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Ethereum will be back in 2017. Proof of stake will get closer

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Ethereum will be back in 2017.

Proof of stake will get closer and closer to release. Raiden and dapp betas will be released. Marc Andreessen and Fred Wilson will shill Ethereum because of their investments in Polychain Capital.

Fire up those hype copy pastas, boys. We're in for another pump to 20+
just no
>eth bagholders getting this desperate
It's dead mate. Smart contracts were nothing more than a gimmick.

You'll all be back when the price starts moving again.




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What is the difference between Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Ethereum Hardfork (ETH)?
ETC is the immutable, but lacks devs

ETH is centralized bail-out coin, but strong dev support


Shit is dead bro, just accept it

It was created purely to be a pump n dump.

The DAO didn't even go up on testnet before launch and Boris dumped ~30% of his right before it happened.
are those green arrows supposed to mean anything other than show that you're an idiot? a16z and USV are the top VCs in the world. fred ehrsam is their boy

hackers have zero incentive to attack something on the testnet
I bought at $10 so fuck you OP you better deliver.
Ethereum is a mess
buy more :)
14K USD @ $9.32715. In for 1500. Lets see how this goes.
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>strong dev support

they are the weakest devs ive ever seen

It means your sources have zero credibility and you're too stupid to identify an obvious scam

Have fun with your Russian scam coin while btc goes to 1k
Got out of Monero at back in at Ethereum at 7.1
Easily will hit $20 if Metropolis is successful but may take a month or two longer to release
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>ETH is centralized bail-out coin, but strong dev support

The miners voted to bail-out.

Get over it, it's early days, shit happens, lessons learned, stuff gets improved.

Once POS is released, they cant even bail out if they want to.
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>ETH leads the way taking risks and making huge leaps in development
>any major fuck ups and they rollback
>ETC is immutable and pure, never rollbacks, everything is final, code is law
>stays one step behind ETH and learns from their mistakes whilst never compromising their own integrity

buy and hold both
just like there's enough room in the fuel market for diesel, unleaded, ethanol etc
there's enough room for ETH and ETC to both thrive
Whales are accumulating short positions. When the time is right (i.e. when btc surges again) they'll take off the buy wall and re-set the sell wall.

Buy ETH.
I heard Ethereum got hacked by Anonymous.
just dont expect any serious financial orgs to treat it as anything other than a first prototype then. when the inevitable ethereum 2.0 comes out with a provable scripting language to prevent any of the current generation of bugs, backed by actual experienced developers and without a shady premine/presale launch it will get replaced like most every other altcoin not in this "generation" of new coins.

with ethereum you're betting on nothing better coming out and thanks to their fuckups over the past year the bar has been getting lower, and lower.
ETH takes a very improvised approach unfortunately. The mantra "Move fast, break things" does not mix well with mission critical software that is directly tied with funds/resources.
Disclaimer - I am a contributor in the ETC community, so obviously I have some biases. However, we all have biases in some form or another. I pick specific tech/hardware/software because I genuinely believe it to be a better product or better value. I also believe that ETC is a better platform and better value than ETH so of course I support it.
ETH developers are bunch of con artists like Stephan Tual and Christopher David
i wouldnt consider ethereum fork or classic to be a good long term bet tho.

ethereum classic has a better philosophy but its still had the same shady launch and still has all of the bugs that ethereum has. they're both short term bets imo, with classic having a better return in the short term, but ethereum fork having a better return in the mid term.

One of the first things on the ETC roadmap is to build a client from scratch using a functional programming language (Scala). Security and stability come first. From solid foundations innovations can occur, building on quicksand is not only difficult but also dangerous.

Team Grothendieck which has been committed by IOHK to build the Scala client. https://ethereumclassic.github.io/blog/2016-12-12-TeamGrothendieck/
the language the contracts are written in needs to be provably secure though. turing completeness is not a benefit when it comes to a decentralised blockchain. its even worse when the developers of the protocol and language themselves cant even write secure contracts. for ethereum fork/classic to be secure it has to start over again with secure underlying tech, you cant add that on without essentially forking to a new currency.

Writing contracts in provably secure languages is another goal of the ETC community.
Thread posts: 30
Thread images: 5

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