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How to make money as an autist.

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Hello /b/. This is my guide on how to make money for the socially retarded (lets not pretend, thats the reason we are all here)

This guide will contain alternative ways to make a living income! By no means will it make you alot of money, just enough so that you can survive. Basic information around every method and how it is performed and PROs and CONs on every method

Feel free to add your own shit.
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A true way of passive income, very few hours put into it daily when its well up and running, will generate you a passive income.
Done by allowing graphic cards solve hashes. The more cards the more money you earn.
The most profitable cards today cost around 250 euro and have a 160 to 200 days return of investment, after that its ALL PROFIT.
When your GPUs are outdated you just sell them off to gamers effectivly getting back even more on your investment.
Very little work required when its up and running
No social interaction required
Liquidate assets when you wanna upgrade or quit

High risk, ETH (which is the most profitable coin right now) is highly volatile.
High initial investment. To get an annual income of 30 000 euro you have to invest 15 000. Thats without downtime losses or card failure calculated
High knowledge required. You are gonna have to build your rigs, make sure the power can be supplied and also configurate your miners.
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A true neets job. There exist resources that are hard to gather through automation and therefore have high profit margins. To list some of these:

Pearl collecting.
Seaweed collecting, there is a guy in Sweden who collect seaweed and sell it to beauty saloons and he make tons of money.
Whale puke, truffels, rare mushrooms.
Mining gold from streets.

Pic related is a cancerous growth on birch trees. It is worth up to 100 euro per KG. Used by health fanatics.
Secluded work
Stress free
Mostly outdoors.
You see direct results of your work.
Low initial investment

Often very low income
Alot of plats/animals are illegal to pick
Weather dependant work
Research required to know what works and what dont.
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No need to buy a high maintenence apartment complex or restaurant to be a landlord.
Just buy a secluded house in the forst, preferably close to something exciting like a mountain, lake or other tourist worthy sightseeing.
Rent it out on AirBnB. You would be suprised what people pay for a good location.
The initial investment can cost you some but after that its steady income.
Relativly cheap investment
Low maintenence, all you do is book in people and clean up after them

Expensive investment
Social interaction required
Season dependant.
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Basically any niche of machinery has their own certified maintenance. If you can pay for a course to become certified its often a lucurative market after that.

For example metal mining machinery/drills, gas station pumps, automized factory robots, airplanes, hospital equipment
How you do it: Contact the producer of the machinery and ask what it takes to repair their things.

You become invaluable, many markets have sever shorts of maintenency men
Gives a pretty high salery
Often secluded travling long distances as a solo worker

You become invaluable, since there are so few of your kind you might have to travel long distances to fix shit
You need to take the courses to become certified. It costs and they can be hard.
why bother with all these when all you need is kneepads
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Becomming a cam whore is a niche job. Requirements are that you fit the populations sexual preferences or any given niche of them
You either have to be a sexy girl OR a sexy feminine guy. Very few average guys can make it in this job.
Bonus, you can sell your underwear for extra cashes

You get to sit on your ass all day.
Low effort high paying job

You have to demean yourself sexually
People are gonna be creepy.. Very creepy
Might destroy your social life if you get recognized
>cancerous growth on birch trees
>cures cancer
that logic...
call her up

how do i do that?

get your phone

LOL just fuckin w yea

Sounds interesting. Do you have further information on this one?
That requires too much social interaction
Thanks for the list OP.
You're making this board better one thread at a time.
You don't have to talk when there's a dick in your mouth.
This sounds pretty cool but I wouldn't really know where to start.
Also what do u think of farming OP?
When its hot go buy small bottles of water (for like 0.30cts each), a bucket and some ice.

Find a passing spot, put your bucket in front of you a sign that says 2$ and sit back. You won't even have to talk to anyone really and its a good ROI for doing close to nothing but hanging out on your phone.

Depending on where you live though, police might be so bored and tyranic you'll be picked up. A good way to avoid this is to change venue and go to a park. If you get spotted, you'll most likely be escorted out by internal security and police won't be involved.
Not a single one of these matches or beats minimum wage other than the literal job you listed.

This is /biz/, not /lazy-and-stupid-waste-of-spaces-not-even-willing-to-work-a-job/

You're right, 100% autistic.
it's not like op tried to hide it...
>Rent out property
>Pros: relatively cheap
>Cons: Expensive
What exactly does a guy do for this job? I'm preddy cute I suppose.
I want to this but with lower risk coins and maybe solar panels, battery backup. payback period is going to be long as fuck with the solar huh
probably a bunch of gay stuff for other dudes to watch
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Thread images: 6

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