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Anyone here know anything about ethane cracker plants

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There is a large cracker plant that will be built in my surrounding area but won't be completed until 7 years from now. This type of facility is completely new for the area.

So my question is does anyone live near one of these facilities and what type of businesses have sprung up to support or are associated with them?
You could set up a nice boutique with spreads to smear on the crackers.
It's a factory. You really think people are going to buy crackers from an actual factory?
Sorry I thought it was literally a plant and people could just pick the crackers like fruit.
Read the title of the thread. It's an ETHANE cracker plant. Converts Ethane to ethylene by a chemical process called CRACKING.

I thought my alzheimer grandmother would be the only person I had to explain this to.
And ethane is not a triscuit flavor
Sorry, this made me LOL
>It's an ETHANE cracker plant.
Doesn't sound very tasty desu
why does it take so long to make a cracker plant? I'd think max set up time would be like 1 year can't be all that complicated. I don't know much about ethane crackers though or how you could make money off them.. sell them at a grocery store? Lol
OP if you're not half bad a sandwich shop will do very well. we had one which did great until the democrats shut down the coal powerplant.
Start learning now and get a job as a welder while they're building it. Brown nose your way into a union job at it.

There will be many construction dudes there for the next while, I suggest opening a strip club
Op you in southwest pennsylvania?
I go around to different gas plants and work on systems. Only been doing it about a year but from what I can tell it kinda works like this

1. Plant being constructed employs several hundred contractors that live in hotels and drink beer and typical bubba stuff. This boosts the economy of most goods/services in the area but its mostly blue collar stuff since they're just temporarily living here
2. Plant is completed and several bubbas get well paying jobs working at the plant, though not nearly as many during startup. Since these people live here it'll affect more goods and services. Fancy shit for the wife and kids, boats, all kinds of noise.
3. Occasionally there will be a plant upgrade or something where several hundred temporary workers return and spend their money. Like in step 1.
4. After gas is no longer profitable (dry well, bad market, environmental regulation) the plant closes down and pulls the rug out from everyone causing an economic depression in the area until other industries move in.

And you better believe that there will be some level of corruption with local politicians. Theres too much money involved not to be.

As far as how to make money off that, not sure I'm kinda in the same boat trying to learn everything I can.
>cracker plant
Most of the plants that deal with gas are run by crackers.

I'll be here all week.

Unless american bussiness start behaving like real people, they wont give food services for their employees which quite gives an oportunity for investing on a food cart or sandwich thing.

Also they will bring technicians and and workers from abroad which could give a small limited push to local furniture and houserelatedshit industry
Do you think this is going to bring HUGE numbers of jobs into the area in the next 10 years? I don't mean a few hundred, or even a few thousand, I mean enough to disrupt the housing market in the area 5-10 years down the line.

Land owners in the Dakotas/Montana and Alberta the last 10 years made bank because people were scrambling to build shit housing near fracking plains. The people that are actually building these places are hurting NOW because the market's starting to dry up as the Obama/Harper administrations slow down the industry's growth rate, but plenty of people got paid well selling their lands to property developers.

If you can get your hands on some cheap land and can afford to keep it empty for 2-3 years, you can make bank once developers actually roll in looking to build on that land.
Thread posts: 15
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