategy to buy and rent out is to not lose money while your home appreciates (if you rightfully assume it will).

this appreciation however was almost nothing inflation adjusted (like 1% in average) and in a declining demographic, i wouldn't expect it to be the business of the century. unless you buy in a bust and sell in a boom this is not going to end well for you.

but go ahead buy real estate in a bubble!
>heavy rent controls
there are no rent controls here famlam
it's what the market priced in.
what is the rent/cost percentage where you live?
many people believe they make money on their real estate and they are woefully deluded. so it doesn't surprise me really.
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Thread images: 6

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