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Make Biz Realestate Again

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>tired of degenerate stockfag posts

Who else here real-estate master-race? Give us stories of killer deals you've done that put stock gamblers and crypo-NEETs to shame. Ill start

>Find dilapidated duplex
>borrow $40k hard money loan
>buy that shit
>spend a year of my spare time and $45k on credit cards making it shine
>rent out easy because its in good school district
>get it appraised at $215K
>refinance property with $100K mortgage
>mfw I just got paid $15K cash to make $115K in equity
>mfw on top of that I gross $24K in rent a year
>mfw when ROI has passed 9000%
nice I was thinking about investing my money in a duplex
>spend a year of my spare time and $45k on credit cards
That's why the "stockfags" are laughing at you.
Bust your ass a little more, sucker.
I bought a short-sale 1100sqft condo for 90k. Spent 2k to fix little things
-painted the ceilings and the easy rooms with contractor left overs from sherwin williams...had Mexicans do the rest,

-spray painted the light fixture trim and heating vents white,

-installed white light switches and outlets,

-had the carpets stretched,

Sold it for 150k. Should have rented it for a year or two and then sold it...the value was about 240k on zillow last time I checked. Not sure how accurate they are, but I sold for about 30k more than zillow was appraising at the time.
Sounds like a lot of work real estate fag.

>Bough 64k of CGC.to at 2.60 right after brexit tanked the market
>Jacked off go anime for 3 months, living the neet lifestyle
>Sold my CGC.to last week for 14.35 a share.
>Total sale goes in at 353k
>Make 289k in 3 months jacking off to anime.

Yeah, fuck flipping houses and working and shit.
Real estate is a hassle....lots of paperwork, stress, mortgages.

What led you to buy CGC? just the brexit happening?
How did you know that $64k would pay off
same way u know ur gonna be able 2 rent out the house and its not gonna burn down with someone in it due to off code electrical while ur renting it.
No one will ever be richer than those that own land or real estate developers. FACT. Eat it, Robinhood cuck.
The electrical has to be up to code before he even rents it.

Do you know anything about real estate, moron? Guess not.

Keep day trading. Maybe one day, you can own property. And not some shithole like you have now.
This is actually really cool.
I envy you

Please, if you do this again, post pictures before and during, I'd love to follow the process
Proud controler (not owner, KEK) of 3 shithole rentals czeching in.

Poor life choises found me in massive debt. Made a deal with the wife. Pay off all bad debts and any extra income can go to real estate.

Would be faster to cash out for a down payment on apartments or nicer houses but whatever. Low stress and the wife is happy.

Already got 2 of the 3 houses on lease option contract. These mutherfuckers LOVE "rent to own." No evil bank to deal with and no interest even! Just sign here and pay twice what it's worth!

I dont even feel bad. I dont fuck over friends and i worked my ass off to get here. Selling shit houses to welfare recipients for 90% of "their income" is just getting back some of my fucking tax money.
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>mfw my best friend is the county appraiser.

>muh sheckles!!!!

If u fucking mouth breathing basement dwellers take 1 bit of advice from thos board make it a screenshot of ops post. Ive spent a lot of time and money to learn what he just gave u for free.

Fucking shitcoiners and pump and dump stockfags need not shitpost.

This guy gets all of my internets.

Good work op. I hope to do the same thing next year.

Buying a duplex off my idiot jew buddy for 20k. It apraises at 30k.

Mfw i borrow 5-10 k to fix it up and reaprsise it for a fuckton more.

Mfw i rent it out and refinance for a down payment on a triplex or quad or better house...
>he doesn't understand that credit cards are one of the many tools used to get rich
>he buys air jordan's and a huge tv with credit cards
>mad because "i have been making the minimum payments for 25 years" on a 30% intrest shit tier secured card.

That is why WE are laughing at you faggots.

>muh stock market crash
>muh shitcoin hax.

FUCKING LOL. what do u learn when trading bullshit u have 0 control over? Nothing.

You can learn real estate all of your life.

I have done all of this.

Do you own any real estate or a dozen credit cards?


Rent to own, kek.
If u dont know hold for 1 year and 1 day for tax break.

If it appreciates u shoulda rented it till u die. Probably. I dont know your life.

Also. What the fuck is stretching carpets?
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Have fun in the next crash faggot.

>he ignores his investments and puts in 0 work and thinks he is rich.

Yeah its a lot of work. And flipping is pretty stupid most times.

Being a landlord sucks ass.

Hard work sucks ass.

>he retires with real estate running itself and making money 24/7.

>he wakes up and cnn is on the boobtube.
>the great recession 2.0 has happend and its all the republicans fault.
>he sips his coffee like that smug fucking frog and gets on 4chan to laugh at all the shitcoiners and stockfags.

>he puts on a pair of jeans and heads to the real estate office to see who is selling thier home to buy food.

>he is sad for the tryhards. Some of them at least. But he is grateful for all the hard work he put in.

>he can jack off to anime for 60 years and leave an even bigger fortune for his heirs.

Seriosly. Get the fuck out.
>people NEED a place to live the don't NEED shitcoins.

>what is passing an electrical inspection?
>what is insurance?

Tenant sues and wins. Cool. Have fun traking down my nevada corp i already closed. IF u can fucking figure out who owns it.

What is asset protection?

Real estate is master race.
Ditto. I have done this but my autism allows for suboar boring work on shitholes. Not interesting in the least

Anyone here realtor? Considering it for access to the mls alone. And possible not using 1 on my own deals.
Fuckin... just doing what works m8.

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Kek. I aint. Just making sure op doesnt get pissed and leave.

Mutherfucker finally brings legitimate investing asvise to /biz.

Fucking finally.





He's autistic, he can't help it.
Speaking of real estate, now that 30 year mortgage rates are back above 4% how do you all think it will impact the market?

Average 30yr mortgage on November 7th … 3.59%
Today … 4.18%
Playing with the mortgage calculator (PITI with 10% down)
The payment on November 7th for a $300K house today only buys a $284K house.

This will affect refinancing for sure at the very least.

Also out of curiosity did anyone else refinance at the market lows? I got a 30 year for 3.3%, anyone else get something lower, would be cool to see a 2.9% 30 year.
>spending a year of time to secure assured ROI
>spend a year of time gambling on stock picks you saw on biz to MAYBE make money but probably lose money
>Hahahaha keep busting your ass

Typical stock cuck
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>mfw inherit $2mil property portfolio
>mfw still can't get a day job
>mfw rich useless NEET
It'll be ok, matthew.

me and my dad own and work on multiple properties all across north america .
ofc all our properties are completely up to code ;) especially since we work on them ourselves ;)

Other things equal, when interest rates rise, property price goes down.

You'll probably growth with inflation long term though.

I hate real estate. Non productive and the government truely owns it, not you.
>when interest rates rise, property price goes down.

>tfw australian ,canadian, and nz property markets just keep going up and up due to dirty chinese money being pumped in to them
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Thread images: 7

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