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whats the limit for refunds before amazon shuts down your account?

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whats the limit for refunds before amazon shuts down your account? you say the item was lost in transit and they issue you a refund. its worked before. I think the limit is around $500.
I hope they never do because I love the free shit

They use an algorithm. If they are losing money by having you as a customer, or see patterns, they'll ban you
What you can do this?!??!?!?
Ok my situation is i ordered two items as a group a few months ago for around $100. I plan on doing it again except with one item for around $350. Ive had the account for 4 years and have sent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on it.I think it would be safer to space it out and legit buy something between that $100 refund but idk because ive had the account for such a long time. who really knows its a risk
I've had them fail to include stuff in my box before, and they always just instantly send me replacements. Never committed fraud, but I don't see how it would be difficult to do some low key stuff if you were moving a decent amount of shit through them.

Just make sure you aren't stealing devices that have unique IDs that you need to register, like cellphones. Some plastic piece of shit, a random solar panel, or a pulley for your lawn mower deck? Impossible to properly trace. A phone may be 'assigned' to you, and then automatically flagged to be bricked down the road. It might not be. They loose a ton of shit in their warehouses as it is, but you can't rely on the incompetence of others entirely if you insist on committing fraud.

The big thing is greed. If you are going to fudge things a little, find what is acceptable risk for you, and never cross that threshold. Greed makes people stupid. Don't be stupid.
>A phone may be 'assigned' to you, and then automatically flagged to be bricked down the road. It might not b

This only happens with kindles or their own products.

They don't have the ability to blacklist phones
It's conceivable that they report lists of sold/returned/lost/stolen serials to manufacturers. I'm not aware of any manufactures acting on information like this from retailers directly, but it's definitely possible, and it's not difficult to do. You can remotely brick quite a few phones these days as it is.

Will you be caught? Probably not. Even if you are, there probably won't be enough evidence, or collaboration to get that evidence, to nail you, but it's still pointlessly risky, and potentially attracts unwarranted attention. Steal other shit, and buy the phone legitimately.
Do you really think a company is going to spend all that money on lawyers and investigations to find out if somebody stole a few hundred dollars through you or not? The only reports of mail fraud that I've ever heard about are those niggers that steal hundreds of thousands of dollars buying designer clothing and stuff and selling them. I bought a Nexus from Amazon a few years ago. My tracking number said it was delivered but it never was and I asked for a refund. A day after it showed up and I never bothered calling back. Got the money back and never heard a thing.
I don't think manufacturers can do anything.

It doesn't really interact with them, especially if you flash an opensource ROM

Thing is that cellphones and tablets are the easiest things to sell. You can sell a phone for 90% of its value within two hours
Most manufacturers have blacklists of stolen devices. You can't activate them on any network. Rooted or not. Even unlocked phones generally have hardware strings that can be banned on a network. Most of them take some very special knowledge, tools, and/or software to alter, if it's even possible.

If you are flipping it to some schmuck, that's a bit different with it's own elements of risk, but I wouldn't personally want to be using something that has been listed as sold to me and reported as lost anywhere.

As an aside, I used to do phone repair because it was stupidly profitable before some of the newer screen tech came out. The number of blatantly stolen phones coming in was fucking ridiculous. Had a cop sitting down the street for a few months arresting people I tipped him off to until the druggies finally figured out that coming to me was a bad idea.
You snitch

Would you really do that, even to a /biz/nessman? I've sold dozens of blacklisted amazon kindles. Kinda felt bad after, but I made some solid money

Basically id scam amazon for a kindle, then claim it never arrive, 2-4x each. So off one serial id get 2-4 kindles. Once even 5

I felt like a dick scamming people and fucking them over but it was so easy and such decent money
Liability in a college town, and a total lack of incentives not to.

You can't properly asses the threat model because the people you are dealing with are druggies stealing from college kids at an engineering school. Some of them are fucking clueless. Some of them will raise all sorts of hell, and know how to track things back to you, which at the best of times is annoying as shit to deal with. I had so much business because of drunk people dropping their fucking phones there was no point in doing anything shady. I couldn't find anyone who could properly do repairs to my standards, so I couldn't expand the business. I was making about 5 grand a week in profits for most of the duration of the school year because I fixed things properly, and nobody else at the time was able to. Mostly cash too. Real good shit while it lasted.

Cops loved me because it was easy as shit arrests, and if nobody claimed stuff, they could civil asset forfeiture the phones themselves, then let me activate them. I benefited because I basically had free security, and impunity for anything else that happened. If anyone accused me of doing something fishy, the cops would just laugh at them. Someone came in with a knife threatening me after I turned down one of his minions. I was already pissed off and a bit hungover, so I just threw a half empty bucket of acetone in his face and then kicked him in the ribs a few times. Cops didn't say a damn word. Nobody threatened me, or even tried to break into my shop, for over a year after that since I was "that crazy guy that blinded Requis" Motherfucker wasn't even blind. Just a whiny little bitch.

I made crazy money though. Id spend the whole day jacking off and playing videogames. And be making $200-400 every day or two

Eventually I just had a stockpile in my closet I couldn't get rid off
They'll know you're lying if there's tracking on it.
I bought a macbook for around $1000 a week ago, have about $4000 in orders with one return for $600, what's the chances I get a refund for the macbook?
>You snitch
>Would you really do that, even to a /biz/nessman?

Yes, because if someone steals shit they'll steal YOUR shit.
Thieves steal shit. It is what they do.

> Snitch
You're a fucking thief, aren't you?
As I clearly said in my post, yes I am
I got to over $2000 in refund before they blacklisted my card


How many legit purchases do we need inbetween refunds?
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