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Ahahhahahahahha >hires only women because she thinks they

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>hires only women because she thinks they are superior
>drives yahoo into the ground
>resigns from CEO

Who would of thought firing your best employees and replacing them with useless bags of emotions was a bad idea?

So, is it a good idea to by yahoo share because it will be transformed into altaba share? Or is it going to disappear?
>>drives yahoo into the ground
>implying yahoo was already on the ground
>opines about things
>makes his opinion invalid by using "would of" instead of 'would have' in text
>priceless self-ownage
My bet is on buying, but I'm shit at trading so who knows
I kinda wanna agree,
But the number of female board employees actually went down in 2015/2016.
She also declared she is not a feminist,
And criticized career women who take maternity leave, which upset many of them.

Also gotta admit Yahoo! Has been aimless for some time -
They are great at rolling stuff out, not doing anything with it, then getting rid of it, all without announcement or marketing.

Yahoo! Briefcase - excellent idea, I used it - it was like 10MB or 20MB of storage or something at first, I think it got to few GB's? I forget now.
The first cloud storage folder?
Did nothing with it, no improvements, no upgrade or premium (fredmium) upsell, then just shut it down - poof! Gone!

5 years later - Dropbox does the cloud storage folder thing alone, charging 0-$100 for 20GB - 100TB or whatever it is now.
They even beat Google and Microsoft etc at that.
Yahoo! Could have had even a $10 beta product for 10GB or something.

They have a unique advantage - they can promote products via the email platform or homepage!

Yahoo! CONTRIBUTOR network, later Yahoo! Voices, Yahoo! Answers - actually used to pay people for articles, a residual income, then upfront, then stopped altogether, this could have been a Youtube partner competitor

Yahoo Groups?, could have been a proper social network, and a Quora style thing,

Yahoo! Products or services mostly felt like Web 1.0, or a 2005 newsgroup.
>enter altaba.com into web browser
>server not found

If this wasn't a last minute thing thrown together after shit hit the fan inside yahoo, then they would have had time to at least put up *some* kind of website.
it's true that she inherited a mess, yet she still didn't do anything to help.

if it was even possible to save Yahoo, here's what she should have done, IMO:
1.) Maintain revenue streams like search (maybe mail?)
2.) Axe all the loss-generating shit like Answers and Groups. Lot to cut here.
3.) Double down on the best properties like fantasy sports and maybe finance.

This company just suffers from a chronic lack of focus IMO. Sad to see how far they've fallen.
This. Wtf does altaba even mean? Fucking postmodern nümāle names that mean nothing.
Look up the terms. They're selling off their core business for 8 billion. Alibaba's shares and yahoo Japan stock are the only thing they own right now, valued at 32B. Their market cap is 40B. So you end up where you are from the start.
she was just trying to save money since women only get paid 77c for every dollar a man makes
Some of the recent glassdoor reviews are telling. Any decent male engineer already left or are stuck if their RSUs haven't vested yet... just a toxic culture of do, nothing, patting patting themselves on the back.
They destroyed their own yahoo messenger for no reason.
Thread posts: 14
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