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Can nocoiners make it alive before 2017?

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Can nocoiners make it alive before 2017?
they cannot
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Coiners holding on to that little last bit of pump.

Looks like you'll have to steal a little more from your altcoin kids to get moar pump.
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If all you smart investors can't see that BTC survives by fondling it's offspring (altcoins) you are blind.



Incestuous pump and dump with itself.
>bitcoin can't even hit 1k
thats because the altcoin "investors" missed out on the meteoric bitcoin rise and are only interested in using altcoins to pulk up their bitcoin stash.
No it's how the Bitcoin ecosystem feeds itself.

Picture someone blowing up a bubble till it pops.

Bitcoin breathes in fiat then pops and the energy gets released into altcoins.

Altcoins then start pumping up till they can't get anymore out of it and they start flooding back into Bitcoin and the cycle starts all over again.

Just like Wall St.

An unsustainable wealth stealer and the house wins every time.

If you want Wall St. on life extension then by all means keep it alive with Bitcoin life support.







Bitcoin is never going to reach $1000

Coiners on suicide watch! How can they ever recover?
shitcoiners on suicide watch

3 digit ceiling confirmed
>Can nocoiners make it alive before 2017?
Short answer, well, it's too late.
With every pump cycle more money flows in on the FOMO on bitcoin.
So more money flows into the crypto market so both alts and btc have been rising in value.
Everything is up right now.
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Can coincucks make it out alive after China bans cryptocurrency?

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how will they cope when bitcoin becomes the foundation of a new financial system, and the coiners are the new 1% of the world?
heh, I think it will be a few more decades before that is the case. but yes, I generally agree
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I'm glad it's up just so the shitty altcoins are gone from biz.

As soon as btc crashes, the next successor to eth is going to pop up and some autist is going to shill fifty threads a day about it.
WTF is a nocoiner seriously this whole boards talk about it.
What kind of coins are we talking about gold silver numismatic?
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100 000 usd
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Should i buy before btc hits 1k ? I don't want to be a nocoiner anymore
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Only if you know when to sell the top and throw in the shorts
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Close this thread now. You're happier not knowing.

Ok, they're talking about bitcoins, a volatile and fairly new cryptocurrency which don't enjoy much mainstream support and as a result aren't particularly liquid at the moment. If you were an early adopter and held you could have made a several hundred percent profit but for the reasons listed before I'm not even tempted to invest at this point.

The hilarious thing is that coinfags have convinced themselves that us normies with our stocks, bonds and cash are shaking our fists and jumping up and down on our hats in impotent rage due to missing out.
It just did. OOPS
>shorting bitcoin

Enjoy losing your shirt.
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1000 bitfinex!!
4 digits confirmed

no coiners on sucide watch
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