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Are you currently learning anything? Is it any degree? Online

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Are you currently learning anything? Is it any degree? Online courses of something? Is it related to your current job?
Art? Music? Programming? Economics?
How much time do you spend learning compared to how much you work?
Taking a1 month financial trading course. It was offered for free. Probably dumb and gay but I might learn something.
Shooting for mechanical engineering degree. Broke af college student. Mid-twenties. I was doing trades and decided to just walk away from it and pursue a life of academia. Literally start from nothing.

Would like internship or work related to my course of study. But the pickings are slim. Makes you wonder how other college-age people like me are able to afford such lavish lifestyles.
Yes, online courses. Multiple.

No, it's not directly related to my job.

The time expenditure depends on the class. I'm taking advanced engineering classes mostly, which take a LOT of time - I'd estimate maybe 10-20 hours per class per week. That's mostly because the programs require real actual hard-ass work that I can't blow through based on knowledge alone. The MBA courses I'm also taking are significantly lighter, maybe 5 hours per week at most, and can be handled pretty much while watching movies.

Work-wise, I average 60-70 a week.

It's all totally doable, it just requires rock-hard discipline. No going out, no fucking about, no video games. Posting on here is pretty much my only "hobby" nowadays, save for exercise.
Literally just rich parents.

The fact I was born to have to work makes we so fucking salty. Planning to ride my college loans out and tell them to shove it, since their investment, in me was a bad one
I study Mathematics in university.
Learn the Quran and how to be Muslim. Arabs are stupid rich with their oil and import/export money and just hand their money out. I have an Egyptian friend that I game with and my laptop couldn't handle a new game he was into, so he asked for my address and a few weeks later he sent me a new gaming PC. I also used to talk to a Muslim girl from the UK. Little did she know I was catfishing her. But she would buy me Dominos e gift cards on command and kept asking me how much money I needed to get my passport and come there to marry her. I only asked for $200 thinking that was a lot but she acted like it was nothing. Could have probably got a few grand out of her.
Currently studying towards an a-level in maths almost 10 years after I graduated college. Never did maths and regret it to this day, so here I am righting that wrong.
doesn't that apply to all rich people who buy their friendships with money? also proof?
I read at work in my downtime. ~2 hours a day. Sometimes all day sometimes none.

Studying personal finance.

I may take some online or college courses but a degree is meaningless to me.

2 juco drop out.

I regret nothing. It was a lot of fun and i did learn some stuff. I.e. 2 courses in flash animation that i never used and are gonna be axed soon. Gg adobe. Flogged that dead horse for years.

I spend a few hours a week checking out real estate with my fmwife or working on my shitty houses.

About to work my ass off and get a realtors liscense just for shots and gigs and for access to the mls.

Fuck learning a trade.

Learn to invest.
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Forgot poc related. My rando work books and old forbes magazines ive been meaning to cut articles out of for inspiration.

I have 10x this stack of books at home.
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Have fun getting upsold.


Not all bad though. I took a free class and then a 500 dollar class. They tried to upsell again. I get it. Its a business. And i used to sell so good luck faggots. But, i do believe in their product and that company that upsold me the 500 3 days class was very entertaining and saved me thousands of dollars a year.

Credit score up from 450 to ~700. No disputes or late payments for 3 years.

Credit card companies dry humping my leg when a few years ago inhad to pay to get a fucking secured card.

Feels goodman

>pic very related
Bruh. I cheated off my now wife from 7th grade on. I dont regret shit.

Couldnt quite remember how to figure the volume of a cylinder the other day.

Downloaded an app. Easily could have googled but the app is handy.

Lol, fuck math. Shit gives me a headache.
whats it like being retarded? are people nice to you?
What are you literally 12 years old? Everyone who needed a secured card will have a score of at least 700 in 'a few years' that's how the game works jesus christ it's like you feel smug for simply existing
I cheated on math and history. Made the b honor roll all of my life. Senior year i made all A's and an intentionally fucked off an failed anything i didnt need to graduate. Droped out of one juco for a job offer closser to home and to be honest i was fucking off anyway. Worked 6 months and started the next year. Got to looking at 4 year degrees and descided working or going to a votec was wayyyy better than blowing 40k a year hanging out with a bunch of fucking liberals.

I dont regret it because i have 2 houses and make 18.50 hr fucking off all day by myself running a loader 50 hours a week 4 miles from home. I couldnt get a job this low stress, this easy, or this profitable qith a fucking masters degree. Thats why im glad i dropped out of juco. Wtf can u do with an associates degree besides substitute teach for retarded kids? As a rule i try and be nice to anyone that hasn't wronged me. Even if i cant fucking stand them. So yeah, most people are pretty nice to me. Shy of a few smug assholes. I'd just kick their ass but its a small town and we share a lot of the same friends.

>stay mad faggot
Called being raised to work my ass off and never need a lone. Called my gf left one time and i just did t pay bills. Didn't know how important it was.

>does it make u feel like a real man talking shit online?
>lol, just trying to help anon out
>why don't u fuckoff back to /pol with your crybaby negativity you fucking KEK
Hopefully starting an MD/MBA program next year.

mid 20s now, will be in school forever brb
I'm taking courses on Linux Academy a couple hours per day. Trying to get a better job so I do this as much as possible.
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 3

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