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Who here /tired/?

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Hey fellow /biz/raelis. I'm a full-time college student (luckily) on a full-ride scholarship and I am currently going to be graduating with two majors. I hold two part-time jobs. I'm a remote web-dev and an on-campus computer technician. I'm at school from 8AM - 4PM, everyday, and work from 4PM - 8PM. The hours for my web-dev job are not consistent so often times I won't be completely done with work until 11PM-12AM.

I'm really tired, all of the time. At this point I'm just living in a perpetual state of tiredness. Don't get me wrong, my life is fine and I enjoy what I'm doing, I just wish I was able to feel more energized more of the time.

Any remedies for this? I usually receive, on average, 6-7 hours of sleep a night.
Sleep more (8hr), eat better, attempt to workout, take stimulants (caffeine)
I take a 200mg caffeine tablet on days that I'm feeling more fatigued than usual, but this really doesn't help too much. I'm a regular coffee drinker as well and maintain a very strict, healthy diet (6'2, 165lbs).
There's doctors that save lives working longer hours than you, and people serving in the military that barely get 2 hours of sleep at a time. Yet here we have another college student going on the internet complaining about how tough life is. Man up or kill yourself. You don't even have it that hard. Nothing about your day involves any physical exertion. You're just a lazy fat fuck that browses cartoon porn all day and calls it a computer technician job.
Basically, what I should have asked in the OP is: has anyone that has experienced a schedule similar to this eventually 'adjust' to the feeling?
>Any remedies for this?

Stop humble bragging and fucking sleep.
I don't think sleep is really the issue here. Surely another hour of sleep couldn't possibly make that much of a difference?
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You seem quite an angry man. I think OP's schedule is intense. I personally wont survive without 9-10 hours shut eye time and working over 3 hours day would be a disaster
sleep more, exercise more
I use to be so fatigued all the time then I looked at why I was so tired.

>smoke weed all the time
>eat like shit
>sleep six hours a night
>depend on caffeine
>no goals or set focus
>distracting GF

once i cleared up the clutter from my life, started eating better and working out I found that I had a lot more energy. Sleep and good food are the keys to having a lot of energy and energy is the key to success. Take a good look at your life and see what you can improve upon.
Do you think working out twice a week (on the weekends, for 1-2hrs) would be enough to actually see a spike in energy during the weekdays? Not trying to brag here, and I think it's a bit odd that it's being interpreted by some that way.
Go see a doctor and get a blood test. I found out I was low in iron and vitamin D, after taking supplements for 3 months and eating more foods with these things / going outside more it made a significant difference. Even if you think you're fine at least you'll know for sure after the test and can rule those things out as being the cause.
I was going to say that your exhaustion issue is simply due the modern drudgery most people experience, but after reading your schedule, I'd be surprised if you weren't completely exhausted.
Quit coffee man, it will be the worse week of your life, but you will have energy once again. Doesn't mean to quit forever. Cup a month or so is fine you know like when going out. But stop that regular.
I used to be in your position, wondering where all my energy went? I realized it started when drinking coffee daily.. now I'm good.
I've heard this before and hearing it again makes me want to try going without any caffeine for a week or so and see how I feel. Thanks.
fucking insomnia, I'm usually dreading about the next day until I finally fall asleep, I'm awake for periods of 32 hours -- sleeping about 12 after crashing.
I've been in this situation. Eventually you get used to it, but after a long time ( took me 2 years) you get to the point where you just don't want to deal with it anymore.

Don't let yourself burn out. Cut back when you feel like you can't handle the action, or you will lose your groove.
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I've been at it for about a year so far.
Yes it would help more than not doing it. Ideally for energy you should be doing cardio for 30mins-1hr 6 days a week. But 2 days will help more than 0 will.

Also for men, strength training increases testosterone which will give you energy and drive.
Thread posts: 20
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