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Who /ethereumclassic/ here?

I'll explain this for everyone

ethereum = new coke
>ethereum classic = coke classic

Lets ride ETC to the moon!
Let's wait for it to drop a little more bro. mining pools are exploding and they're dumping as soon as they mine it.
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Im about to off myself i think.

I got good profits and bought in again at 0.0028 and my fucking internet connection went off... reconnect and price is at 0.0015. fmltbhfam
fug you lost more than half... i dont think its gonna recover past .002 anytime soon anon
Can someone help me please, I invested in the DAO and now i want out, all my ether is in a wallet and i don't have ethereum wallet/mist downloaded
Sorry i should have phrased the question better. What do i need to do to convert my DAO tokens back into ETH and send it to my wallet
Just send your DAO tokens to Poloniex. While you're there, make sure to buy some Ethereum Classicâ„¢.
bought about 0.4 btc worth for 0.0012

did it for the memes

hopefully it goes up, if not oh well
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thats what i get for being greedy. Now im gonna force myself to long.
thank God i was a bit late on the action. Bought some at .0012 and im now a bagholder till it recovers.
Checked my man.
was thinking about selling and trying to rebuy lower, what do you guys think? will it drop more or did it bottom
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>checking my portfolio on Poloniex
>see this new currency right under Ethereum in volume size
>attempt to buy ~0.0013 amidst the volatility
>price is shooting up drastically, order hasn't been hit
>cancel my open order
>try again at 0.0022
>order finally confirms just as it continues to crash all the way down to 0.001 again
i think it will go up, but not for long, still has alot of meat left in this feeding fenzy
I dont know what the fuck is going on desu its probably gonna get pumped again. Thinking about setting a sell order to 0.0023 and just take a nap because the feeling of loosing 3k is fucking soul destroying
yeah im sure your sell order will get bought once it recovers.. its still too early.. i dont think you will lose your money desu.. I have several sell orders at .0022 and upwards. We're in this together kek
Flipped it several times tonight, made about 3 BTC so far... not sure if it's worth not sleeping though.
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Your replies take a little bit of the pain away thanks amigo
bots. etc is extremely manipulated.
Makes sense, not sure how the price has held back so far with the massive buy wall in play.

as long as you stick to your guns and have a BUY and SELL wall of your own, who cares about the bots.. Our only weapon against them is patience
Polo knows eth is dead and just tries to double their trading fees while it lasts.

Whagt a mess.

ps: https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/4ucgia/i_am_chandler_guo_a_51_attack_on_ethereum_classic/
OK am I right when I say:

> I have all my ETH in the new fork when I upgrade my client
> I have the same amount of ETC when I keep using the pre-fork client

which basically means all pre-fork ETH is free money?
AFAIK you will still have your pre-fork ETH (now called ETC) if you left it in cold storage
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Vitalik Bernanke.jpg
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This is why bitcoin is superior. Satoshi Nakamoto will never go on reddit crying about panic selling and asking exchanges to halt all trading. He and none of the Core devs will ever try to rollback the blockchain because someone legitimatelly moved coins from A to B (the "hacker" didn't do anything but using the existing code in the smart contract). So much for decentralized and so fucking much for smart contracts, what a fucking expectacle.
bitcoin will always be superior.. the allure of memecoins get-rich-quick is just too much to resist
i sold my ETHC as quick as possible - hope they put that bitch down quick.
sold at .00145 not the best of profits, but im losing sleep over this thing
Thread posts: 28
Thread images: 6

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