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Is the concept of Goodwill bullshit?
it saves you money on advertising, labor, legal, compliance, taxes. It makes your employees want to work for you, your clients want to buy from you, your vendors want to give you a good deal, and your politicians want you to work in their town.

if you can afford it you absolutely need to be buying it.
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Ask Monsanto if they would like to goodwill.
ITT: people who don't understand that goodwill is just an accounting entry that accounts for the excess of the acquisition price over the acquired company's identifiable assets.
they don't really need to, they're so popular they've completely taken over their target markets and are spreading around the globe.

the people that don't like them are the organic neo-luddite movement, a gigantic chemical and biotech company isn't going to get their approval no matter what they do.
close, but the number represents a real though intangible thing.

you can call it brand value or public perception or employee satisfaction but it all balls up under the title of goodwill.
Or you can call it the difference between the perceived value of the seller and the actual value on the balance sheet.
What's going on in that painting?
There are two concepts of goodwill - the accounting concept of total consideration being greater than the FVINA which is used to balance accounting books (which in themselves are frankly very cumbersome and retarded)

And the actual concept of "goodwill" in that a company with a good name to it already has some intangible, un measurable value created.

From an accounting standpoint goodwill is stupid and pointless, like all accounting policies, but unfortunately necessary.

From a broad perspective, the image and public perception of your company can be fairly valuable, but you're really heading down a CSR kind of route there.
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Not at all. Giving to charities and shit like that makes people feel warm and fuzzy about your business, like you're making a difference in the world. People who feel warm and fuzzy about your business will give you shekels. Put your hands together and ruse people, it's the right thing to do.
it's not really a ruse.
Helping people is actually how money is made.

if you aren't helping anyone other than yourself you're going to have a bad time.
I'm against them, but not because I'm some muckworm redneck who's against genetic engineering, but because I don't condone their business practices.
which practices don't you condone?
Suing farmers for indeliberately using their seeds. They're well within their rights to do so, but it becomes unethical when the surrouding crops are all GM and thus that one farmer who uses the normal ones get sued when they blow over.

Increasing the price of Roundup, like a true monopoly (or oligopoly, whatever).

Purchasing water rights (along with Nestle and other food producers)

Excessive lobying at FDA for loose regulation

Environmental disasters (spraying their herbicide over their herbicide resistant crops somewhere on the east coast, which is not really problematic, killed pollinators just a few weeks ago). Unless they can genetically engineer bees and other insects to be herbicide and pesticide resistant, it's bad.

The last one is not really their problem, but raising monocultures. I'm a beekeeper and this is quite problematic, akin to a person only eating rice for the rest of his life.
>Suing farmers for indeliberately using their seeds.
that's a common myth.
it's also impossible which is why juries consistently favor Monsanto and not the farmer.

herbicides don't kill bees, that's pesticides you're thinking of.

not that it matters since honeybees are domesticate and invasive in the US. No danger of them going extinct any more than we have to worry about cows going extinct.

never gonna happen because too many people are breeding them.
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