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Affiliate marketing and making the big bucks via social media

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Hey anons, so recently I've been considering making a couple facebook pages and twitter accounts for particular niches and shilling them with the goal of eventually making money through amazon links or something along those lines. I have no experience with amazon links so I am hoping that somebody on this south korean chicken farming board knows what they're talking about.

Are there any good online communities I should join where there are other people with like-minded goals?

How do I do this without getting banned?

What language is best for writing bots?

Any advice or links pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance anons

please help anons
1. bots and automatic writing softwares of various types will hinder your results if relied upon. you can use them to generate the initial creation of a piece of content, but you should ALWAYS read through them and edit them as necessary. Failing to do so will yield very poor, obviously shit auto-generated material that will de-convert every person that reads it and turn them into no-sales. the only exception is spinning software when used appropriately to turn 1 article into 10, which requires educating yourself on how to properly use them to generate readable, decent content with just one run through. Though even then it's not really "Unique content" as it will just make 10 variations of content saying the exact same thing, this is used to build linkwebs, not to flood a single location with tons of content.

2. google online marketing forums, seo forums, etc. check them out and stick to the ones you like. I have always been a fan of BHW.

3. See #1

4. You -will- get banned. If this is the first time you've done it you're almost gaurenteed to fuck up and get accounts banned. Dont use ur real IP's and accounts. expect initial losses. if I have to explain what gets you banned then you're already doomed to failure as it should be pretty fucking obvious

5. try to build naturally, or buy pre-established accounts. Pre-established accounts will probably be shitty accounts that mass added friends and has very little read-through rate, but could hold benefit from starting at ground zero. Go slow, develop a personality for the account. Preferably build some credibility with real, honestly useful information, then flow some money making posts in there here and there. Don't just start spamming BUY MY IPHONE UNLOCKING SERVICE NOW NOW NOW

looking natural and trustworthy, while establishing credibility among whatever ur niche is, is what will generate positive results.
thank you very much anon. I have been reading BHW throughout the day. There's so much information and things to learn so I feel like this will be a long process. Should I just use a proxy when I'm on the accounts so I don't use my own IP or?
red dit /r/juststart

/u/humblesalesman http://i.imgur.com/G9dTATz.png
check out
Some really practical turorials and advice for free on there
Isnpired by this thread? >>1398357
either proxy or have an ISP that you can change IP's with, or read up the ban practicies used on whatever platform youre working with and find out if theyll ban whole IP's and/or all accounts associated with shared IP.

i shouldn't really have to explain this though.
Thread posts: 8
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