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Jade Greens Golf Course to go out of business

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Not sure if this belongs in /pol/ or not but I got some devastating news that my local golf course that I've been around since I was in elementary school and work for is shutting it's doors permanently starting late November. That means that thanks to the liberal government, I'm gonna be out of a job. Apparently the WA State Department of Ecology wanted the owner to make expensive unnecessary changes to the course like drainage issues that they've had for years and hasn't effected them in a negative manner and the owner was fighting against the changes that the department was going to force him to do. Jade Greens and it's staff has been like a family to me. I hate to see it all go, what is /pol/'s opinion on this loss?
I meant /biz/ my apologizes.
When this shit happens it makes me want to throw up.
>unnecessary changes
and who the fuck are you to decide that?
nuclear power stations can just dump their waste in to the river and it wont affect them in a negative manner
You're just another spoiled millenial count not seeing farther than his own nose
>make hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars over the course of your business' life
>government finally does something useful and sees the damage you've been doing to the local ecosystem
>"Hey look your business is doing quite a bit of damage to this important local ecosystem. You need to fix this issue, it'll cost you $30,000 but the alternative is we'll revoke your business license."

>idiots would rather have 100% of nothing than 99% of something

Tell me OP, how much would these issues cost to fix? How much money was this business making?

If they are or were able to get it fixed and chose not to, good, fuck them.

No one gives a shit about some shitty golf course business that is apparently so unprofitable that it can't even pay for proper drainage

Maybe they shouldn't be running a business in a liberal hellhole if they don't like expensive and unnecessary regulations
This, this is why our country is losing jobs and businesses up the butthole to other countries. Government programs that want to FORCE small businesses to comply with an amount of ridiculous policies. I work at the course and I've NEVER seen any part of the ecosystem being ruined. If it was ruining it, I would know. This is why Detroit over the years went from 80,000 jobs to 12,000 jobs.
>If my employer was doing anything wrong I'd know, this is just a LIBERAL CONSPIRACY to send jobs to CHINA
>btw I'm not biased ;)
You still haven't given us any details on what the problems were or how much they would cost to fix.

>Guys the company I work for has been burning gasoline in big drums out front and the GOVERNMENT is trying to shut us down!

That's how stupid you sound. Explain the problem.

Keep in mind this is coming from someone who doesn't trust the government or the wealthy to *ever* do the right thing, and I guarantee if Hillary gets elected they'll start banning and confiscating weapons.
The fixes that were set up by the unnecessary policies cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Would you spend that much money if you know that it's not necessary?

Then sue the city/state

If it really is unnecessary, then it's an easy case and you'll set a future precedent.
I think that after it goes out of business, he will get an attorney that's dealt with the department for years. If that happens, hopefully he wins cause I sure as hell don't want to be a statistic and see the place go.
Thread posts: 12
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