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Code is law.
Transactions are final.
Applications are unstoppable.
and so are the gains!
ETC is the future
still hodling from 0.004

they called me crazy
No one
etc is a joke coin for children
Banks will never be interested in Ethereum Classic.

The Ethereum Hardfork chain can be forked and rolled back and that will make banks rather use the Ethereum Hardfork than Ethereum Classic.

If someone makes an illegal transaction on the Ethereum Hardfork chain banks can stop the transaction and roll it back.

Rollback hardforks are not possible with Ethereum Classic.

Also Vitalik Buterin is one of the smartest people alive even smarter than Satoshi Nakamoto.

Who is backing Ethereum Classic?
banks will never be interested in ethereum either, when all it takes is one individual to decide to hard fork and the miners all follow. ethereum's future in real-world finance is only in the form of private forks where banks can ensure they wont get hacked/ddossed due to ethereum's questionable code quality.

so short term shitcoin gambling: better to be in etc than eth
long term shitcoin forecast: dont be in either
If Vitalik signs a contract that he will allow banks to hardfork when it is needed the banks all will use Ethereum Hardfork.

Vitalik already bailed out the DAO investors and saved us a lot of money so banks have the guaranty it is possible.

You are just a Bitcoin maximalist and are angry Ethereum Hardfork has smart contracts and can rollback, hardfork or bailout when it is needed.

>Just imagine all the banks in the world using Ethereum Hardfork.
>The price of 1 ETH would be at least $1.000.000 a token

I am buying more Ethereum Hardfork and so should you!
So much bluepill in this thread.

BTC up alts down, BTC down alts up.

>saved us a lot of money
he saved himself a lot of money which was the prime reason for forking

its just hilarious when some altcoin fan comes out with "bitcoin maximalist" when theyre just a "[insert coin here] maximalist". if youre against ethereum classic which is exactly what ethereum was when you bought it, then you by definition are an ethereum maximalist. but keep dreaming if you think any serious financial org is going to want to go anywhere near something as unstable as ethereum without having 100% control of it.

better wait for the inevitable ethereum 2.0 which solves all these problems.
Did I miss the ETC train? I wonder if I should buy some now to diversify my crypto a bit.
maybe. i wouldnt buy in now, but im looking for 0.002+ as a partial exit. might dump for ethereum forked version when it continues its trend to new lows.
>forking a technology that is currently under development
>said fork has zero development progress since the fork occurred

what positive developments has ethereum had in months? mostly them just fixing their shitty buggy code after it was exploited in the wild. POS is a gamble and might not even work, it also makes ethereum much cheaper to attack on demand.
swarm alpha :)

That is what the banks need, the guaranty to save themself a lot of money when things go wrong.
>Ethereum Hardfork is perfect for that.

>Do you remember the bail out of the big banks?
Ethereum Hardfork is the perfect match.

There is no such thing as a Ethereum Hardfork maximalist because Ethereum Hardfork is the truth.

Bitcoiners are jealous because Vitalik outshined the so called master Satoshi Nakamoto.
but if thats what the banks want, why would they touch ethereum when they could deploy their own private chain and share it with a few other banks that need access to it?
I just ordered $70 of ethereum on Coinbase

I don't really know what I'm doing

Explain why I made a good decision and if I should buy more. In at 8.30ish for the record.
put a little cheeky bit of money into Ethereum classic too
ETH is good
But ETC still has some promise and a lot of upside
lol don't fall for this shilling
he wants you buy bc he has a yuge stake in it
ETC is over and will end up in the dumpster. ETH might have a chance, but not really. They are both fucked. The price moves are just temporary!
>FUD'ing so you can buy more whilst it's cheap
Could you explain what the difference between the two are? Thank you :)
read this

and read this

basically one of the flaws of ethereum was exposed because they went way out over their ski's and started implementing shit and getting people to put money into a DAO dapp before properly testing the dapp code was secure
so there was nothing wrong with ethereum, an app built on ethereum had dumb coders and so it got hacked and all the invested ETH was stolen
and they hardforked and rolled back as a literal "bailout" of the dapp investors

ethereum classic is the original ethereum without that rollback hardfork
decentralized immutable unstoppable
history can not be changed

basically if they will hardfork for a bunch of dapp investors
they'll fucking hardfork when the government comes knocking to get "criminal assets"
fuck ETH
fuck Bailout Buterin
truth is both can survive
i mean you go to the petrol station and there's more than one type of fuel right?
ETC is the immutably pure one
that's it
ETH is open source, anything ETH does smart ETC can copy paste and roll into their code. You're just not going to get a rollback bailout but you also won't get a government rollback seizure of your assets either.
This is necessary for the vital "black market" pickup of any crypto technology.
Black Market dapps can and will be shut down and assets forcibly seized in """updates""" by Vitalik Buterin "for the preservation of Ethereum" just like they did with the DAO bailout.

ETH and ETC can live in synergy supporting each other desu.
How long until people realise this is when ETC moon rockets and ETH does too and they start moving in parity with each other not against each other.
ETC is a criminal coin who let criminals steal money.

ETH protect people who earn their money through hard work. They refuse to let criminals steal money from the hardworking people so they hard fork.
ETH is an idiot coin who let idiots keep their money

ETC protects smart people from the government, they made their dapps with intelligence, hardwork and good security testing. They refuse to let governments steal their money from the intelligent hardworking people so they stay immutable.

go back to shitcointalk minercache
whether you think bank bailouts are morally right or not, the long and extended bear market thats just started for ethereum is a direct result of the DAO and the subsequent fork.

1 in every 5 dollars is still in the original chain on ethereum, theres no way to make this look good.
the thing people keep on overlooking is that there is nothing stopping a consortium of banks from simply starting and promoting their own crypto if this stuff starts to become mainstream, they don't need to license anything there is so much open source stuff out there... sure they can start to process transactions for the established coins but they can easily promote their own if needed

>these digits in a shitcoin thread that's going to be off the top 100 list in a year
Fuck I sold this shit at a loss. Im sure that if I buy again it will go down fuck this
Which will be deprecated due the new Bitcoin reality.
You are so stupid let me explain this;
-Blockchain transparancy for multiple bank is trust
-Vitalik Buterin is trust
-Rollback hardfork bailout is trust

>Do you even understand finance and blockchain?
Ethereum is going to be worth thousands and thousands of dollars even millions, don't worry.

Yes, ETC is a scamcoin

Yes ETC is a criminal coin

No the biggest banks in the world will buy back your Ethereum Hardfork for 100000% profit.
See the presentation online;

No they are already in talk with Vitalik Buterin but it is secret information.
I am sharing it with you, it was a post on btctalk but got deleted ;)

Banks = Ethereum Hardfork
Faggit analraped basement boy = Bitcoin
Thread posts: 35
Thread images: 5

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